I reported Otedola’s bribe to Police and EFCC in April – Farouk Lawan Reviewed by Momizat on . The Chairman of the House of Representatives ad hoc committee which probed the management of the Fuel subsidy scheme, Farouk Lawan on Monday said that he report The Chairman of the House of Representatives ad hoc committee which probed the management of the Fuel subsidy scheme, Farouk Lawan on Monday said that he report Rating:
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I reported Otedola’s bribe to Police and EFCC in April – Farouk Lawan

The Chairman of the House of Representatives ad hoc committee which probed the management of the Fuel subsidy scheme, Farouk Lawan on Monday said that he reported the $3 million bribe to the Police and the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC) law enforcement agents as far back as April 24.

The Chairman of the Subsidy probe committee, Farouk Lawan

Documents released by National Assembly sources to the media, revealed that Mr Lawan allegedly informed the House Committee on Financial Crimes in a letter dated April 24, 2012, of pressures to offer him bribe to influence the outcome of the investigation into the fuel subsidy scheme.

In a letter to the leadership of the House, Mr Lawan also said his “life has been under constant threat since the fuel probe begun.”

Mr Lawan reported the bribe to the police following which the Inspector-General in a letter dated, May 9, 2012, directed a task force on investigation to meet him.

The IGP in the letter with reference number CR:3000/IGP.SEC/STF/FHQ/ABJ/VOL 2/309 called Lawan’s attention to an interview he granted a national newspaper on April 28, 2012 and directed, “a discreet investigation into the matter.”

The letter was signed by the Commissioner of Police, Special Task Force, Ali Amodu.

He said that in another letter dated May 16, 2012 with reference number CR:3000/IGP.SEC/STF/FHQ/ABJ/VOL 2/319, and signed by Mr Amodu, the IGP requested money exhibit, names of witnesses and other material evidence from him.

Mr Lawan explained that in a letter dated May 31, 2012, he told the IGP that the matter (bribe offer) had been referred to the relevant committee of the House for legislative actions.

After the correspondence between the IGP and Mr Lawan, the p in a letter to the Speaker of the House, Aminu Tambuwal, dated June 4, 2012, stated that a detailed criminal investigation had been ordered into the matter.

In the letter titled, “Investigation activities: Letter of invitation in a case of criminal conspiracy and attempt to pervert the course of justice by offering gratification,” the office of the IGP stated that “the Inspector General of Police has directed a detailed criminal investigation into the matter.”

The Chairman, Zenon Petroleum and Gas Limited Femi Otedola said in some national dailies on Monday that Mr Lawan and the Secretary of the probe committee, Boniface Emenalo had collected $620,000 from him in a sting operation masterminded by the security agencies.

The amount, according to Mr Otedola, the amount was part payment of $3 million, which he alleged Mr Lawan had demanded from him to exonerate Zenon Oil from the probe committee’s report.

Mr Otedola said on April 21, the Saturday before the plenary, Mr Lawan came in person to his residence and collected $250,000 in cash, as the first instalment and on Monday April 23 “Lawan came and collected another $250,000.”

House vows to probe bribery 

Meanwhile, the House of Representatives said it will investigate allegations of bribery levelled against Mr Lawan, saying it will not support underhand deal from any quarters.

The Chairman, House Committee on Media and Publicity, Zakari Mohammed who disclosed this in a statement said, “While we await investigation into these weighty accusations, we wish to state without equivocation that this Honourable House will never take sides with corruption and we will always stand on the side of the rule of law. We cannot, for whatever reason, support any underhand dealing from any quarter.”

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  • bank anthony

    God have  mercy! but who cares? The nigerian police force are about chasing the shadow once again.The whole story is another drama to divert the peoples attention to no figure issue.Our criminal agency need to search the houses of our ill-gotten richmen and women.You see, in real democracy just having such an amount of money in your house lands you in detention.And after we kept asking ourselves why our nation is not moving the right way.

    • Mickylak

      This is another wonders of our time. All Nigeria people need to do is move against those we know are looters as they abounds around us and we know them. Let them not deceive us with their religious and ethnic sentiments and make us look like fools.the only solution to stop cr reduce corruption in Nigeria is CAPITAL PUNISHMENT like what obtains in China. Any leader who is ready to cleanse Nigeria of these monster must first CLEANSE himself or herself otherwise, we can never develop. Nigeria masses should keep watching their games of outsmarting one another by these Looters.

  • Adeoyewaheed

    IG should speak out now. His name has been mentioned and he should tell us what he knows about the matter and the date the case was reported to him.

    • Waterfas

      they are all the same, armed robbers robbing the masses

  • adeiza okene

    i think this is a tactics from government to divert public attention from the fuel subsidy probe

  • Cymordi

    I hope the fuel subsidy probe will not go the same way the power probe did.
    I guess the government does not have the interest of the country in mind.The report has been with the presidency for roughly 2 month without any action.
    The likes of Otedola has the guts to come to the open to make such accusation despite been found wanting.

  • Emmysho2000

    Nigeria very funny country, who is deceiving who, Otedola or Lawan?

  • Kaymi10

    who is fooling who?now you see when baba sege said the people we have in the assembly are thieves and rogues

  • Kayode.O

    who is fooling who,hope we are beginning to accept what obasanjo said when he said the people we have in our national assembly are thieves and rogues

  • T. Inyang

    Is it not the same Lawan that refuted the bribe allegation and said he was expecting it? How come that he has accepted it now within hours? Why did he wait to make the noise after Otedola opened the can of worms? Well, the Ig is either going to be confirmed as Ig or loose his office as a result of the outcome of this probe. Otedola said that the dollars were marked, let the bribe be crosschecked whether it is the same dollar notes or an arranged replacement. Let Otedola not rejoice since he is also guilty for giving bribe. We await the outcome!!!!

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Kayode-Jonathan/100002048395494 Kayode Jonathan

    Wonders shall never end. “In the world there are many wonders. But men are more wondeful than them all.” Sophocles. I extrapolate, 9ja in more wonderful world over. We have secured our meat with cats. Our hunters are hunted down buy the hound call curroption. We are still watching Hembe and Oteh dance on the Exchange floor.. not yet the end but let’s watch Farouk and Otedola on oilly show. You may have to pause again in the middle!

  • Oladele Ajayi

     i beliv the poor 9JA will suffer forever, no hope for the poor. what justification does the govt has to increase pump prices after all these revelation. i bliv, if there is no corruption in the system, the cost of PMS will be less than 20naira. The only way forward is REVOLUTION. BOKO HARAM please dont stop. This time bomb our selfish leaders and not christian pls.

  • http://www.kingsscribe.blogspot.com/ Intergrafiks1999

    When he reported the matter to the police in April did he surrendered the money to them?

  • http://www.kingsscribe.blogspot.com/ Intergrafiks1999

    When he reported the matter to the police in April did he surrendered the money to them?

  • Nwachukwugodwin

    Who says Baba is not in the know of all the happenings in this great country, Nigeria.

  • Becks_123

    at what point did lawan report the matter and at what point were the notes marked b efore otedola offered them? i dont think theres anything to investigate. the security agencies involved just have to speak up or be compelled to do so

  • Adeoye

    When the bribery was reported, what step(s) did  EFCC and IG take inorder to apprehend Femi Otedola? They all knew one or other thing about it and they should all be arrested.


    What kind of country will the so called politicians and government officials deceiving with thgere stand till politricks, you people just want to start another drama which the whole world has already knows you for, we all knew nothing is going to come out of this stupid investigation,so why you poeple deceiving yourself, what you calling the people of Nigerians ,Fools or what….everyone of you involved direct and indirect should just go sit somewhere,we tired of all your dramas,ever since i was a child, have never seen any nigeria politicians been convicted for corruption,is just saying,the least they sentence 12 months in prison,why won’t they continue there corruption that has eaten deep into their system….THE QUESTION IS …WHEN WILL NIGERIA POLITICIANS STOP LOOTING OUR TREASURING,WHEN WILL CORRUPTION BE REDUCE CAUSE WE KNOW IT CAN’T BE ERADICATED…..

  • Seun

    naija is in a ‘stand stil’. we are battling so many black ninjas here.

  • Kigfresh

    Of what benefit will this new be when nobody will go to jail? There is no lesson to learn

  • Fake people

    this man is a pure Crook as long as Nigerian police is concern their own cut done dey delivered the rest is history.

  • jeffery

    from revelations revealed, Mr Otedola has already admitted guilt in offering bribe and defrauding d ordinary Nigerian populace of their God given right from fuel subsidy. this is an open admittance to guilt and i don’t see why the police is wasting time in arresting and prosecuting this 
    Mr Otedola. it begs the question…y is 
    Mr Otedola willing to take the fall or accepted to be the sacrificial goat…this shows that the job carried out on the fuel subsidy was thorough and some big wigs must have been mentioned and the only way they think they can get out is by blackmailing the credibility of Lawan. it is sad to see that the govt is not even sincere with its policies and campaign promises. all they do is make ordinary “VOW”s. pls,they are not deceiving anyone but themselves.so sad.

  • Wallata

    500,000 USD cash, tax free. LIFE IS GOOD!!!

  • Jeremiahakibe

    it is a shame that those sent to represent are thieves without conscience.lawani,you have failed your generation.

  • nazifi balarabe

    nazifi balarabe
    !!! Bribe or no Bribe all are thieves. They will revel them selfes on by one.
    Voice of the peopple will…. no stop

  • Topzyrano

    Imagine how million of Dollars they exchange individual’s hands for we obodo naija,  when millions of  Nigerians are joblless and wallowing  in abject poverty. who is decieving who?

  • Angry Nigerian

    I believe at this junction, both Obasanjo and the Great Fela Kuti, agrees for once, although uncle shege came to that realization about 33yrs too late. Our politicians are Rogue Rogue. Animals in human skin. Animal dey wear agbada, animals dey put u suit o!!!

  • Amarairot

    Now the police and the Efcc should come out and said something about it.

  • Williams


  • kingsscribe


  • kingsscribe

    I mean sure?

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