Court sentences man to death for stealing N1,705 and milk Reviewed by Momizat on . A Federal High Court in Jos, the Plateau state capital has sentenced a 26-year-old man, Obinna John, to death by hanging for robbing a woman of N1,705. The conv A Federal High Court in Jos, the Plateau state capital has sentenced a 26-year-old man, Obinna John, to death by hanging for robbing a woman of N1,705. The conv Rating:
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Court sentences man to death for stealing N1,705 and milk

A Federal High Court in Jos, the Plateau state capital has sentenced a 26-year-old man, Obinna John, to death by hanging for robbing a woman of N1,705.

The convict was also said to have robbed his victim, Mrs Dorothy Olaniyi, of two rolls of sachet peak milk, valued at N400.

The prosecution counsel, Mr. G. D. Fwonyon, of Plateau State Deputy Director of Public Prosecution, had told the court that John, in company of an accomplice, also named John, now at large, on November 18, 2005, robbed the woman, a resident of Gada Biu, in Jos, in her shop, at gunpoint.

In a 60-page judgment, the presiding judge, Justice Yargata Nimpa said the evidence before the court had shown that the accused committed the offence and sentenced John to death by hanging.

“The accused is hereby sentenced to death by hanging, but the judgement is liable to an appeal” he ruled

Counsel to John, Mr. Tobechukwu Kekemeke, said they will head to the Court of Appeal to seek a reversal of the death sentence. “The convict has the right to appeal against the judgment. It is not a judgment that we are satisfied with, so we are definitely going to appeal at the Court of Appeal,” he vowed.


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  • Bodmax2003

    Imagine Nigeria, it is a sin only when you steal small money. Steal billions then you only go to jail with consecutive term of 1month for a term of 100yrs. Seems our Judiciary are WORST!

    • Brushparke

      Let us not be too quick to condemn the court for this sentence. I think the sentence is not premise on the amount of money he stole but in the fact he robbed with a gun which automatically makes is sentence more severe. He movEd from mere stealing to armed robbery. Considering that, you’ll understand the sentence he’s getting. Armed robbery attracts capital punishment and based on that the court is in order.

      • Chikky

        So armed robbery attracts capital punishment huh? Thank you so much. But when u r not armed n steal billions u r congratulated. Why can’t they send that boy to a correctional facility, set up a business for him n let’s see if he will ever touch a gun in his life again but instead they want to hang the hungry boy. May God punish them all. Hanging a boy for stealing #1,750 in a country where our president spends more than 9million Naira on feeding alone.

        • Baba

          To all those unhappy with the sentence of the court, first the story was wrongly and maliciously captioned. The man did not steal, he robbed with a gun. The sentence under the law is death. Second, I think we should always approach matters objectively and not based on sentiments. We should think, suppose the man  had shot and killed his vitcim? lets not be putting sentiment into everything. Anybody who has ever been a victim of robbers, if they survive the ordeal will never pray for a repeat. This is the kind of evil the law is trying to prevent. If we are unhappy with the system’s treatment of corrupt politicians, as we sholud rightly be, we shouild push for law reform on that score and not condemn the judiciary for doing its work. if the judiciary reneges on its duty we are still the same pple that will shout Third, I think the Press should also always be careful not to dramatise and sentimentalise sensitive and important issues like this one. Simply bcos of readership. It is unethical. If they dont know the difference btw robbery and stealing in law, they should ask those that know instead of misleading the public. At the end of the day we are all the worse for it

      • Amadibon

        Brushparke for as little as N3000. Honestly, who in Nigeria has stolen with arms and was stopped or caught by the Nigerian Police?! Though he may steal with arm as claimed, where in the report did it say he fired a short? What do you need to be convinced that this young chat could have been easily framed? The man who steals Millions and billions of Naira with pen is inflicting untold pains on the masses. He is depriving us of Electricity, motorable roads (not even good roads), medicine for our sick, food for our children, comfortable shelter and Salary for the workers. Is it not a laughable irony?! The pen is mightier than the gun dear citizen!

        BodMax2003 has said it. This judgement was wrong. No support should be given the Judicial on this one.

  • Jidefrank

    It doesn’t make sense sentencing him to death while corrupt politicians who have stolen billions of naira spend few months in prison. Good country with crazy crazy people and crazy laws.

  • Abfaef

    Seriously! If dis guy is hanged over something less than 3000 naira, then d Judiciary I’m sorry to say is made up of incompetent, naive and mentally derailed personnels. It is clear dat dis guy was hungry and u wish to kill him when u were supposed to provide for him n d first place. R u controlling the population? The WHITE KNIGHTS r watching

  • One Nigeria

    This is completely laughable. How can u sentence the man to death for this small amount of money. While any form of criminal action no matter how small is worthy of punishment, death sentence is like killing a fly with a sledge hammer!. What happens to the like of what is the name of that former Bayelsa state governor? What about a former IGP, former CEO of Oceanic bank, the recently disgraced head of fuel subsidy probe committee and numerous other corrupt Nigerians yet to be caught or caught and given VIP treatments in jail or the court. If these judicial treatment is to be followed then these aforementioned people should be killed, resurrected, killed and resurrected again like a million times!!! Shame on Nigeria. Nigeria stinks badly … useless country, shameless people!

  • kingubong

    John is a dumb thief. John Stole and he is been given extreme punishment for 1,700 Naira. I am sure, if he stole 17billion Naira, that would have qualified him for praise and suspended sentence. He should learn to follow the trend of politicians next time if he chooses, he wants to be a thief. olodo rapatta

  • emmy

    It is very useless in sentence this man to death because we have many big robber (politician) that steal people’s money and they are still working in the street freely e.g Bankole the formal speaker and others…… there’s no law in Nigeria

  • Ojukonko

    my people you see say FELA don talk am,may his soul rest in peace he say animal dey wear agbada animal dey puttu suit ooo,when animal giving death sentence for that amount,surely govrment should withdraw the liacence of who ever giv him death sentence,what of bankole,farouk lawan  many of them, is okay all you bad leader never see marcy of GOD,   

  • mark

    arm rubbery attract capital punishment while stealing pension money, steeling state money, stealing  from national treasury is what? this is true of African china music that says if a poor steal Maggi they will show his face for crime fighter and if those in authority steal money who do not see their face on crime fighter. God deliver this nation

  • Seuny_ak1

    fellow readers, in as much as we could be dissatisfied with the judgment of the court, but i must sincerely tell you that as a law student,the court was right.the offence of john is not STEALING but ROBBERY which attract a death punishment.remember,NO MATTER HOW DRACONIC A LAW IS, IT STILL REMAINED A VALID LAW UNTILL IT IS REPEALED, AMENDED OR ABROGATED.the court could not have done otherwise.when the offence is robbery,the fact that the amount in question is rediculously low is IMMATERIAL.there is difference between stealing, robbery and fraud. howeve, if john happens to be a son of very influential person,the same judiciary would have found an escape route for him using thesame law.

  • Larry Great

    Be  wise. Judgement in Nigeria is no longer by the weight of the Crime,but the weight of the Criminal…Give this same Judge Farouk or Ibori Case..The Veridct will be …The Evidence Before this Court is not enough to convince this honorary Court..the accused hereby not Guilty and is hereby discharge and acquitted…we need complete revolution in Nigeria…Period

  • Ngene Hilary

    The suprimacy and potency of the Nigerian criminal justice system are better exercise in criminal offense that involves the “have not” in the society. They are always the victim…it is unfortunate that  crimes in Nigeria are been measured by the class one represent in the society, political criminals and common criminal share different fate before the law.

  • Obingo


  • Amadibon

    It is only in Nigeria that a hight profiled politician will admin to taking millions of Naira as bribe, and nothing is done to him. But will sentence a 26-year old to death by hanging for stealing N1,705 and some sachets of milk worth 400!

  • Wallata

    Why are you guys being sentimental. The man robbed at gun point. It was like surrender the milk or YOUR LIFE. He did not snatch it and run. He had a gun. Whether he stole one naira or one million is not the case. He had no regard for human life. Pity if he dies for that. Did any one say the world was fair?

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