Court bars FG from implementing fuel subsidy report Reviewed by Momizat on . A Federal High Court, in Abuja has barred the federal government from implementing the fuel subsidy report by not prosecuting any official of the Integrated Oil A Federal High Court, in Abuja has barred the federal government from implementing the fuel subsidy report by not prosecuting any official of the Integrated Oil Rating:
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Court bars FG from implementing fuel subsidy report

A Federal High Court, in Abuja has barred the federal government from implementing the fuel subsidy report by not prosecuting any official of the Integrated Oil and Gas Ltd.

Presiding Judge, Justice Gladys Olotu, in her ruling on Wednesday, ordered that the “status quo” be maintained, pending the determination of the originating summons filed by the company.

“The government and its agents are hereby prevented from arresting, detaining, prosecuting and recovering the N13.2 billion alleged to have been received by the plaintiff as fuel subsidy claims, pending the determination of the case,” she said.

Justice Oluto, also granted accelerated hearing in the suit, saying “this summons is hereby accorded an accelerated hearing in order to expeditiously dispose of it.”

The company prayed the court on June 25th with a motion on notice brought pursuant to Order 26 Rule 2 and Order 28 Rule 1 of the Court Civil Procedure Rules 2009.

Integrated Oil prayed the court to declare that the Federal Government, as represented by the defendants joined in the suit was not entitled by law to act or take any step on account of the resolution of the first defendant.

The company also requested an injunction restraining the defendants whether by themselves, their servants, agents or representatives from any act or taking steps against the plaintiff and its officers on account of implementing the April 25th subsidy report.

The oil marketing company is amongst the 210 companies included in the fuel subsidy report produced by the House of Representatives ad-hoc Committee on the management of the nation’s Fuel Subsidy.   Integrated Oil is alleged to have claims of N13.2 billion collected from the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN).

Joined in the case are the House of Representatives, the embattled former chairman of the ad-hoc Committee on the Management of Fuel Subsidy, Farouk Lawan and the Attorney General of the Federation. Also joined are the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC), the Independent Corrupt Practices and Other Related Offences Commission (ICPC) and the Inspector General of Police.

The company, which is owned by a former Internal Affairs Minister, Emmanuel Ihenacho, sued the respondents, following the indictment of the company as one of the major oil marketers that collected foreign exchange from the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) and failed to import or supply the fuel.

The plaintiff sought a declaration that the resolution of the first defendant-House of Reps-passed on April 25th, which approved the report of the Ad-hoc Committee was illegal.

Speaking to journalists after the proceeding, Tayo Eyitibo (SAN), counsel to the plaintiff, said any action taken against his client would be illegal, particularly when it had challenged the constitutionality and credibility of the probe report.

Adegboyega Awomolo (SAN), counsel to the defendants, noted that the order granted for accelerated hearing of the suit was important to the case.

He added that government would complete investigations into the matter in order to pave the way for the prosecution of indicted companies.

“The report of the committee is still being considered as fact finding, requiring relevant security agencies to first study it before any legal action can be taken,” he said.

The case was adjourned to October 18 for further hearing.

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  • Sbabiola

    I have never stopped thinking the Nigeria Judiciary is a corrupt institution.A Judge giving nod to corruption is unacceptable as the Judiciary is supposed to be the last hope of the people and a bulwark of democracy.What is the rationale behind this horrendous attitude.Is this Judge saying the stolen monies should not be recovered?I think she needs to be suspend and investigated.

  • Alade

    The court has given their judgement, the people’s court will deliver their own when rage and war will be unleashed against these elements in Nigeria who think of nothing but to rape this nation without recourse. 

  • same same

    I couldn`t agree with you more Sbabiola! Nigeria Jaga Jaga, nothing works in Nigeria ecept bribery and corruption, mismanagement of resources and funds  as well as unnecessary cost of governance (plundering). That so-called Judge must be suspended and investigated immediately.

  • Chris agholor

    the judiciary is definitely not shielded from the high level corruption that has brought nigeria to its knees. money rules here. however, in this case, i think the ruling is in order and appropriate since case is already in court. 

  • Yomi

    The nigerian system is an annoying one. Farouks report has been thrown away once again and Otedola’s crimes hidden.

  • Limansukar

    Otedola this is a clear case of hiding the truth. You are a guilty, filty coward.

  • Imoielen

    Does it mean Otedola and co are bigger than our national assembly and Nigeria as a whole? na wa o. God help us.

  • It is wah!!!

    “accelerated hearing” = “October 18 for further hearing”
    Nigeria which way!
    Waste of money and time probing!
    Go through due process and change all the oil marketers while u deal with the “so called indicted ones”

  • Hmm

    @Alade, I love that. Ppl judgment would come very soon!

  • same same

    Looters and Plunders

  • Barnabas

    that’s it !!.i know that nigeria lawyers  and judges will make nonsense of the whole committee report.
    the nigeria lawyers are the corruption we have in nigeria.corrupt people always run under their umbrella for protection.if we wanna fight corruption in nigeria, we must first get rid of the judiciary corruption,their are not ashame of themselves.lawyers ,judges, and entire judiciary are the problem we have.Their are only powerful to the poor people that cannot afford their case bill.our judges cant prosecute case without big grammar to confuse the masses with their long prosponment

    in advance countries people fear and rely on the court and judiciary thats why things work right there.they proscute cases within a short time.

  • Akinness1

    jungle justice…….

  • Kpelumi

    Otedola is a distraction from the big target which farouk has uncovered. but because it touches on Otedola based on the fact that he is a criminal,he wants us to take off our attention from his shaddy deals.

  • Francis

    These people know what they are doing, they hold all aces and the people are like game pieces. Immediately the Lawan Farouk’s report came out, I knew it wont see the light of the day and by manipulations, it would be trashed 

  • Apata

    But I think the Judge can continue with the hearing of the case before her and at the same time the security operatives will continue with their own work of investigating the supposed crime, where does the Judge put the national interest. To me the judge has an ulterior motive that informs her ruling. In the interest of the security of the nation (b/c the issue at hand can lead to a serious security breach) I think the case should have been accord an accelerating hearing that the court will be made to sit at least thrice a week and thereby resolve it within two months. It is evidently clear that our judiciary people do not read newspaper or feel the impulse of the people. It was a judge that scuttled June 12 1993 election, it was another judge that pronounced Ibori innocent of all charges brought against him and another judge far away in England found him guilty as charge for the same offences and thereby depict us as people with a poor sense of administration of justice.

  • Jokers

    Remember the words… ‘I did not have any sexual relationship with that woman.. Monica Lewin… but I dipped my cigar in her oven…’
    Now check this one… ‘I did not take bribe, I took money’

    Maybe ACTA is needed here… Mr Lawal you are guilty of ACTA!!!!

  • Independent

    Where is Obj, the dog father of OTA…

  • Gbenga Ayodele

    Gbam. lo ba tan.

  • Onyezonwu

    we cant constitute ourselves to Judges here if Nigeria must go forward. our anger shud b against Lawan & House of Reps who have painlfuly disapointed us. We believed in some of them bt didnt kno they, especialy Lawan, has a price. Why is it dat anytime House of Rep conducts oversight, there must b allegation of bribery? Uptil now, they have not told d Nigerian piple how much exactly they earn monthly; we cant continue to trust & defend them. They claim 2 b fighting 4 d interest of d masses bt evryday, it bcomes clearer dat they are using dat pretence 2 fight for political relevance & supremacy. they are fooling us, they are raping our 2day & future. Nigerians must treat our politicians based on d merit of their individual character not on d basis political party afiliatn.

  • Temitayo Ogundolapo

    Nigerians have been turned to firm watchers in the current trend of corrupt practices of the PDP politicians especially in the saga between Otedola and Faruk. We know nothing will come out of it. They will only play another episode for us only to watch again when they have finished this episode. At  the end they will prove to us that it is just a firm and it should not be taken serious.    

  • Sildaf Ventures

    Lawyers both Bar and  Bench are the bane of Nigerian corruption.They are worst than the police, only that their corruption is done in camera.They use unnecessary technicality to dismiss clear issues regardless of the substance.I can not farthon the order of Hon .Justice Gladys Olotu,in ordering that the Federal Government should not implement the oil subsidy report in the wake of the clamour for its implemention and the Government”resolve”to implement same.She demonstrated very serious insensitivity to the stagarring exposition on the report.The enemies of our country in the like of integrated oil and gas ltd has not proven  themselves as not to have collected the FOREX from CBN for job not done.It  is good that we are seeing the hand-writing of our Lawyers and their colloborators in holding our country to penetual under development.    

  • Tajudeen A Ejalonibu

    hello, audience on the channelstv.
    wheater or not Court bans the petroleum subsidy report as presented to the Hse of Reps, the fact of the matter is that, the list of those involved has been exposed period. but mind you, there was no basis for such ban anyway, it was suppoosed to serve as an initial document for investigation by relevant agenncies of the security viz police, efcc, icpc and not for, even, the federal legislature so, there was nothing to ban once appropriate federal government agencies have been copied and should include items 5 & 6. Nother subsidy probe was very unnecessary.
    One other comments i read on channels tv this day was amusing, that Farouk La wan said he collected money and not bribe! its ok/ bribe could be defined as as an incentive to undo something earlier did or alter, modify or doctor a document. I belief many things are wrong with our person in Nigeria. for instance, should corrupt leaders be walking tall in the Country? i saw bode George at a pdp rally in Lagos State and his cohorts in the public glare? haaaa! revolution is being forced to come and take shape to modify Nigeria, God forbid that happen, then, Nigeria may be doomed.
    where is our value system in this Country?God, Allahu Subanau Wataala, Chukwu, and in any language God Almighty is called should please, not allow the anti God life in Nigerian leaders lead other innocent Nigerians into destruction. so help us with pdp in Nigeria since 1999.

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