I warned Aviation authorities on crashed aircraft – Sonnie Ekwowusi Reviewed by Momizat on . A member of the editorial board of This Day newspaper, Sonnie Ekwowusion Monday said he had wriiten an oped last week warning the aviation authorities on the il A member of the editorial board of This Day newspaper, Sonnie Ekwowusion Monday said he had wriiten an oped last week warning the aviation authorities on the il Rating:
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I warned Aviation authorities on crashed aircraft – Sonnie Ekwowusi

A member of the editorial board of This Day newspaper, Sonnie Ekwowusion Monday said he had wriiten an oped last week warning the aviation authorities on the ill-fated Dana Air plane that crashed at Iju-Ishaga area of Lagos last Sunday.

Mr Ekwowusion disclosed this while speaking as a guest in Channels Television breakfast programme – Sunrise Daily.

He said he had boarded the same aircraft last week and noticed that the plane had technical issues and based on his experience in that flight, he wrote an article which was published in the Thisday Newspaper opinion section.

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  • Dr. Adeoye Balogun U.K

    The India DIrectors and theit Nigerian co-horts in Dana establishment need to be brought to book for the deliberate loss of inocent people’s lives. It is obvious they are only interested in making money in Nigeria. Moreover, it is the usual characteristic of Indian bussinessmen. ‘Cry my beloved country’. When are we going to abore corruption and be accountable and responsible?

    • Oregbemi2

      Nigerian arms of government is corrupt and as such this type of occurrence may continue to happen in Nigeria because airline regulators are not doing their jobs to make sure only air worthy planes are the one flying Nigeria air space.

  • Kelokorie

    It is quite unfortunate that our country has become a refuse bin for foreigners. I don’t blame them much, because the people who should safeguard the lives of Nigerians fails to do so. Our country is now a place where anything goes. Imagine the Indians flying a faulty plane because it will be used to carry fishes, not humans!

  • http://www.facebook.com/olusegun.oriade Olusegun Oriade

    The entire government system must use this accident as an avenue to show to all key players  in Nigerian aviation industry that air safety is a crucial component of respect for human life. The government should not take lightly to cases of toying with human lives. Dana Air, FAAN, and all relevant agencies must be brought to book.

  • Jimmy

    The problem is not the Indians or foreigners, the problem is we Nigerians. This is not about Indian, Japanese or any race, it is about the problems which has eaten deep into our society. These are problems created and nurtured by we Nigerians, not foreigners. Foreigners will call our country what we call it and will do things according to the standards we dictate. The ADC airline, Sossoliso, and others that crashed in time past are not Indian airlines, they were in fact Nigerian airlines and they were even worse. Where is Nigeria Airways today? So, let us not turn this into a racial issue. If we must move ahead we need to put aside sentiments lest cogent issues will be left unattended to…

    • bank anthony

      Gentleman do not mix facts with issues.No one is turning the matter into an indian or what ever you call it.The issue is that before you go into any business there is regulations you must keep to.In this case the airliner failed zero.Is no racist or xenofobic.Here in europe i don’t play my music high, some hours of the day,but some naijas do and is against the rules.Just try and understand where the bullet is coming from,ok?If our country is corrupt doesn’t give nobody the right to wipe out our future instead of showing us how to improve.Can you drink urine because pure water has some imitation?i guess your answer will be no,cause is unhealty to drink such.

    • Whizzy

       Jimmy, ur point makes some sense in that we caused this from the beginning but I tell u that we need to handle this immediate predicament quickly now, before we extend it to cover others. The present govt needs to act starting from events in its time not the past. If FG can handle this one well enough, then they can make general regulation about the Aviation ministry. Nail this airline and aviation ministry with every of their might. Let every incriminated being from a thorough investigation face justice not just fire or ban but it should include jail terms. This needs to be treated as a murder case involving 153 persons with possibly over 100 families involved.

  • Ebere

    When we allow known rogues to govern our states what do you expect, when we allow incompetent folks to head our government agencies what do you expect, when we allow know saboteurs that destroy our infrastructure we all use what do you expect, when we value money more than lives what we expect, when we don’t want to do what is right what do we expect, we Nigerians have succeeded in reducing ourselves to rubbish, to the extent foreigners come in our country and treat us as we have valued ourselves. What a shame… Nigerians wake up from your slumber.

  • Tony

    Don’t be surprised that Dana management will go free with a tap on the wrist, and after a brief shout here and there, they go back to the same status quo, we have¬†politicians¬†and government officials that are board of directors in this company to ease off government sanctions on the company, we have¬†politicians¬†that are known saboteurs that ease off both Nigerian and foreign companies that violate the laws and rights of Nigerians.¬†¬†If this is any atom of¬†patriotism¬†left in our leaders they should change hence the menace they created will consume them and their loved ones also, education is zero, electricity bad, roads are dead traps, our air polluted with deadly gas flares, our water are polluted, no jobs giving rise to high¬†unemployment making students now career armed robbers, ¬†security is completely zero our security¬†apparatus¬†are completely¬†overwhelmed, our govt structure are¬†completely¬†collapsed, corrupt leader loot with¬†straight¬†faces and go free, then in mist of all this you have foreigners that bring their companies like¬†Dana, BHN,¬†Church-gate¬†and host of other foreign companies come into Nigeria, violate our immigration laws, and treat our citizens like dirt, destroy our land, air and water and even have the boldness say it to your face.. what can you do, our leaders and us as Nigerians have brought this on ourselves, we have a country that values nothing, stand for nothing, and cares for nothing but money. We have in Nigeria we everybody always pray to God to solve their problems, while neglecting work and embracing and celebrating looting govt treasury and bribe as a culture, our leaders have failed their conscience if they have any left, and have failed their generations. One can look at Nigeria as a virgin girl, who have been raped by all kinds and manner of people in this world, and they are taking turns raping her¬†continuously non stop. One day the virgin girl will stand and demand justice one day and justice she will get.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Stanley-Ologun/1680861588 Stanley Ologun

    The tears are crocodile tears. What the governent is doing now is not safety. It is accident reaction. If what a Dana female staff we had in audio is true, that the aircraft was not fit to fly, why will government agency incharge not know about it? The Ministry of aviation should employ safety engineers into every airline with authority to over rule their management greedy decsions and enforce safety standards on behalf of the nation.

  • Adura

    If it went off the radar, it means it was below the radar level or it had crashed by then,  I think this man mixed up issues and I respect Channels news coverage, please only competent people should be brought on set To discuss This kind of sensitive issues.  Imagine! dirty toilet, when 153 people are Dead

    • Damianchuks

      My friend, this man is highly reasonable and made his points as clear as a crystal. Maybe the issues are only mixed up in your mind. He is not an aviation expert and he stated that, he was interviewed with respect to the warning article he wrote in This Day. Is it not your so called “competent people” who work in the aviation industry that allow planes to crash in Nigeria? The MESSAGE is that if Nigerians cannot maintain their public utilities and keep toilets clean, how can they take care of other things including maintenance of airplanes and management of aviation? It is a national DISEASE. Stop looking at the figure 153, more have died in the past and more will still die in the future UNLESS we change our character and morals for the better in this country.

  • Talonile

    My Question is Are flights for free? NO. If you are running a fcking business that people pay for, the least you can do is spend some of their hard earned money to ensure their safety to destination…Greediness at its peak..Highly unacceptable, can’t just get over how daft and greedy some human beings can be…So, now that alot of souls have been lost, has this made u richer????Dana, this airline should just be SHUT DOWN, BANNED from operating in any country for that matter, and all the MONEY left in their company account should be paid to the families of the affected…Not that all their billions can even pay for the great loss…I have only been to Abuja once by air and that journey, Oh Lord, I dared not even blink a sleep..I was praying all thru cuz it felt like danfo airplane in the air. WTF..I’m very sure that Dana owners themselves don’t fly Dana…They had better shut down and their officials should be jailed or better still fly them in the remaining faulty Dana airplanes n make them fly to some evil forest and crash…WOT A GREAT LOSS…I’m so pained even tho I know no1 that was on that plane, I feel like its my relatives that were on it….May God 4giv all the sins of the departed souls so that they may make Heaven and may this be a reminder to all of us left that Life is short. It could have been me or you on that plane, let’s continue to do the right thing cuz we don’t know when death will hit us. R.I.P innocent souls….FCk U DANA….

  • Juliusbanji

    It is only God that will save us in this country, imagine even after warning from a concern citizen, the management refuse to do anything just bcos of what they will eat at the expense of many lives.

  • Sweetyetty2000

    Fine , yes we all blame DANA airlines now , and rightly so, but my last trip to naija was in march/april 2012, and i dint fly DANA , i flew AERO and i tell u they are all the same if not worse…u knw my boyfriend had told me, ‘all des ur clamouring to fly by air in naija, its not dt safe o, i’m a frequent flyer and i knw what i’m saying, its better to go by road during d day” and He was so right…come and see nigerians sleeping on dt flight, i cldnt even close one eye, twas really serious, half of the times our plane was bent almost 90 degrees , the other half , we were busy ascending and descending at d same time…i was just lookin at my wrist watch and counting down to the estimated landing time, wen i got off i was relieved….i tell u, if that plane had nt crashed, even with all the prominent people on that plane, no matter how turbulent the flight was, everyone would have simply got off, thanked God for a safe landing and went about there business as usual…we need a lot of change starting from us as individuals…afterall, news/rumours comin in now tells us the people who boarded that flight to abuja had a terrible time on it, and they actually saw new passengers boarding same flight…how callous every nigerian is even to his fellow citizen …and then u expect love and selflessness from indians..haba, thats too much to ask…lets take it as our individual responsibility, make a complaint, startin from that bike u boarded who is running on high speed, get off and report him to d nearest policeman, to the bus u r in whose driver is dashing at high speed , make a complaint, ….to evrytin u see goin wrong that cld harm d next man…make a complaint,…once it bcoms our habit i tell u, no business man would toy wt d reputation of his business…and things would change…. God comfort the families who are bereaved, grant respite to the souls departed…and help heal our land…thank you.

    • bank anthony

      Nothing more to add.You are just more than right.I hope we learn,though in a hard way.

    • Unadandy4sure

      I love your write up. We need a change in our orientation. That’s the only way we can move Nigeria forward.

    • Tony

      I agree with you that we need to make a 360 change in our values, but we have to cure the¬†aliment¬†from the source, not from the top, we as a ppl, have sold our rights for money, when u complain to the appropriate authorities, what do they do, absolutely nothing because they are direct beneficiaries of corruption, and in some cases they will go the extent to eliminate u if you complain too much or try to change the status quo, paving way for foreigners to even dehumanize our citizens, I bet you Dana cannot fly such planes if they operate airlines on india,but¬†because¬†we stand for nothing, value nothing, care for only one thing money, they will knowingly provide crap service because we¬†complains¬†will fall on deaf ears. This problem we have in Nigeria starts with us how we value¬†ourselves¬†as a ppl, an average Nigeria does not know what is means to be¬†patriotic¬†unless in football, no value system, ethics is zero when u don’t have an value system, when we value ourselves an individual then u can treat each other with respect, we don’t even believe in the name Nigeria,let be frank with ourselves, it long¬†forgotten, when we as Nigerians cannot freely live in any part of the country without fear, lets start from the basic notation of what it means to be Nigerians and what does it¬†truly¬†mean to you and I. In our communities and various states, we have local leaders, chiefs, obas, ezes and co. What do they believe in, these days they are¬†answerable¬†to money, to the extent rogues and known¬†thieves¬†come out for elections and these local leaders will not even object or stop, and what happens these¬†thieves¬†and rogues become our national leaders with one thing in mind to loot and loot the treasury dry, and that culture begat cycle of corruption, right from our very local communities, and you expect these rogues to be answerable to who. corruption breeds corruption and it¬†filters¬†down to every segment of our social infrastructure and things like foreigner will come in and abuse our laws and go scout free because they have corrupt leaders in their corner, charity begins from home, we must stat from ourselves, then to our local leaders and then our states, using every social media at our disposal to expose them in their acts, just like corruption spreads, likewise social justice too will spread like wide fire.


    • Dave

       You av spoken well; infact what Nigerians would want to hear. It is time to act individually.

    • Joe

      ¬†Sweetyetty i really appreciate all u’ve said about all this airlines. i remember very well that we’ve had some crashes from different airlines before this. for example Sosoliso, bellview and this time dana. What re we saying. they are all the same. All because the mgt of the airline wanted to make some money they ignored the warning of people because i learn that people have really warned about this particular airline 4 times in between 3-4 month. All still goes to corruption. May the gentle souls of the victims rest in perfect peace even though this crash would have been avoided if necessary actions were taken before by the govt and the entire mgt of this airline.
      thank you

  • mayorala

    All those responsible for the killing of innocent Nigerians because of their insatiable greed for money should be fished out, who okayed that plane for use and whose responsibility is it that notes the flights are air worthy to embark on any journey, heads must roll and people must be held accountable for their actions or in-actions, the passports of the Indian owners must be withheld or else they would flee, These people left their pharmaceutical business for Airline business, God would save us from our self serving leaders and their cronies that want the generality of Nigerians that do not belong to their group dead, if not how would one explain what is happening in Nigeria right now. God save from these our self imposed leaders.

  • Ify.


    Cold!!!…my heart is cold
    My tongue is bitter
    My thoughts are sour
    An uninvited guest has visited us,it has knocked us right on our head.
    An evil beautiful bird has wounded our spirit.
    Dana,Dana,heard in the mouth of every.
    A great predator in disarray.
    A huge bird with many dreams has fallen,hearts broken,mothers waiting for the arrival of their sons,
    wives awaiting their husbands, and children hoping for their parent’s return.
    Dana,Dana airplane,whatD have you done???
    In there was a great man with great plans for tomorrow,plans lost,dreams lost,ambitions lost,
    What more ca we loose???
    Oh,sorrow flow through my veins,night has become my enemy,for my eyes has forbidden sleep.
    A great loss has stricken the face of Africa,nation mourns,parents mourns and love ones bleeds down inside.
    If only the event of tomorrow had flashed our eyes today,then they would have bidded goodbye.

                                                               Dedicated to crew and passengers of Dana air flight 992.
                                                                      Courtesy:Miss Nyerovwo Newton Okarigbedi.                                                                               07037136076.

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