House of Reps suspends Farouk, includes Otedola’s firms amongst subsidy fund thieves Reviewed by Momizat on . The House of Representatives on Friday suspended  the Chairman of  it's ad hoc committee that probed the fuel subsidy and the Chairman of the Committee of Educa The House of Representatives on Friday suspended  the Chairman of  it's ad hoc committee that probed the fuel subsidy and the Chairman of the Committee of Educa Rating:
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House of Reps suspends Farouk, includes Otedola’s firms amongst subsidy fund thieves

The House of Representatives on Friday suspended  the Chairman of  it’s ad hoc committee that probed the fuel subsidy and the Chairman of the Committee of Education, Farouk Lawan, over the alleged $3million bribe from billionaire oil magnate Femi Otedola.

The lawmakers also passed a motion to rescind its decision to remove Mr Otedola’s company – Zenon Oil and Gas from the list of companies indicted by the subsidy probe report.

Mr Otedola had accused the embattled lawmaker of demanding $3 million bribe from him in order to omit his company – Zenon Petroleum from the list of companies indicted to have mismanaged the fuel subsidy fund.

According to the oil merchant, Mr Lawan had already collected $500, 000 in two instalments from him while the Secretary of the ad hoc committee, Boniface Emenalo also collected $120, 000 in two instalments.

Mr Otedola claimed that he had video and audio evidences to support his claims that both the lawmaker and the staff of the National Assembly demanded and took bribe from him.

Mr Lawan’s committee had initially listed Zenon Petroleum among oil marketers that bought foreign exchange from the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) but failed to use the money to import fuel.

According to the initial report, Zenon oil and gas bought $232,975,385.13 worth of forex, but did not import petrol. The report had recommended that Mr Otedola’s company and 14 other marketers that had bought the foreign exchange be referred to the anti-corruption agencies to determine what they used the monies for.

However, while the report of the committee that probed the management of the fuel subsidy fund was being considered by the House of Representatives’ committee of whole, Mr Lawan moved a motion to remove Mr Otedola’s companies from the list of indicted companies.

The House of Representatives in its Friday’s emergency session ask the committee on Ethics and Privileges to investigate the veracity of the bribery allegations against Mr Lawan.

The House also passed a vote of confidence on the Speaker, Aminu Tambuwal and the leadership of the House of Representatives based on a motion moved by Samson Osagie.

Mr Osagie warned against a dangerous trend whereby the executive arm of government will be using security agencies to intimidate elected members of the legislature in order to protect powerful people.

He said the recording of the alleged receipt of the bribe by security agencies was reminiscent of the Watergate scandal under former United States President, Richard Nixon.

He however said that even when a member of the House of Representatives is indicted of corruption, the House is not indicted.

The House also directed its committees on anti-graft agencies to ensure the implementation of the recommendations in the report by the relevant agencies.

In a short speech, the Speaker of the House of Representatives urged Nigerians to continue to support the House and vowed that it would not allow the bribery scandal overshadow the fuel subsidy probe report.

“”We shall never compromise our stand against corruption. May I also ask the executive to match words with action in the implementation of this report.

“As members of the parliament, we enjoy no immunity and seek none,” he said.

After the Speaker’s speech, the House dissolved into a Committee of the Whole chaired by deputy speaker, Emeka Ihedioha, and considered the motion for Synopsis and Zenon to be asked to account for the subsidy funds received by them.

After considering the report, it reverted to plenary and adopted the report.

Mr Ihedioha said the implication of the resolution is that the House has asked the anti-graft agencies to investigate Synopsis and Zenon for collecting the said subsidy funds and failing to utilise them as required.

A new chairman, John Enoh (PDP, Obubra, Cross River) was appointed to replace Mr Lawan as the new Chairman of the fuel subsidy probe panel.

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  • Mkogbonna

    It appears the house of reps is been seen to take a good step in the right direction by suspending Farouk Lawan. we are patiently watching this drama as it unfolds.

    • Tammy Fiberesima

      why deliberated upon the confidence of the leadership,then pass vote of confidence;why rescinded otedola companies;why just suspending lawan;why insisting the report is morally okay;why considered the matter bribery case instead of extortion case; the line this dis-honourables are towing will encourage the complete messy secret or revelation from the security agencies that will shatter this house of representative;am not a soothsayer,but am acting as one

      • sanussy

          sir legal, do u pay taxes? if no then u must forget that all nigerians pay tax. vat is a must even for the foetus in mother’s womb. the taxes are what otedola and his people took away without supplying us what we needed. no wonder kerosene was commissioned by him for N50 sometime ago and the reverse was the case in less than one week. deceit. ALL WE NEED IS A SCAPE GOAT IN THE LAND. be it a billionaire, former president, former governor, serving leader or member of legislature. a scape goat to the law of the land. stop being a silly advocate. they always sack people like u in the end and u want to talk by then. be wise

  • Papa Donkee

    Not to be pedantic, but the headline is slightly misleading. Otedola’s companies are accused of buying forex from the CBN, not of collecting fuel subsidy for PMS they did not import. 

    Slight difference, but the Truth must remain undistorted. Aside from that, To All It May Concern: please probe Otedola and Farouk for the bribery allegations. In our laws, both giver and receiver are guilty. 

    Also probe Otedola’s companies if it is indeed true that they bought forex under the pretext that they would import PMS but didn’t.

    Time to buy popcorn and watch this Nollywood action movie.

    • Omobajibola

       Femi Otedola is a rogue.One of the cabal holding this nation hostage because he enjoys the patronage of those in power.Unfortunately,being a better rogue and a miner,he mined the greed of a four-term member of the house hitherto considered the custodian of ethics and probity.This is a classical case study on the Philosophy of Ethics and Morality.Everybody has a Price tag.Therefore if Farouk Lawal is going down with this mess,Otedola should also be stripped of any dignity he has feigned all along.

      • bank anthony


        • Docgie

          Well I don’t understand some of the comments here that otedola is a rogue or not is the issue at stake here, the guy was been forced to bribe the members of the committee and he reported the case to the appropriate state agency and a sting operation was carried out , so pls tell me what otedola has done wrong remember it can not be said he gave a bribe since he was only cooperating with the SSS so how can it be said he gave a bribe , I must say I am disappointed with some of the comments here and agree with mr akin, we the populace is the problem in this country because what has just happened has shown the mindset f an average Nigerian , I think education too is part of the problem

          • bank anthony

            Mr docgie; what the hell of education you boast of?answer me one question:did otedolas companies obtained aprx 300 million usd,without bringing a litter of petrol into the country?1+1=2,so he is no saint.avoid mixing facts with issues,and when you brag over education,don’t forget that many passed through the university but the university did’t passed through them,at the end what you obtain is zero brand of education.Let me consider yours is a lapsus,despite your eductional cum-laude.

          • One Nigeria

            You are one of the problem with Nigeria. I doubt your level of education. So keep ur bunkers shut cos most of us are more educated than u are. While it is commendable that Otedola was helpful in exposing Lawan, that does not make him a saint and make us quickly exonerate him of his own crooked activities that have exploited other Nigerians. He is a rogue and that is what he is. Anyway, we want to thank him for exposing one of the numerous criminals and armed robbers that we call lawmakers in Nigeria. OBJ already said it! But let him know that we also know he is a rogue as well and we are waiting for him to be nabbed too!

  • Tammy Fiberesima

    this is not bribery case, but extortion case;if am otedola, i will sue the press that tag this case bribery case,instead of extortion case;so press beware,except you are ready to proof otherwise


    I don,t know how people say things this way we have a bribe case go on and punish who ever that is involed not president of the contry

  • Lrinigeria

    Craze thieves. These people are shameless oho

  • GillisO

    Bribery. Isn’t that the king of curruption? It causes lies, to be told, people to be decieved, public funds to be embezzled, public projects to suffer, power and water shortage, bad road conditions, inflation, illiteracy, bad health care, poor education,sky scrappers abroad and none at home, robberies, kidnappings, bad product standards, inferrior and expired drugs, bad leadership, too much religion, too much belief in supper human power, inferiority complex, desperation, HATE, ANGER, etc.

  • Akin Musuyi.

    I have never in my life seen a more stupid people than Nigerians,really sorry to say that and i know people will want to stone me for that but the thing is don’t people know the meaning of STING operations anymore? Otedola did the right thing by going straight to the SSS and a trap was set for that thief and now he’s in trouble and called “giver” of bribe even tho the money was marked and given to him by the SSS? Just unbelievable! Telling the truth in Nigeria is a complete waste of time men!

    • One Nigeria

      Mr Akin, I want to agree with you that most Nigerians are stupid and also that u deserve to be stoned really! Who says telling the truth is bad. While I am happy that Otedola has helped exposed one of the numerous criminals and armed robbers we have as lawmakers (OBJ said it), that does not suddenly make him a saint. The Nigerian oil and gas sector is completely rotten and corrupt. I can confidently say that all of the major oil and gas companies in Nigeria and ripping us off as Nigerians. I still wonder why the most corrupt Nigerian oil company which claim to have good corporate governance though their entire executives are rogues is not on the list of the fuel subsidy scam. They are one of the major importers and I sense they have paid their way out of the list. Otedola like other management team of other major Nigerian oil companies involved in fuel importations are crooks and rogues. This is a fact! 

  • Akin Musuyi.

    And now out of pure bad belle they have returned Otedola’s companies on the list just “cos he blew the whistle on the most corrupt set of Nigerians anywhere in the world.

  • Kester Walu

    why importation of fuel for the first place?

  • Terenz Co

    Nigeria we hail thee. when baba said the house was made up of robbers & 419ers some of  these our dis honourables rained abuses on him. Little did they know that the same banana pilings that pull down the great Okadigbo & co in the red chamber then, has been laid for them in the green chamber. Where is the integrity of Farouk Lawan

  • UsaveOne

    Matters arising!


  • One Nigeria

    @ Tammy .. we don’t care about your sentiments over vocabulary. The Point is Otedola is also a crook attending to have the name of his companies removed. Most Nigerian owned oil companies if not all are crooks. OBJ said it and they all came out to disagree. That crook in tie that was taking issues with the executive is a criminal. Someone is found guilty of corruption and he is talking about blackmail. he is only worried he may be caught in the act too very soon like other members of the legislaTHIEVES. let the wind blow and let the ugly rump of the chicken be exposed.

  • Olobo_9

    This people are not ready to serve this country,Farouk lawan was making his recommendation, the rest of the member were making noise, all they no best is hii and nee.If OTEDOLA had not voice out, then that would be things of a past. 

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