AUDIO: Telephone conversation between Farouk Lawan and Femi Otedola – Part 2 Reviewed by Momizat on . Channels Television has obtained the Part 2 of the audio recording purported to be the conversation between Honorable Farouk Lawan and Femi Otedola over the $3m Channels Television has obtained the Part 2 of the audio recording purported to be the conversation between Honorable Farouk Lawan and Femi Otedola over the $3m Rating:
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AUDIO: Telephone conversation between Farouk Lawan and Femi Otedola – Part 2

Channels Television has obtained the Part 2 of the audio recording purported to be the conversation between Honorable Farouk Lawan and Femi Otedola over the $3million bribery allegation scandal.

Here is the audio recording:

Transcript of the audio recording

Lawan: it wasn’t like my brother talking. That’s one. Secondly, please this thing that we are doing, keep it to yourself otherwise you will make it difficult for us …

Otedola: Ok, ok. I am na

Lawan: Because somebody called me now and said that we said we are going to address it.

Otedola: address what?

Lawan: Yea. Because if it is already out that we are going to do something, when we do it, people will think that we are doing it because we have been compromised. And you know that is something that errrrr… And if my colleagues get to hear about it, I wouldn’t be able to convince them. So keep it to yourself.

Otedola: ok

Lawan: Let it not be like anybody is aware of what is happening. If anybody ask you, simply explain that this thing, you know from your records. You have all records and you have made a case to the committee. You have sent your documents to the committee

Otedola: Yea, Yea

Lawan: Yea. It’s left for the committee… it’s left for the committee to decide what to do. Please keep it that way.

Otedola:  Yea. God bless you. God bless you

Lawan: Yea. Because the moment it gets out now we are going to correct it. Then it means we have already Haaa… so let it be …

Otedola: Ok, Ok

Lawan: I want to spring a surprise on the floor and only that is the only credible way I can do this. So please, please.

Otedola: God bless you. God bless you my brother. I have been crying. Anytime I hear your voice

Lawan: Yes. You know your sector is small. Everybody knows… and people are already saying … Somebody just called now and said Femi has gotten his way around you guys and he has already succeeded.

Otedola: That is not true. But let me also tell you one thing ….

Lawan: No, no, no, no. I am saying it because this is what I heard

Otedola: But my brother, let me also tell you one thing. You know me as a person

Lawan: It doesn’t have… I know… I don’t want

Otedola: People just get up

Lawan: I know. That makes it difficult. Just, just whoever… you know… no. I didn’t do this. I’m sure it must have been a mistake from the committee but I have sent a letter to set the record right

Otedola: ok

Lawan: That’s all

Otedola: Ok my brother

Lawan: Yea. Yea

Otedola: Ok. Great, Ok

Lawan: Yea

Otedola: thank you



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  • Olatundearututu

    This is nothing but a season film which nobody knows when it will end!!!!!

  • Guest

    Farouk/otedola season 2….

    • igo ezihuo

      Both the giver and receiver are guilty of the same offence, because it is a common saying in the fight against corruption that you do not give or take bribe. Thank you. Igo Ezihuo. Port Harcourt

      • sports palace


  • Angry Nigerian

    Please keep it coming!!! More please!!!

  • Hakeem

    If our government allows Farouk to go scot free with this bribery allegation, then I strongly believe there is no Rule of Law in Nigeria again. This another test for our judiciary, and I’m waiting to see the end of this drama. Lets wait and see who this case will consume… Hon. Farouk, Mr Femi Otedola or NIGERIA JUDICIARY!

    • Julian Anozie

       The government should move in swiftly and get this guys arrested. They are dragging our great nation to the mud and making us a laughing stock. Please we are tired of hearing this one said this or that. Do you know there is no end in sight for this drama we are witnessing. What a shame! what a sham!!.

  • Ojo

    Please can we see the video! Really want to see how Lawan was stuffing his cap with the dollars.

  • Jide-Taofik

    Yes, I watched the first episode and it was fantastic. I know Farouk Lawal the boss will win the TROPHY. Dimeji Bankole succeeded, Gbenga Daniel is gradually getting out of the hook. Funny Nation

  • Bantu

    Channelstv since when did u guys start NOLLYWOOD business!! We await part 3. Channelstv……..a station to watch!!

  • Josh

    I want to wait and see the reaction on   Chief Mike Ozekhome(SAN) after watching the part 2 of the Farouk Lawan. These men are just opportunists. Ozekhome was at a time activist lawyer, fighting all real and perceived enemies of the society. Imagine a SAN telling us that Farouk Lawan’s voice was doctored. using some infantile grammar to buttress his ill-conceived argument. I can’t imagine real respected SANs messing themselves up in such stupid manner.

    • Otunba Adenuga

      My thoughts exactly. With his rantings, cant wait to read more of his silly dumb blabbling

  • Jenny_green

    please lets call a spade a spade. it doesn’t matter if it is the devil that God used to expose this act of corruption.

  • Segun

    We really need this at least to ease our stress but the truth remains someone gave it and another received and we should be smart to ask what’s the giver out to achieve in the whole episode,let watch out for season 3 and kudos to channels pls keep us abreast.our change is here

  • Ibaga

    OH! May God help this country. Bunch of thieves who keep deceiving Nigerians. 

  • Olumide Timmy

     Olumide Timmy from Lagos:
    Who is now a liar among them, but one thing i believe is that the duo( Otedola and Farouk) knows the truth of d matter, they are just deceiving themselves. at any rate, the Honourables in d lower house should not allow Farouk Lawan to tarnish their image ‘if and only if’ they are not part of the bribery scandal. and as for Chief Mike Ozekhome well, he is doing his work, cos if given the chance to be a counsel to Femi Otedola, he”ll do the same>

  • Olisa05

    so initially otedola was all respectful, hence all d “sirs” in his initial comments nw farouk don turn him guy wey e dey address am as “my broda”…lol..dis crap is really becoming boring allah

  • Try

    The Pandora’s box has been opened, from here on, no one knows what will happen next. the Briber and the Bribee will stop at nothing, this is going to be an interesting film to watch. i hope Nollywood is taking notes… wait, i have a title…. “who catch who”

  • Okeke nwankwo

    Why is this thief still FREE? Is there justice in Nigeria at all?Go to Lagos and all cites in Nigeria and see the police stoping and searching people and embarrasing some and  extorting money from the civillians.Now this is open criminal case and everybody is silent.

  • ATrueNigerian

    Long DEAD

    There is noting great about Nigeria, We are all but a giant without a sense. The voice can be doctored this I know but come to the fact; Mr GL is aware of all this because his wife was also accused of a similar allegation. Again another mellow Drama that will play itself in Nigeria. People Rise UP Stand it once and for all. Let us fight this group of gangsters parading themselves as leaders. Their antecedents will prove my statement right. Take UP ARMS STAND this F..Ls. I know some will say Pray for the nation But I want to tell You that God do sanction wars to be fought if you are a fanatic read the bible read the Koran

    Finally, We have been for so long Dogmatised WAKE UP!!!!!!

  • Austin osa

    Farouk the crook must not be left off the hook! let him cruise the nook and cranny of Nigeria with his cohorts protecting him, the big hand of the law and nemesis will surely catch up with him. For the triumph of evil over good must be temporal!

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