N96m bribe: I collected money not bribe – Lawan Reviewed by Momizat on . The suspended Chairman of the House of Representatives Committee on Monitoring of Subsidy Regime, Mr. Farouk Lawan, who appeared before the house committee on E The suspended Chairman of the House of Representatives Committee on Monitoring of Subsidy Regime, Mr. Farouk Lawan, who appeared before the house committee on E Rating:
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N96m bribe: I collected money not bribe – Lawan

The suspended Chairman of the House of Representatives Committee on Monitoring of Subsidy Regime, Mr. Farouk Lawan, who appeared before the house committee on Ethics and Privileges on Thursday, admitted taking “money” and “not a bribe” from oil businessman, Mr. Femi Otedola.

The committee, which is investigating the $620,000 bribery allegation, is headed by Mr. Gambo Musa.

Lawan who tried drawing a distinction between money and a bribe,  drew the attention of the committee to the fact that he was careful with his choice of words. According to him, “Bribe was not mentioned in the statement I previously issued, but money.”

A source, who was privy to the details of the testimonies, said, “He told the committee that he took money to expose Otedola, as different from a bribe.

Lawan reportedly tendered text messages and call logs to the panel as evidence that he did not initiate the transaction between Otedola and himself.

According to the source, the committee resolved to invite him again if the testimonies of other witnesses punctured his claims “or if there is the need to hear from him again.

“Otherwise, the committee is done with him.”

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  • Abdulwaasiu

    No Probs, this is a game of intelligence between Oil Guru and in the making political Guru

  • Abdulwaasiu

    No Probs, this is a game of intelligence between Oil Guru and in the making political Guru

    • http://profile.yahoo.com/SRIJXZC2PYDJN6KWHCP2NVOE2U kolawole olanibi

       The  so called faruk lawan is  a crimnal too because to me i see no reason of  the even admitting  he  collected  money  form  otedola

  • https://me.yahoo.com/a/eDgVfRYOmsGEOna9.bxrbg65HNq5r5c8XIO8MBIo#13eed Abraham orobosheri

    LAWAN  why did you not expose otedola?  remember you are  a law maker you are suppose to blow the whistle first, but is already too late you are in very  big trouble, what about other marketers do you want to expose them too ,see all of you are the same i thank God the president has been vindicated in the removal of subsidy these are all what he is trying to avoid but the NLC missled everybody where are they now?

  • https://me.yahoo.com/a/eDgVfRYOmsGEOna9.bxrbg65HNq5r5c8XIO8MBIo#13eed Abraham orobosheri

    I was a strong supporter   for the removal of subsidy  and said every Nigerian should join the president to fight corruption because as it stand now only the president is fighting corruption and is very bad lets join hands and help him he really meant well for this country.   

  • Adeshina Alamu

    Can you hear Mr. Facrook saying he collected money and not bribe. For all i clear, he could have said stones and not money. I know,you dont give a damn too even if Nigerias criticise you to high heavens or from head to toe. You will still claim to be whiter than white a la the captain of the Nigeria ship.But i do have one consolation that- when a thing goes too far, it tends to produce it opposite. God will deliver Nigerians in this Babylon.

  • Anson.A.chibogu

    “Innate capacity to play the cameleon in preference to other creatures with permanent pigmentation were the very qualities needed in a man like FAROUK LAWAN in a countary like Nigeria.”I am Sorry—-”Let us have the report of the Probe Panel and let the Government of the day impliment the recommendations of the Panel,while the Security Agents investigate both the taker and the giver of the {Bribe} money”——-Unto Thee I Grant.     Anson A.Chibogu is a social critic,lives in Lagos Nigeria & from Umueri Obodo-dike.

  • Adabog59


  • Ahjoku

    If he collected “money” and not bribe where the money

  • Anson.A.chibogu

    “In a place where unwritten conventional rules dictates that the surest and shortest way to fame is through intrigue,manipulations of consaguinity based on sentiments;any upright man becomes disillusioned and frustrated”.Lawan keep courage to the fight you are known best for;perhapse there are a lot of behind the scenes against the truth which good men all over the world stand for.

    Farouk Lawan,rember just one thing and one man,SOCRATES:When he was condemed and hemologue was given to him to drink or to denounced heresatic philosophy.He had this to say:”——————- nothing happens to a good man in life or in death————” Unto Thee I Grant. Anson A.Chibogu is a social critic,lives in Lagos Nigeria & from Umueri Obodo-dike.

  • Joseph Kayode Oyegunle

    In a nation where 99.9٪ is suffering from poverty of the mind (psychological poverty) none will always have enough thereby sufferIngram all.I don’t have enough,I need more either by hook or crook from any source and the little I have I will never let out of it by any means or for any good purpose that will benefit others. There corruption is the president and other vices the followers.Is this democracy or Oletocrazy and egitocrazy? O Lord save our nation. Where will this lead us to?
    oletocrazy_thieves ruling thieves
    egotocrazy_fools ruling fools

  • Agi N.

    All the Reps are trying to do is to cover up the crime of Lawan as usual. All of them are birds of the same feather. But God is faithful. The era of Dishonourable men occupying the hallowed chambers will pass away.

  • onyemaechi cajetan

    Money,money,money,you can do many things. You can save life,kill,send one to jail,free him,build a house,enrich someone,impoverish him,build ones reputation,destroy it,etc. My problem with you is that you have many names; Gift,Gratification,Bribe,Settlement,etc. Now your other name,Exhibit or Evidence is tearing my bros apart. Agreed you are money,which name manifested[ for what] in the oil subsidy probe deal? If Evidence,fine. Evidence that what happened? What’s the evidence of the Evidence? 

  • Agi N.

    Jonathan has proved to be the most sincere, transparent, and committed president Nigeria has ever had. The subsidy probe has shown that the best and lasting solution to the corruption bedeviling our downstream petroleum sector is the outright removal of subsidy. Let’s do away with this subsidy thing that is only enriching the very few.

  • Usman

    What people are not asking is what did Mr Otedola told Faruk was the reason for  ’dashing’ him money? Or was such conversation not recorded too? Did he say, “Please,  Faruk take this money and see that I’m not implicated.” Did Faruk eventually exonerated him as a result of this inducement or bribe? But people are already hailing his job to be good and not to be discarded. Or did Faruk just decided to act like a PDP opposition who use to tell their supporters to collect their money but still vote for your choice? Let’s listen first. 

  • Pstoluseyi

    What does Lawan take Nigerians for? A bunch of fools?

  • http://www.facebook.com/sunday.apu Sunday Apu

    why did d committee chased away d press????????????

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/NEZ665V6IXCWRFLMC5YLIRXAYU Willy


    • Omnivision

      They cannot be arrested for lack of locus standi. The report inditing them is no longer credible as result of this bribe-for-clearance Lawan Gate scandal. That is how expensive corruption is my friend!

  • CovertNigerian

     I am a little confused by comments claiming that GEJ has now been vindicated as per his attempts to remove the subsidy on petroleum or that he has been proven not to be corrupt. His explanation at the time was that the subsidy bill was unsustainable and so had to be dropped. In spite of having the police, SSS, EFCC and ICPC at his disposal he was unable to order the relatively simple process of uncovering evidence of massive fraud – how many weeks did it take the HoS committee to do what all of these agencies should have done. If anything, this entire process has exposed his incompetence and that of the people he has recruited or allowed to work as part of his team. The response to the house of reps report was sluggish and unenthusiastic – by now senior officials should have been suspended or fired and arrested. As per Farouk? the guy mess up.

  • Basil A.

    Mallam Farouk really disappointed me. Watching him question those crooks (to whom he has become one….sigh,sigh), I thought this is the correct man we have been looking for, but NO! He is just like the others. Making things worse, he tries to play “intelligent”. Every day for the thief ……

    The fact he went back to the floor of the house to remove those companies from the list and defended his actions when asked by the house shows how deep his neck has been in the whole affairs. Send him to Kirikiri maybe he will find his senses there.

  • Mr. Realist

    Who is fooling Who? I guess tomorrow it will be 
    Mr. Gambo Musa standing before another committee, that is, if we are fortunate to hear his own.  I also guess that the subsidy issue is now in the back burner. This country will  not stop to amaze me.

  • Joeudeagbala

    most nigerians are kleptomaniacs may god help us

  • Edo

    Egunje no be bribe, according to Saint Farcrook.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_LGE4PO4ZCM46EK2DJIGRIPF6MU saint_charles

    Weather it was the ‘money’ that collected the ‘bribe’ or the ‘bribe’ that collected the ‘money’ as far as we are concerned, there was a collecting of ‘bribe money’ so you are guilty sir!



  • Uchenna Umez

    we are here talking about bribe whereas responsible countries like China are docking their Manned space in the orbit, 
    when shall we begin to think like a nation?

    • Omnivision

      Exposing corruption is one sure way of getting up there – in space.

  • Deoluboris

    Mr Abraham, you may please give more information or highlights on how Mr President is fighting corruption and how lonely he is in doing that.

  • Anonymous

    Its a shame that Farouk is trying to claim innocent. If he did not collect bribe, why then did he recommend that Otedola’s two companies be removed from the list of companies being invested for oil subsidy fraud. It is clear that the whole system is corrupt.

  • Fantasy

    Birds of the same feather. The house is very likely to support this stupidity. Did they confirm that the phone calls/text messages originated from Otedola’s handset?

  • Abdulsalaamikunaiye

    By Allah Who created the heaven and earth Hon. Lawal is a complete disappointment to THE INTEGRITY GROUP in the 7th session of the Nigerian house  of Representative no matter some meandering he is trying out with.

  • Mcharlson

    Mr Speaker of the Federal House should not get involve in Mr Faruks mess. If he did not committ d crime, y should he move a motion for the removal of company 5 & 6 which belong to Femi Otedola from the list of those indicted? They are all criminals and should be arrested by truthful and dedicated security force and not Nigeian Police.

  • Mohammed Otaki Agbo

    Yeye people. May God bless de soul of Fele.

  • Mohammed Otaki Agbo

    See wat these ‘yeye’ people can do?i meant ‘FELA’ not ‘FELE’.

  • Atrf

    I reccomend the boko haram/fulani boys to arrest and mete justise to this useless baby face Lawan . Instead of being ashamed of himself and be sober, he is playing toy with english that he cannot say well. Sege

  • http://www.facebook.com/abayomi.tolu.96 Abayomi Tolu

    Lawan should go to blazes. What purpose is money collected suppose to serve? i thought ths man was intelligent b4 now, but, i dint know he’s just like any of our friend in the north. this man has enjoyed too much attention most especilly by the media, that is why he has the liberty to talk of his mention of money not bribe as if he’s meticulous.’

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