Jonathan says selfish politicians are trying to pull him down Reviewed by Momizat on . President Goodluck Jonathan on Tuesday urged Nigerian politicians not to sacrifice the progress and well-being of the nation on the altar of personal political President Goodluck Jonathan on Tuesday urged Nigerian politicians not to sacrifice the progress and well-being of the nation on the altar of personal political Rating:
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Jonathan says selfish politicians are trying to pull him down

President Goodluck Jonathan on Tuesday urged Nigerian politicians not to sacrifice the progress and well-being of the nation on the altar of personal political ambitions.

Addressing members of the Nigerian Community in Rio De Janeiro, Brazil soon after his arrival for the United Nations Conference on Sustainable Development, President Jonathan said that Nigeria will definitely make faster progress towards fulfilling its immense potentials if all Nigerians unite in support of the efforts of his administration to positively transform the country.

“One of the problems we have is that some Nigerians play politics with everything, but we cannot destroy our country because of personal political ambitions,” the President said while denouncing the incessant and often unjustifiable criticism of his Administration, much of which, he said, was based on lies.

“We now have a constitutional democracy and no one can stay in office forever. It will therefore be best for our nation if we all support whoever is there for the development of the country instead of trying to pull him down by all means,” he said.

The president assured the gathering that the Federal Government was working very hard to overcome Nigeria’s current security challenges.

“We have challenges, but they are not insurmountable. We remain fully focused and committed to national development in spite of sponsored lies against this administration. We are ready to work together with all of our people to move the country forward. We will work even harder to place concrete realities on the ground that will further prove our sincerity and commitment to all Nigerians”, he pledged.

Thanking members of the Nigerian Community for assembling from all parts of Brazil to receive him in Rio De Janeiro, President Jonathan said that his administration will continue to count on the support of Nigerians in the Diaspora for its efforts to build a better nation.

“It is generally known and acknowledged that Nigeria has a very robust Diaspora and we will continue to explore ways of harnessing your skills and talents for the development of our fatherland,” the President said.

He informed the Nigerian Community that he will meet with President Dilma Rousseff of Brazil on the sidelines of the Rio + 20 Summit to discuss the enhancement of bilateral cooperation between Nigeria and Brazil, including the strengthening of trade and economic relations, as well as a prisoner exchange programme that could benefit Nigerians unfortunately imprisoned in the South American country.

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  • Dekunle99ng

    Haba…nothing new in that..ask Obama, ask Cameron, etc

    You should’ve counted the cost…

  • Dr. J. Hope

    The president is full of excuses. The people of Nigeria regardless of their geographical location will back any Nigeria president if the person can provide adequate security for all Nigerians by tackling the menace of armed robbers, the killings of innocent Nigerians by the Boko Haram, end the looting of the national treasury, provide good roads, and gainful employment for all young graduates.

    • Nayabingi01

      what about we the old graduates who till date do not have a job? the PDP government has ruined me. I do not know who to cry to.

      • Denisfloaty

        pls find something to do and forget about the politicians,dont put all blames on the president, lazy bone

  • Wallata

    If the opposition is playing politics with everything why cant he play politics with everything. Is he no longer a politician?

    • boko rodo

      or does he expect politician to play rugby?????????

  • Daive

    Ohhhh be a man! You don’t need all the politicians to support you before you start working, That’s impossible to happen. When Obama became President, he didn’t have the support of everyone, in fact, his administration began in piles of criticisms and scrutinies. I don’t see him shaking today. Oh,…please!

    • Ovweriajeff

      If they cannot support what he is doing that’s ok, they should not sponsor people to throw bombs

  • Gwesley

    Obama was not a politician, he is a child of chance.

    • JAmes

      Says Who? Read Obama’s story very well

    • Denisfloaty

      you are not well informed, pls go and read obama story very.

  • Gwesley

    I meant Jonathan was not a politician, he is a child of chance, hence he is so overwhelmed. He is the president of FRN anyway, so we need to continue to pray for him.

    • Joe Edem

      It’s disheartening to have Nigerians think in this manner.the fact gej is the president of Nigeria does not make him a supernatural being,he is human like everyone of pls Nigerians I want to say that,the element and structure of governance in Nigeria is in place.functions and duties has been delegated to relevant bodies and authorities,so ,I think it very illogical to at all and every time
      shout and disrespect the name of gej when anything goes wrong even in our individual homes.plssss Nigerian let us all for once,be supportive,be appreciative,be thankful to God almighty for his constituted authority in our great country Nigeria…Goodluck Ebele-azikiwe Jonathan is truly God sent.he is an epitome of humility…..they say,uneasy lies the head that wears the crown.Goodluck is a leader not a ruler….I am proud of you,GEJ.the lord is your strength.

      • Nayabingi01

        when we do not have jobs, no electricity, no good roads, medical, food,insecurity. It is only in Nigeria a killer is never found. No good schools so what is good about the country name it. In sports we do not even perform well. My friend have a rethink and say what is good. Do not think of the life you are living now think of what next after you die. So say the right thing and do not look at faces.

        • Talent

          Let us be sincere for once in this country, did the problems stated just start during GEJ government? Why do we always allowed some politician to use many of us to loose focus on the way forward in this country.

  • TOBBY777

    What have nigerian gained from the april 16, 2011 support if not bombing by terrorists.  Nigeria have walked into the ladder of one of the most unsecured country on planet earth under your watch.  You surround yourself with isreal police officers and you allow boko haram to be bombing the living day out of us.  You are feeding yourself with 3 million naira a day and allow us to go to bed without foods in our belly.  If there is body disturbing the country it is you mr. president that appoints boko haram members into your cabinent.  I WEEP FOR MY COUNTRY.

  • Timmy Harry

    Enough of all these tame lame excuses and do something. Show to all that you’ve got guts and what it takes to lead and lead decisively. What a disappointment!

  • Naayaa


  • Pjadamz

    Just a thot.

    Politicizing this issue will not lead us anywhere.

    Taking a cursory look at security, I am tempted to ask some salient

    1. Who are the benefactors of this chaos?

    A, Major suppliers of Hardware and consumables of

    B, The relevant sectors concerned with the issues of securing lives
    and property?

    C, The pockets getting filled with consulting contracts and the
    ‘expenders’ of Security Budgets?

    2. Who are the victims? In a 100 persons, how many are high up
    distinguished persons in or out of politics? How many are leaders in the places
    of worship/banks/schools that are affected? Even in Jos, how many ‘big people’
    have been caught in the line of fire? Check out the numbers, so many innocent
    people, in Jos travellers that will never be seen at their intended
    destinations. Masses / the struggling people.

    3. I am sure we now know the components used for the locally fabricated
    bombs; the persons registered to sell these components am sure are also known.
    We have not heard of one person held for supplies of materials. Is that to say
    we have no clue till date?

    4. The year is mid-way, the budget for security is unusually high this
    year, are some executioners of budget trying to ensure all resources meant for
    security are expended? The politicians need to abuse our minds, to think

    5. The mental broken hymen, (removal of innocence), now that our children
    are talking guns and bombs, are we thinking of the repercussions in the nearest
    future (tomorrow)?

    Like mentioned at the Start of this epistle, this is just a painful thot.
    I always recall Oscar Arias, He stated and I believe,
    that ‘the major issue in any violent conflict, is the remote benefactor, that
    produce and supply the hardware and consumables of destruction’ ….
    Paraphrased. If you remove the fuel and the matches, you can be sure there wont
    be fire.

    God bless Nigerians first, before blessing the Federal Republic.

    Good morning.

    Adamu Ayuba.

  • Florencedoor

    They wont succeed my brother

  • Concerned

    If they wont allow whover is democratically elected be it Jonathan or anyone else, there will not be a whole country for them to rule. We will not be looking and let some selfish foolls disrespect the choice of the electorate.

    I am sure all of us are awatching

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