Court sentences UNILORIN student to 20 years imprisonment over internet scam Reviewed by Momizat on . A Federal High Court, in Kaduna state has sentenced a 25 year old undergraduate of the University of Ilorin, Imonina Kingsley, to 20 years imprisonment on a fou A Federal High Court, in Kaduna state has sentenced a 25 year old undergraduate of the University of Ilorin, Imonina Kingsley, to 20 years imprisonment on a fou Rating:
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Court sentences UNILORIN student to 20 years imprisonment over internet scam

A Federal High Court, in Kaduna state has sentenced a 25 year old undergraduate of the University of Ilorin, Imonina Kingsley, to 20 years imprisonment on a four count of impersonation, possession of fraudulent documents and attempt to obtain money by false pretences.

The presiding judge, Justice Mohammed Shuaibu, made the ruling in a suit filled against the student by the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC).

Kingsley is alleged to have under false pretence, obtained the sum of $1000 from one Mr. Christopher De Troy through the use of a scam letter via an email address

According to the prosecuting counsel, the defendant has committed an offence contrary to Section 8(A) and punishable under Section 1(3) of the Advance Fee Fraud and other Fraud Related Offences Act 2006.

The suspect who was arrested on April 4, 2008, during a special operation code-named, Operation Cyber Storm1 at Wave Network Net Cyber Café located along Pipeline Road, Tanke, Ilorin, Kwara State, used the false identity of Thomas Duke, a supposed gay from the United Kingdom with the email address given as to send fraudulent mails with intent to defraud the unsuspecting victims.

In other instances, he also claimed to be one Muyiwa Akanbi, a Beninoise and Mary Jone.

In his confessional statement, Kingsley admitted that the email address: belongs to him and that he is into the “business” to make money and pay his fees at the University of Ilorin, Kwara State where he was studying Geology and Mineral Sciences.

He also confessed that on February 12th, 2008, he sent an e-mail to Luis Barco, attaching a photograph of an unknown man which he downloaded from the internet and claimed to be a gay by the name Muyiwa Akanbi.

At another time, he mailed a message and presented himself to one Andrew Corrigan as a UK- born gay but based in Africa.

Another of his victim is Christopher De Troy of America, whom he hoodwinked into parting with $1,000 via Western Union when he presented himself as a gay from the Republic of Benin.

Mr Kingsley, who hails from Ndokwa East Local Government Area of Delta state, is to spend five years on each of the four count charges.

Other scammers

In another development, the EFCC has secured a conviction in the case involving Jacob Chinenye Isintume a.k.a. Prince Williams Mbeki who was charged to court on a three count of unlawful possession of documents of false pretence.

Justice L. Akanbi at the Federal High Court sitting in Port Harcourt, Rivers State, convicted and sentenced Mr Isintume to seven years imprisonment without an option of fine, on two out of the three counts preferred against him.

Mr Isintume was arrested on January 2nd, 2012, at Ocabik Planet Hotel, off Stadium Road , Port Harcourt, Rivers State, by officers of the Intelligence Detachment Headquarters, JTF Operation Restore Hope.

At the time of his arrest, he was in possession of a laptop computer with various forged documents stored in it, as well as a superimposed image of himself on pictures of the former United States President, George W. Bush and former British Prime Minister Tony Blair.

Also, Justice Ibrahim Buba of the Federal High Court sitting in Asaba, Delta State convicted and sentenced Paul Omokaro and Johnson Obi to three years imprisonment on each of a two counts of conspiracy and illegal dealing in petroleum products.

They were however given an option of N180, 000 fines on each count.

The court also ordered that the truck and the product they were arrested with be forfeited to the Federal Government.

Omokaro and Obi were arrested at Bomadi Army check-point in Delta State in a Truck conveying three Gee Pee tanks and some jerry cans containing 6,000 litres of automotive gas oil.

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  • Stan2k9

    $1000 is for 20 years,using this formular calculate how many years for $620,000.

    • Chris Kristinson John

      Good for him…those who still $620,000 today started with $1000. 

    • Plasma

       That is 620 x 20 = 12,400 years. But anyway the guy stole from outside the country but the $620,000 was from our own money. Should it not be x 40?

  • Dre5

    this is insanity, he needs to be punished not killed

    • Chris Kristinson John

      What is the punishment? Please young guy don’t do it again or what? Have you been a victm before? If not then stop feeling sorry for a thief. 

    • Aikggy

       @d536f65e5886c233199833522a79f85f:disqus May be you are also into internet scam…beware, ‘cos you are next for a trip to gaol!

  • Danieljames1974

     the judicial courts and their fellow efcc are insane and are also criminal frontiers. how many political government pen robbers and other rich criminal law offenders have they tried and persecuted? but they are giving  a student internet scamer a 20 years imprisonment, are these students not better than kidnappers , courts judges who receives bribes to pervert justices or those who steals billions of government money, if the judges and efcc want to show us that they rae working, let them go to the elephant robbers and not rats dany,

  • Omelakana

    this is not fair at all. the guy deserves to be punished bt not in this manner (giving him 20 years in jail). what of politician that steals billions of naira? EFCC is failure itself.. they only prosecute the poor bt free the rich nd mighty…. what of those that mismanaged billions of naira and was givin one and half years???? corrupt EFCC

    • Chris Kristinson John

      Not fair for stealing from innocent people or not fair for sentencing him for good?

  • Dolo7521

    ibori got 14yrs  for billions,judge please judge yourself first

  • Chuksagus

    Hmm, just tired on these our judges. Just becomes he is student and i believe he do not know what 2 do that is why he is been charged 20years imprisonment. Many governors, prominent leaders do hick-jack more than billions of naira, these same judges do not charged them. Wicked world (Judges) check yourselves.

    • Chris Kristinson John

      What would he become after graduation? Another thief in the house…at least one is gone,many will follow. 

  • Luca

    It sucks to be a poor man/woman in Nigeria. Way to go judge!!! I guess you have done your job. go home and sleep good because you are clean and upright. 

  • Bstunna001

    people the boy got 20 years on four counts running concurrently meaning he will only serve five years, and it’s mostly likely he has been in custody since 2008 meaning he might get a suspended jail term! loool, the reason why we are backwards in nigeria is that the lot of us are ignorant and just basically STUPID! Jeez!

  • Chris Kristinson John

    Everyone here is feeling sorry for a thief..a potential armed robber. Its just like feeling piety for a terrorist facing a death penalty. I have seen that average Nigerians have stealing mentality.99.9% of the posts seem to be angry over what I see as a positive step towards eradicating fraudsters in Nigeria.This is how Ibori and co started.

    • EDWARD

      my friend think twice..seems u are perfectly Okay,meaning like rich. the guy did wat he know best to survive his education, do you know how many boys out there using that means to pay school fees and now work in may reputable companies now. He is just a scape goat but the 20yrs is much..otedola is there nothing has been done…can you judge , our country is fully of shit with bad leaders..


    though what he did is not good, and im not in support of it at all, but dosnt what  a whole 20 yrs in concurrent of 5 yrs at a goal. it unfair. how many yrs was Ibori sentenced to with all the billions dollars, can we pls compare! just bcos the guy in question comes from a poor bakground and had no SAN to defend him like Bode George.

  • Atrsi06

    It is good to read about these small fries. What happens to our so called leaders who are defrauding our country by the seconds.

    I am not saying these children should not be punishd, but can we do same to our own defrauders who are bribing the judges and lawyers and using technicalities to throw away their cases only to go abroad and get convicted for the same case we throw out here in our own conutry,

  • KeNNie

    Absolute Bullshit… Kingsley is a product of a failed society. Nigeria is the only country were you Jail someone 20yrs for attempting to steal a thousand dollars, while those those that stole millions of dollars our our money gets presidential hand shake, government position name it…even the so called (EFCC) officers take bribe…let the young man go and start fighting crime, fraud whatever from the top.

  • jennifer

    Though the act is bad,  but the young man is trying to make money through the means he know how to. there are thousands of unemployed youth roaming the street in search for better life, while those political criminals steal with no one questioning them. “Power corrupt, absolute power corrupt absolutely” .

  • Mac Bo

    The Nigerian constutional law, attempt of thieft or thieft is a crimal offence and punishable by law, the young man shuold have think of striking  millions dollar deal like one of these Belgian ship arrested for oil theft in Bayelsa
    The Nigerian Navy has confirmed the arrest of a Belgian ship, MT St Vanessa and her 15 member crew for alleged oil theft in Bayelsa. The navy said the ship was arrested off the Brass/Akassa coast in Brass Local More… These kinds of National or international stealing are constutional, legal and not punishable

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