Multiple blasts in Kaduna kill 34, injure more than 175 Reviewed by Momizat on . Five church bombings in Kaduna killed at least 34 people on Sunday and injured more than 175 others, officials said. The series of attacks began when a suicide Five church bombings in Kaduna killed at least 34 people on Sunday and injured more than 175 others, officials said. The series of attacks began when a suicide Rating:
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Multiple blasts in Kaduna kill 34, injure more than 175

Five church bombings in Kaduna killed at least 34 people on Sunday and injured more than 175 others, officials said.

The series of attacks began when a suicide bomber drove a blue Honda civic at high speed through a barricade at the EWCA Goodnews Wusasa Zaria church around 9 a.m burning the front entrance and damaging the building, the church’s pastor, Reverend Nathan Waziri said.

That blast left at least 24 people dead and 125 injured, some in critical condition, according to a Kaduna state government official who asked to remain anonymous because he was not authorized to speak to the media.

Within minutes, another explosion occurred at the Christ the King Catholic Church in Zaria, according to the National Emergency Management Agency (NEMA).

At least 10 people were killed in that attack and more than 50 were injured, the state government official said.

Later, an unconfirmed number of people were killed in a bombing at a church in the city of Kaduna, a NEMA official said.

Two more church bombings were reported to have rocked other parts of Kaduna, bringing to five the number of explosions in the state.

“There were two simultaneous bomb attacks on churches in Nassarawa and Barnawa in the south of Kaduna this morning. We are yet to get information on causalities,” Kaduna spokesman NEMA, Aliyu Mohammed told a news agency reporter.

Christian youths in Zaria and Kaduna reacted violently, burning tires and blocking major roads.

We had to return home when we saw them (the Christian youths) attacking. I saw many bodies on the ground but I don’t know how many were dead or just injured,” said a resident, Rafael Gwaza.

Another witness, Haruna Isah said up to 20 people may have been killed in reprisals at the road block. “There were bodies everywhere on the ground,” he said.

The Kaduna state government imposed a 24-hour curfew.

Regular attacks on Sunday church services are usually claimed by Boko Haram, which says it is fighting to reinstate an ancient Islamic caliphate that would adhere to strict sharia, or Islamic law.

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  • UsaveOne

    But Bombing Church will not and can not make Christians Stop worshiping their God. Soon…soon the wrath of God will be upon this evil men and their sponsors.
    BH bombing Church and other place or worship is becoming unbearable.


  • One Nigeria

    Very stupid same stories every time. The security operatives are always reported to have stopped bombers from gaining access and then bombs still detonate and kill several people. The truth be told the dumb security agents are doing nothing. The casualty figures are never fully reported. Useless country, wicked people, it is a disgrace being a Nigerian. GEJ is also dumb. He said it will not be in his time that Nigeria will disintegrate but if he is wise he should help by pushing for sovereign national conference let the country meet and part ways peacefully. The name Nigeria is already a disgrace, maybe breaking up with new nations emerging will help us. It can be done with minimal bloodshed of innocent Nigerians. 

    • Bboyme2000

      One Nigeria, you have made a good point just at the end of your comment (despite being very frustrated) and truly if our head-of-state is truly wise he would to the courageous deed and call for a sovereign conference that will, I believe, emancipate our people from the suffering and hardship. will common sense prevail over pride? that is a question we cannot answer…

      I hope common sense will prevail…

    • Anthony banks

      Man,you couldn’t have said it better.Is a disgrace to be a Nigerian.I live in europe.Believe me, i don’t have no guts to look to my friends, both whites and blacks whenever we meets,they kept asking me why is it that, no good news comes from my country?Every day,every week,every month,is lost of innocent lives.Why is it that a nation with great natural resource,enough to be equal or above modern nations,has chosed self-distruction?If we can’t rule ourselves,can’t respect anothers freedom of religion,can’t abide by the laws and rights of any Nigerian,can’t accept the nation to be divided,then,it might be a wiser move giving back the country to the colonian masters, hence nothing,absolutely nothing has been archived since they left.

      • One Nigeria

        @ Anthony Blanks .. I also live in Europe, and I know the pain you feel. I love my country passionately but the truth is we can’t continue like this. I have people back home and even in Kaduna. It is painful being a Nigerian. Here in Europe I still proudly float my head around as a Nigerian remembering that I represent myself, then my famil, then Nigeria, then Africa and the entire black race. While many of us are trying to bring pride to our country in in harsh conditions, the country is causing us more pain. Of recent the most uncaring thing I have heard since I came to Europe came from guess where? NIGERIAN EMBASSY. Yet, I will not wash my dirty linen in public, but within the forum where Nigerians are, I will pour down my venom. Enough is Enough! My love for my country is why my user name is One Nigeria, ironically I have to say that it is time we go our separate ways peacefully without bloodshed if we can no longer co-exist!






  • Tikatotre21

    Inept government, selfish, incompetent leadership

    • Samusman2

      Yes, it’s just how you said it.

      • OjoEleko

        very soon the wrath of God will fall on the wicked sponsor of Boko Haram. Before the end of this year the sponsor of Boko haram will be swallowed up by the earth. Amen.

        • Jjasond

          The pattern of attacks has become largely consistent. If one with no security training like me can understand that at least a church within the north (Abuja  included) will be attacked every Sunday or every other Sunday at the rarest of occurrences (this should help narrow the search beam of the security agencies on the vulnerable groups/ where best to catch these idi***).

          Their message now seems to be very clear: Prevent Christians from attending their worship centers when they most like to do so.

          What’s most sad is the government of the day (executive and legislature included) really cannot be bothered and ‘ll rather have prepared statements for press release for the the remaining Sundays in the year with 2015 their more paramount objective. Regular Nigerians are not as important as their 2015 ambitions.

          Lets see how this ‘ll end for them.

          • Johnxerox02


            JOHN 10:10 and JOHN 8:44

          • Gaf

             You all (Non muslimss) have a
            negative mindset about Islam. Give me a definition of your religion and
            I’ll define Islam as a religion of PEACE. Why is there so much hatred
            for Islam. It’s simply because it curbs and dosn’t give room for immoral
            and illicict acts! Terrorism is opposite to Islam and he who practices
            terrorism might answer an Islamic name but is not a muslim! Stop
            staining others, please!!!

          • Johnxerox02

            If Islam is about “PEACE” what peace are you talking of ? Maybe it is time to you Muslims define real kind of of PEACE you are talking of…
            By their fruits we know them…You can’t give what you don’t have. How many times have you seen the any Islamic leader come out publicly to denounce Boko Haram

          • Adaviruku

             its so confusing and rather disgusting to read that as Nigerians- Citizenry don’t sit back, pause and think before they react and make such senseless reply or remake about the present situation in Nigeria and its corp Boko Haram. Shame on you all who rather have been soliciting for revenge and pointing accusing fingers. Have you not heard about muslims been killed, Have you not heard other conspiracy about top officialsbeen involved in the bombing? Eagle square was bomb was any inquiry carried out? if yes, was any culprit found guilty, where there further arrest?
            Where are the intelligences and accompanied agency protecting Nigerians from Internal and External aggression. Once more its a shame. Despite those commenting on this forum are educated, its disgusting to read your comment or remarks.
            Take away sentiments and move into positive thinking and derive a sensible suggestion until then Nigerian would be deluded just like sentiment was the card played during the past election- A man that was part of the government which lead Nigeria into same crises but ran as Aspirant and promised Nigerians of better living in a manifesto quote ” From Kaura Namoda to south children will no longer feel or see poverty” and till moment refuse to declare his assets.

          • Johnxerox02

            If Islam is about “PEACE” you said but,what kind of peace are you talking of ? Maybe it is time for you Muslims to define what you mean by peace
            By their fruits we know them…You can’t give what you don’t have. How many times have you seen  any Islamic leader come out publicly to denounce Boko Haram

        • Man of God

          Our God of vengeance will soon avenge us of this Boko Haram Groups and their Sponsors……The govt knows their sponsors who vowed that they will make GEJ govt ungovernable; why are they turning to Christians….Shame on them. But it is a bigger shame that our govt is turning to a toothless bulldog. Christians Arise and Defend yourself, for we are able to go up and take this land, and chase away these real infidels, blood mongers, out of God’s Land

  • chinonso


  • Isa_momoh

    Must churches always be the target? why don’t they bomb mosque on Fridays? Since they said GEJ tenure will be ungovernable, they should bomb or born government properties, and stop killing innocent souls. am very sure two thins will happen if mosques are bomb as well, maybe it will immediately stop the bombing of churches or it will lead to more of bombing of churches and mosques and later lead to peace and stop targeting churches. So am on the strong opinion the mosques should be bombed across southern part of the country. enough is enough, since one can not worship God again in the north.

    • abiodun

      Dear Isa_momoh, its a pity that u don’t have a good suggestion for now, may be we should start from our family . because i am very sure 99% of nigerians have one or two person in the family from other religion. 


      • Bboyme2000

        well Abiodun, you are right to say Isa_momoh has not got a good suggestion but on the flip side, I think he has. If we build up on his argument, tit-for-tat will not be a good approach but he has just highlighted what will soon happen if no action is taken. the stage has been set, the actors are in the background, it almost time for the main act to happen…total chaos.

      • Faustinocool

        Islamic religion is SATANIC,bunch of criminals, killers and mayopic thinkers. my happiness now is dat we the CHRISTIANS has woke upffrom our slumbers, kudos to kaduna christian brothers, more of that brothers, enough is enough. Now is more mosque will be…………..

    • Samusman2

      I support your view. Mosques won’t survive it this time. You need to see what kaduna Christian youth did today.

  • Folarin

    I think it’s high time Mr. President begins to take drastic decisions about this book haram sect, we all can’t take the decision at the same time thats why he was elected. If he’s not capable, it’s better he leaves the seat because innocent souls are been lost on a weekly basis. General Olusegun Obasanjo had almost the same issue during his tenure in ODI and he took a brave man’s decision, pls Mr. Jonathan you need to be a brave man and not consider the toes you may be stepping on but consider the innocent souls that die on a weekly basis. God help you, give comfort to the people that lose loved ones on a weekly basis and bless our country Nigeria.

  • Dennis

    Fellow NIgerians killing ourselves a christain or a muslin is not a solution.We all know that faith is a belief, but believing in something we are taught.Please,do not forget that Jesus and mohammed are not Africans,Nigerians,Hausa,Igbo,Yoruba,or any of the tribes in Nigeria.This is sad! We feel so good in foreign countries when people talk of Chinua Achiebe,Wole Sonyinka, and some other talented footballers we have.Therefore, let us ask ourselves what can I contribute to make the most populous country in Africa great?

  • Mike O. Tucson AZ

    Are we christians not carrying the ‘turn the other cheek’ biblical injunction to a rediculous extent? How many cheeks do the Nigerian Christians have for goodness sake? We are told heaven help those who help themselves? I think we need to take our destiny in our hands. The nigerian government has lost total control of the situation. We should wake up from our slumber and let those persecutors know that they do not have MONOPOLY OF VIOLENCE. I think we have shown enough restraints. May the innocent soul lost today rest in the Lord

  • Ashfaqashfaq

    We should all blame the government,and not the citizens of nigeria and the reason why am saying this is that, we have what is called role of a leader,when a father refused to play his role as a father, that means the children are given the freedom to do whatever they like.So let the government do what they have to do to stop this robbish.Am a muslim you should all know this,what is happening is unislamic, yes islam does not encourage this.


      we should blame our muslim fathers whose interest is to suck Christians’ blood.

  • Kester Walu

    By now the government of GEJ should have known those behind the attack and their financial sponsors… I have this feeling that the government of the day is afraid to touch these powerful northern elements of islamic evil and political hungers. GEJ, you know them and you lack the courage to bring them to justice that is too bad.

  • Kester Walu

    Let us speak with one voice by denouncing islam and false prophet mohammed and his evil teaching and womanizing. 

  • Chuksnezianya

    O ISREAL BEHOLD THE LORD YOUR GOD IS ONE. Its not about church or mosque, christain or muslim. Think guys b4 we react

  • Rykaard

    Elrufai, Buhari and their colleagues are responsible for all these incessant killings of Christians. They promised to make Nigeria ungovernable and they are doing all they can to achieve this! But God Almighty will visit them in HIS TIME!

  • Bushman

    To all the commentators before me, what makes you think God has any business with Nigerians? To some of us that have read the Book of Proverbs, are we naive enough to think God would “sit in the counsel of the wicked?” Grow up people! Leave God out of these security issues, and look at those whose job is to protect us. We pay for Intelligence Services. What are we getting for the money. Maybe if we pay God, He will come down to Nigeria as meguard. Oh Silly me!

  • Avaanja

    are there no mosques in christian state?lets start bombing too maybe that will force them to stop

  • Heakydaniels

    Even the Isrealites in the bible fought when they were suppose to. violence is not in Christianity but when we are pushed to the wall we dont only fight back but destroy an entire nation. If islam doe not take its time it is goin down

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