Court orders National Assembly to disclose lawmakers’ earnings Reviewed by Momizat on . The Abuja Federal High Court on Monday ordered the National Assembly to within the next 14 days release details of the salary, emoluments and allowances receive The Abuja Federal High Court on Monday ordered the National Assembly to within the next 14 days release details of the salary, emoluments and allowances receive Rating:
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Court orders National Assembly to disclose lawmakers’ earnings

The Abuja Federal High Court on Monday ordered the National Assembly to within the next 14 days release details of the salary, emoluments and allowances received by lawmakers between 2007 and 2011.

In a suit filed by Legal Defense and Assistance Project (LEDAP), Justice B.B Aliyu gave the ruling on Monday.
LEDAP had last year written to the National Assembly management to furnish it with the details of payments made to lawmakers. The NGO made the request on July 6, 2011, citing the Freedom of Information Act which was signed into law in May that year.

Unfortunately the National Assembly refused to respond to the group’s request.

LEDAP filed in its suit last year September, seeking two reliefs which were: an order declaring that the refusal of NASS management to provide the required information was illegal; and an order mandating the NASS management to release the required information within 14 days.

The National Assembly through its counsel, Yusuf Usman, argued that legislators earnings were beyond the purview of the FOI, and that LEDAP had no locus standi to institute the suit.

In giving his ruling, Justice Aliyu disagreed with Mr Usman saying that the payments are of public interest since they were made from public funds.

Justice Aliyu’s ruling is a clear distinction from that made by Yetunde Idowu of a Lagos High Court.

Justice Idowu had ruled that salaries and allowances of lawmakers were personal information, and not covered under the FOI act; in a suit filed by an NGO against the Lagos State House of Assembly.

Counsel to LEDAP Chino Obiagwu, said his client would not relent until all the illegal allowances collected by lawmakers between 2007 and 2011 were returned.

Mr. Chino Obiagwu further added, Legislators are those who made the law on how much each public officer should be paid in salary and allowances, “They are liable to refund any excess money collected beyond approved sum, and we will pursue this issue in the courts until all unlawful over payments to the legislators of the 6th Assembly are repaid to public coffers.”

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  • Plasma

    This is a stupid ambition. LEDAP should use the money they are paying this lawyer to refurbish an orphanage or two, and get some blessings in doing that.

    • smh

      Are u sensible at all? Do u want to tell them what to do with their own money. What have u even ever done for an orphanage??. Better go back to bed and mind ur tiny business!

      • Baba

        @smh:lolsssss. worry, by their fruits………..

      • Baba

        @ smh: lolssss. dont worry, by their fruits……..

    • Chike Oshi

      @smh: You have already seen that his name goes with a garbage in, garbage out. Otherwise, how could a sensible person argue that way? @Plasma: what do you know about blessings? You know nothing. Otherwise, you should have known that getting them to be responsible will make the system run better for the orphanages rather than allow thieves to masquerade as philanthropists.  

    • Angry Nigerian

      @yahoo-KCFCIIC2ZIKS5Y5LPUK7JMK7TE:disqus .. How can you in good concience say this is a stupid ambition. We know how much a lecturer collects. we know how much a teacher collects. all the federal workers and their grade salaries and allowances are clearly stated except for the law makers.

      Let us know how much we are spending on them. All public SERVANTS are the employees of the public. How can you have an employee but you dont know how much you are paying him/her?

      This might even be a blessing in disguise for the law makers. what if they are under paid and we as the public might want to increase thier salaries.

  • UsaveOne

     Which way Nigeria….?

  • Egware G

    Nice job, LEDAP continue the good work; Nigerians are behind you.




  • Tamna2007

    Thank you Senator David Mark! You are the only one who have beeen sincere enough to hit the nail on the head! The Northern leaders and (the ISLAMIC council/community) have truly been paying lips service to the to the Boko Haram menace. There is a limit to how much people can endure. The Nigerian Christians are not woods, they are human beings!

    If the northen leaders are going to be sincere, they know about the Quranic doctrines enough to be able to persuade those fanatics.( And to be candid, they know most of them, because they are political tools).

    It getting clearer that they are fulfilling the Northern agenda! This Northern leaders should be aware that Nigeria is heading for a break – up through their desire to always dominate.

    They should begin to count the number of innocent civilians from other tribes and Faith whose blood have been shed on their land and be sure that God Almighty will hold them responsible for every soul they have killed be of their selfish interest.

    Quoran does not support for a Muslim to initiate Jihad! Mohammed was defending himself from the attacking pagan!

  • Tamna2007

    «If God did not prevent people, some with some (others) then truly the
    cloisters and churches and synagogues and mosques – in which is oft brought to
    mind the Name of God – would have been destroyed» Holy Quoran (22 :40)

    So this fanatics bombing the churches in the name should consider what the Quoran says about the churches of God!

    «Truly God defends those who have faith. Truly God loves not the
    treacherous rejecter (kafir). Permission (for warfare) is given to those who
    are attacked and definitely wronged. And truly God is capable of helping
    without justice, for no reason except their saying: “Our Nourisher is God” and
    if God did not prevent people, some with some (others) then truly cloisters,
    churches, synagogues, and mosques, in which the Name of God is oft brought to
    mind, would have been destroyed. And God will help whoever helps Him – for
    truly, God is Powerful, Prevailing – those who, if we settle them in the earth,
    establish prayer, pay the zakat and command to what is recognized and prohibit
    what is rejected. And with God is the result of all affairs.» (22:38-41)

    These are amazing verses. They
    are the very first revealed Quranic verses concerning the legislation of jihad.

     As we know, the
    first revelation was brought down to the Prophet in Mecca, when he was forty
    years old. After that, the Prophet lived thirteen years in Mecca, during which
    time, either he himself or his companions were terribly tortured by the pagans
    of the Quraysh, the ruling houses of Mecca; so much so that a group of them
    were forced to seek permission from the Holy Prophet to migrate. They left
    Mecca and went to Ethiopia. Repeatedly the Muslims asked the Holy Prophet for
    permission to defend themselves, but during the whole of the thirteen years
    that he was in Mecca, he did not grant it, for which there was a good reason,
    until at last his holy mission took solid shape and Islam spread, amongst other
    places, to Medina. There, a small group of Medinans had become Muslims, had
    gone to Mecca, had paid their allegiance to the Prophet, and had made a
    covenant that if he were to go to Medina they would support him. So the Holy
    Prophet migrated to Medina and the Muslims also migrated and, in Medina for the
    first time, an independent Muslim base was brought into existence. During the
    first year, permission for defense was still not given. It was during the
    second year of the hijrah that the first verses an jihad, these same verses I
    have just recited, were revealed. The tone of the verse goes thus:

    «Truly God defends those who have faith… God loves not the
    treacherous rejecter.»

    This indicates that the
    polytheists had been treacherous to the Muslims, had betrayed them, had
    transgressed against them, and had rejected God’s blessing upon themselves.
    Then it declares:

                    «Permission (for warfare) is
    given to those who have been attacked and definitely wronged”

  • Dr. J. Hope

    A victory for democracy and salute to our most respected organ of government, the judiciary. The national assembly should publish the salary, emoluments and allowances received by lawmakers between 2007 and 2011 disaggregated by lawmaker and by state. People of Nigeria will find out that the current amount of money allocated to the national assembly and the presidency is excessive and incompatible with democratic ideas. The PDP-Jonathan led government is a calamity for our nation and the continent of Africa. Nigerians at home and abroad will do something about it. We are tired of the current security nightmares from the Boko Haram, armed robbers operating at will, insurgent in Niger Delta, massive looting of state and national accounts, poor roads and crumbling infrastructures.

  • Angry Nigerian

    How would someone have an employee and not know how much he or she is collecting. The law makers are the employees of teh public.

    This might even be a blessing in disguise for the law makers. May be they are under paid, and we (the public) as their employer, might want to increase their salary (for a job well done).

  • abuh okpanachi

     may God deliver us ooooooooo…….

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