Otedola is ‘stupid’ and misguided for not talking to House committee – Committee Chair Reviewed by Momizat on . The refusal of Mr Femi Otedola to testify before the House of Representatives Committee on Ethics and Privileges has unnerved the committee members, claiming th The refusal of Mr Femi Otedola to testify before the House of Representatives Committee on Ethics and Privileges has unnerved the committee members, claiming th Rating:
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Otedola is ‘stupid’ and misguided for not talking to House committee – Committee Chair

The refusal of Mr Femi Otedola to testify before the House of Representatives Committee on Ethics and Privileges has unnerved the committee members, claiming the decision was misguided and that no one can dictate to the committee how to carryout its investigation.

Chairman House of Representatives committee on Ethics, Gambo Dan Musa

The Chairman House of Representatives committee on Ethics, Gambo Dan Musa, described Mr Otedola’s decision not to speak before the committee as misguided, when he addressed a press conference after Otedola’s departure. .

According to the chairman, Mr Otedola refused to say anything to the committee and he claimed the oil mogul was just laughing whilst their short conversation lasted.

“We did all that we could by explaining to him our power under the constitution and under our rules and…..further explained that nobody will dictate how we are going to conduct our meeting, yet Femi Otedola refused to answer questions and he said he could only do so when we  do it in public”  explained Mr Dan Musa.

“You cannot make an allegation and when you are being asked to substantiate, you now refuse to substantiate.” “What are you hiding” Honourable Dan Musa asked?

“He has told us that we are hiding something that is why we don’t want to do it in public, rather we told him, he is the one hiding something by refusing to talk, by refusing to make a substantiation of his allegations.”

Warning that nobody can dictate to the committee how it should conduct its investigation, the committee chairman added that “we told him the consequences of this but he was not ready to go by our words.”

Laughing stock

Adding that he refused to answer all their questions, Mr Dan Musa stated that the oil mogul insulted members of the committee because he was just laughing.

“He refused to say anything and he was just laughing. It was very stupid of him and we are not happy too” he said angrily as other members of the committee on ethics, gave a Yes! chorus one after the other, in response to the name calling.

“We cannot have a committee of this nature, a standing committee, that is respected by the House and somebody comes and tell us that he is a businessman and he is not angry at ourselves” he said.

The chairman noted that the committee will continue to invite other relevant parties involved in the saga and pledged the committee’s commitment saying, “our commitment to do justice should not be in doubt.”

The Chairman of Zenon Oil and Gas, Mr Femi Otedola on Tuesday, challenged the House of Representatives Committee on Ethics and Privileges to conduct the hearing on the bribery allegation he levelled against Honorable Farouk Lawan in public, saying “nothing done in darkness…..anything done in darkness will always come out in lightness.”

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  • Andrewisaacpromise

    when has the House of Reps turned to police or EFCC? can jou be a judge in your own case?

    • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_LGE4PO4ZCM46EK2DJIGRIPF6MU saint_charles

      @ @00799734d399d7991d9a09adbd7e8cd9:disqus  The NASS has a Standing Committee on Ethics and Privileges that is saddled with the responsibility of investigating allegations of ill conducts leveled against any member of the house including the Speaker. If the Constitution gives the House the right to investigate any member independently then I think Otedola was wrong to had snubbed that committee weather in camera or not. The  closed doors would not stop Mr. Otedola from telling the press what transpired behind those  doors or does he think that the House will judge Lawan from what they hear from the press alone? Otedola may be right in his claims but he should not allow his money hungry Lawyers lead him astray. The NASS is an institution that is bigger than an individual and as such should be accorded the respect.

      • Pilgrim

        No, you miss it friend. Mr. Musa says they were investigating Otedola’s allegation. And what is the allegation? That Farouk took a bribe of a part payment of $620,000 of $3m he was to pay in order for his companies to be delisted from companies that allegedly defrauded Nigeria.
        The issue is that Otedola never brought any report to the House of Representatives but the police-and the police is investigating it. If it is an ethical issue that has to do with Farouk who conducted all proceedings and asked for the delisting after receiving money in public, the house having relisted those companies in public, and passed a further resolution committing itself to hold the present hearing in public, it should be seen to do so.
        Friend, at what time did you hear that the house sat to reverse herself and now start sitting in camera? Was it the wisdom of ‘this standing committee?’ And what power does the standing committee have to change the resolution of the house in full session?
        Parliamentary procedure, and some legal analysis my friend! Don’t rush into these things. There are yet many things to unfold.

        • JideTiwo

          THANK YOU SIR

      • Iwu Gideon1

        I understand your point, man but being the chamber that is known to us, one would want to applaud Femi’s courage and insistence on public hearing because there can be some distortion and counter attacks, if he’d said anything to them behind closed doors. You surely can see better behind these faint lines, Saint_Charles.

      • Umar

        Saint Charles, am so sorry to tell you, that you are among the people eating and rottening our country deep in corruption…What arrant rubbish of an Ethics communittee is that?..are you not aware that the same constitution supports and uplifts Transparency in exposing Corruption…On when has the House become a security institution(SSS,Military or police) to have the 100% right to question Otedola in Secrecy…To HELL,to you all that want to Destroy Nigeria with Corruption…What’s difficult in conducting Public hearing?????? Bet me, the time is soon coming for ill minds like you to be disgraced

      • AngryNigerian

        Saint Charles, think about this, what is going to come out of the secret meeting? It will be a case of he said, she said. Otedola will say something and the committee will say, we never said that to him. What came out of the secret hearing they had with Farouk the Crook? It will never see light of day. Is the public not entitled to know what is happening with the employees we have entrusted with things? After all they all public SERVANTS.

    • Donfreedom1

      Just like when has odetola become the nation’s security service, releasing audio tapes which should have been released by the security teams that were “part” of the sting operations. Both odetola and lawan are crooks. 

      • Kazim

        How has releasing the purported tape made him a crook???..and who told you, that you can play with a National Security name,if Otedola had been doing that in Blasphemy ,don’t you think the SSS would have arrested him???????……Come on, let’s call a spade a spade!…we will come to Otedola’s case of oil Subsidy scam later….for now,Farouk should be fully analysed and charged to court first,for bribery,fraud ,conspiracy and deceiving the Nation (openly declaring,and convincing the house LIVE on NTA while he removed Zenon Oil on the probe List)

  • olami27

    At this point all we need to do wait and watch the interesting drama before any conclusion, because we don’t know who is fooling who

    • Donfreedom1

      I agree totally with you. Especially when the security agencies who were “supposed” to part of the sting operations and even gave marked dollars are quiet. Who did the recordings, who has kept the tapes since? and who is releasing them now? Why not the security agencies releasing them?

  • Kingsley

    No it is the house that is bringing our democratic institutions into disrepute and making a mockery of our nascent democracy. Instead of conducting a credible investigation in the the public domain in order to obviate any perceptions of bias, the house of assembly has resorted to holding their hearings in-camera. This clearly suggests that they have something to hide considering that the original probe which led to the current series of allegations and counter allegations were held in the full glare of the cameras.

  • Omo-oba

    Imagine a goat like Gambo Dan Musa calling someone names… When are we going to start having people with etiquette in the government of Nigeria?
    ………… The of Reps are now the ones to investigate for Police and EFCC. Very funny!

    We need not to be told, the bribery scandal case is dead already. 

    • pikin

       Omo-oba,imagine you calling Hon Gambo Dan Musa a goat and still want people with etiquette in the government of Nigeria… I have learnt one thing about us nigerians,we always demand of others what we cannot give. Too bad, isn’t it?

      • Brb

        yes pikin i agree with you on the omo-oba because he just did same thing he complained about,which is typical of the cancerous naija…thats why i still wonder on which side i would fight in the revolution..most of the so called freedom seekers are worse criminals. 

  • Pilgrim

    Did Otedola make any allegation to you? You miss it there. Even if he was invited or arrested by the police he has the right to remain silent. I think your stupidity shows off rather than Otedola’s. You had a resolution in the house saying you’d do this sitting in public. By your own design, you allowed Lawan  to discuss with you in camera.
    The fact that this is already being investigated by law enforcement takes it beyond your province. Your action is only geared towards face-mending for the house, and possibly to let go of your colleague. It is obvious you lack integrity, and this outburst will not redeem your image.

    • Donfreedom1

      Unfortuately in Nigeria, there are no strong institutions, the NASS committee investigations is NOT about Odetola but about a member, Odetola is merely a witness in the case. Though the house committee is not the police, efcc etc, Odetola who has been releasing audio tapes is also not the police. He told us that the security agencies were involved and even gave him marked dollars, why has no agency spoken or even release any tapes? Who did the recordings? If the security agenies were involved and even gave marked dollars, why are they not the ones releasing the tape?. Both Odetola and lawan are thieves and should be tried.

      • Pilgrim

        I think you’re missing it friend. We shouldn’t be throwing stones in different directions. What is the issue here? The issue is the propriety of Otedola refusing to talk.  Otedola is supposed to appear before the standing committee of the House of Representatives investigating alleged violation of ethics of its member, Lawan. The house passed a resolution it is doing this in public, and without reversing this the committee decided to take Lawan in camera, and therefore moved to take Otedola the same way. That isn’t proper, and Otedola didn’t have to talk. Refusal to talk doesn’t make him stupid. He has a constitutional guarantee to do that.
        As to what Otedola told us of tapes, and the involvement of the security agents once you raise that you’ll take it beyond the jurisdiction of the House of Representatives. Those have to do with the process of criminal arrests, seizures, investigations and arraignment. Common sense  tells you that this over reaches their position and violates the doctrine of separation of powers.
        At this time, it is ill-advised to take the definite position you do that both of these guys are thieves. In fact, at law none is until proven so before a court of competent jurisdiction. In any case, the matter under review isn’t the whole but the part dealing with appearing before the standing committee on Privileges and Ethics. Friend, we are talking ‘ethics’ here, and the committee doesn’t seem to realize that it should commit itself to ethics of regarding the House’s resolution as binding. Doesn’t it appear to you that they are changing goal posts, and that without any justification, explanation or pretense to excuse? The only thing is “you cannot dictate to us the rules of this hearing?” I think we should build this case on the basis that these guys must keep the rules. If as you said, we should have strong institutions, should it be for all citizens or that the members of the house be exempted? They don’t even want this institutions strong because they fear lest they are found to be violation of some rule. How do you explain that members who should know better don’t get it, and come out to the press to insult a citizen who appeared before them and chose not to speak?
        On another point, I don’t think it makes sense to conjecture what role(s)  the security agencies played or didn’t. Let’s allow the drama to unfold. Trust me, there may be more shocking things to come.

      • 7777777

        why do we still bliv in our POLICE. Do you think you will ever see the evidence if otedola’s camp that is releasing it to Channels. Our Police are the worse institutions in the country. Apparently, our so called human right & lawyers are money freaks like Mike. he has just shown he is not for the masses of this country just like Reuben, for telling us that is not Farcrook voice. We all wasted our time on the subsidy probe and we know his voice for sure.

  • babatunde mustapha


  • Prickandtoto

    I laugh in Vanacular Hahahaha…….What is the duty of the police?…It it now the duty of the Senate or Representatives to investigate allegations of bribery????

  • Oluwakayode

    “We did all that we could by explaining to him our power under the constitution and under our rules and…..further explained that nobody will dictate how we are going to conduct our meeting, yet Femi Otedola refused to answer questions and he s“We did all that we could by explaining to him our power under the constitution and under our rules and…..further explained that nobody will dictate how we are going to conduct our meeting, yet Femi Otedola refused to answer questions and he said he could only do so when we  do it in public”aid he could only do so when we  do it in public”

    … these people are always talking about power, power and more power. They don’t know that your power grows when you refrain from using it. It just goes to show how dull our house or reps is. They are probing everybody, summoning everybody, meanwhile the person they should be probing is themselves. PLEASE WHO PROBES THE PROBERS? THIS HOUSE IS MORE THAN DUE FOR A COMPREHENSIVE, INDEPENDENT PROBE.Yet they pass a vote of confidence on themselves in  the very midst of a colosal scandal. What a house of shame we have thinking for us.

  • Trusthworthy1

    Can somebody tell me any investigation and probe that was done by the house that has ever lead to prosecution? They are all liars and thieves in the high places. God saves our country!

  • Enebeli82

    “House of A Thousand Scandals”. What an open show of shame for Dan Musa to even dare to respond to such sincere request with such flagrant misuse of language. To think he was cheered on by his colleagues. Oh, what a house of shame!!!

  • Perestacy

    this is not apealing,,,,DATO VAL VALLEEN

    • Plasma

       What was that?

  • Pilgrim

    If that question, “Are we hungry, gentlemen?” was supposed to be a real question, I’ll say “yes, you are” 10 times. You are hungry for power that you already have but are misusing. You are hungry for money, the reason you have compromised positions severally. You are hungry towards redeeming the battering image of the house which once held the hope of the common man in Na’Abba’s days. What you are not hungry of is a patriotic zeal to put the nation on the path to recovery, and growth. You don’t care whether the youth corps member is protected against the menace that Boko Haram is. You turn the security of our dear country into a fodder to fuel your ambitions, and make yourselves look like saints, while berating a government you are part of. You allocate to yourselves perquisites as bogus as they can be, and make dead your consciences when citizens question it. Your common refrain has been pointing accusing fingers to the executive. Why don’t you look it dispassionately, and cut these unnecessary, bloated expenses across the board?
    As long as we continue to have your type in the house, many will continue reminiscing the days of colonialism and military regimes with nostalgia.      

    • Plasma

       They are indeed very hungry.

    • Essienkan E. E.

       Desperately very hungry and their eyes look like they can devour anyone that stand in their way.

  • JideTiwo

    God is at work. We are yet to see more. just wait…

  • Agboade2005

    Who has something to hide? Is it Otedola, who wants public hearing or the house committee, who wants private hearing?

  • Nayabingi


  • AKa

    The house committe has many things to hide. Lawan is their ‘own’ hence they will do everything to protect him and their interests in the scam. Lawan took the money but he was not to ‘eat’ it alone.

    What the house committe is doing now is damage control. The principal officers in the house may be in the know of the bribe money. They are simply want to ‘nib it in the bud’ because if Lawan should go down many of them will follow. Afterall, OBJ knows his partners in crime better when he said the house is full of rouges and pen robbers like himself. It takes a thief to recognise the foot print of another thief on the rock.

    I fully support Otedola’s public hearing. The house has no moral stand to investigate the matter. A neutral organ of government must do it. House members are interested parties.  

  • Phillipi

    This is the begining. Enough embarassment for the house

  • Plasma

    Don’t change the dial.

  • the hit

    I am also laughing at the committee. U are chairman of ethics committee and your mandate is to investigate and discipline erring members. U can take a decision with whatever Farouk told you. Please stop wasting tax payers money in this kangaroo investigation. Farouk has admitted to collecting money. 

  • Gideon

    Hon Dan Musa, oblige femi otedola’s request-if u r after d truth, any means (open or close) is o.k. If na ordinary Nigerian dey ds Mata, nta, ait,……. Go air am live e.g oteh, oil marketers,e.t.c. So y is Farouk case different?


    Who is this bastard of a Chairman calling a fellow citizen stupid? What gave him that right to be so impudent? A man said he lacks confidence in you to deal in camera. Who won’t know there is no honor in the house with LAWAN FAROUK’S twisted tongue on this issue? I mean you owe it a duty to respect every citizen, without any such a foul effusion as this. By the way, why is it taking a month to produce the $620,000.00 in question and yet you expect a sitting in camera with the victim? Bloody thieves all!

  • Naijamyfoot

    Bunch of useless idiots, calling themselves ‘respectful’… What are the animals afraid of asking the man questions in full view of the public if they are not up to their usual diabolic evil tricks…
    Maybe they want the man to appear in secret so they could silence him or use their magani to waste him from releasing further criminal acts of the robbers in House of Rip/Sin

  • Liberate-The-People-Now!

    Anything done in secret (Apart from making babies), must have some element of darkness/evil in it, and we all know that all those demons claiming to be ‘honourables’ idiots are nothing but weeds and pests that are sitting on the freedom of the people.. they make sure there is no light, no real information and no education so the majority will be wallowing in abject ignorance and sometimes stupidity…
    And you wonder why the same suffering people will not stand up to demand that the NONSENSE called Nigeria be officially dismantled? It is simply IGNORANCE, and LACK of Wisdom which no academic certificate or useless grammar can wipe off!

    Stand up and join the progressives in DEMANDING for an IMMEDIATE and OFFICIAL BREAK UP OF THE NONESENSE called Nigeria, so each group will go their way and do their thing as they deemed fit!
    Let Pakistan and India break to know the terrorists from the democrats!!!!!

  • Essienkan E. E.

    And what has become of the main probe? Has Otedola successfully thrown a spanner into the wheel? Has he nullified the Farouk’s probe report? When will we all (the house, the public, the ICPC, the EFCC, the SSS, the Police, etc.) return to the main subject matter (the fuel subsidy scam)? Will there be a new probe from where ever? Or this whole thing has been killed? Just asking.


    This Musa looks hungry and angry. Given a chance, he would be worse than his mentor LAWAN FAROUK the thief. So uncouth to be engaging in foul language. Bunch of thieves all.

  • http://twitter.com/Smith0195 same same

    Liars, Crooks and thieves!

  • http://twitter.com/Smith0195 same same

    In bribery and corruption  case there are always two parties involved (the giver and the taker) offer and acceptance both of them are criminals and must be prosecuted respectively.

  • EFAVOUR Osalor

    What I see here happening is, the “spirit of poverty” not necessarily being poor. It is an evil spirit. How do you explain, some one who has one or two official cars, access to the best healthcare treatment both home and abroad, they fly first or business class when they go abroad, do not even mention their allowances and so called ‘salary’  all these at the expense of the FG, still they can not do a national job sincerely. This situation do call for serious prayers. Can this be the hand work of their enemies trying to get at them? Hembe’s case and Lawan’s case coming on the hill of OBJ’S comment. Please give me a break.SURELY THERE IS AN EVIL IN THE LAND. Do we actually need both houses. what is the percentage of both houses upkeep ? Are we having value for money ? SELAH | NIGERIANS WAKE UP

  • tommy_68

    Gambo Dan Musa is the stupid man here because it take a thief to catch a thief. How can the Dis Honourable members become judges in their own case. Otedola, go nothing do you and allow the ugly bitch who wanted to protect his Northern Boko Haram brother to cry foul.

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