Jonathan constitutes another subsidy probe committee Reviewed by Momizat on . President Goodluck Jonathan on Thursday established a Committee to verify and reconcile the findings of the Technical Committee set up by the Federal Ministry o President Goodluck Jonathan on Thursday established a Committee to verify and reconcile the findings of the Technical Committee set up by the Federal Ministry o Rating:
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Jonathan constitutes another subsidy probe committee

President Goodluck Jonathan on Thursday established a Committee to verify and reconcile the findings of the Technical Committee set up by the Federal Ministry of Finance to conduct a detailed review of all subsidy claims and payments made in 2011.

According to a press statement signed by the Special Adviser to the president on Media and Publicity, Reuben Abati, the reason for the establishment of the committee is to enable Mr Jonathan fulfil “his pledge to Nigerians that no person or organization guilty of fuel subsidy fraud or corruption will escape justice.”

Mr Abati said “President Jonathan has directed the 15-member committee headed by Mr. Aigboje Aig-Imoukhuede to begin work immediately and conclude its assignment by 1700 hours on Friday, July 13, 2012 as a prelude to immediate action on all identified cases of fraud.

The statement said that the other members of the new committee are: Dr. Abraham Nwankwo (DG DMO), Mr. Bernard Otti (GED Finance & Accounts, NNPC), Mrs. Oyinye Ahuchogu (CBN), Mrs. Sola David-Borha (MD Stanbic/IBTC, representing the Banking Community), Mr. Mike Osatuyi (National Secretary, IPMAN), Mr. Obafemi Olawore, Mr. Jonah Otunla (Accountant-General of the Federation), Mr. Bright Okogwu (DG, Budget Office), Mr. Reginald Stanley (Executive Secretary, PPPRA), Mrs. Aisha Waziri-Umar and Mr. Jalal Arabi.

The Attorney-General of the Federation, the Inspector-General of Police and the Director-General of the State Security Service will also be represented on the Committee which has the following terms of reference:

1. To further verify and reconcile all claims made in the report of the Technical Committee on Fuel Subsidy Payments;
2. To properly identify all cases of overpayment and/or irregular payment;

3. To accurately identify all likely fraudulent cases for criminal investigation and

4. To review any other pertinent issues that may arise from its work and make appropriate recommendations.

On receiving the Verification and Reconciliation Committee’s report, President Jonathan will order whatever action he deems necessary to ensure justice and the full recovery of all fuel subsidy funds that may have been illegally paid.

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  • AngryNigerian

    Let us give you the benefit of the doubt and see where this one goes.

  • Aaronlevi2001

    The leadership of this country should pls, stop wasting the TAXPAYERS money because nothing i mean nothing will come out of it. This not the first there was a POWER probe that was headed by Hon. NDIDI, what comes out it noting so rather than wasting the TAXPAYERS and the NIGER DELTA OIL money, they should pls bring it to develop the niger delte who are suffering. Whenever i go to Abuja and come back i cry for us the Niger Delta people.

  • UsaveOne

    Sick and tired of this report and setting up of ‘come-and-tea’…wasting energy and money without nothing to show for.


  • Plasma

    I thought we have passed this level.

  • Kunle

    the intention is not bad given some level of disrepute brought on the report by Lawan’s actions. Besides, the time to deliver the report is not too far. We can give them the benefit of doubt. What I see them doing is that they want to further verify Lawan’s reports/claims.

  • Noibilism

    Yeah….Our president has setup yet another committee….na wa oooo….i am very sure we will setup another committee to review the comments on this article……..chei!….clueless leaders! I cant wait for 2015………..

    • Nbada

      he should even go before 2015. we have received enough nonsense from him. First with fuel subsidy, unilag issue, NSE, BOKO HARAM etc. He should reseign.

  • same same

    Helllo! please could someone remend us how many committees/probes  we had since 1999 to-date (PDP manupulations) from Obasanjo to Jonathan, Senate and House of Reps, various federal ministries and parastatals etc… yet nothing come out of any so-called committee/probe.

  • mayorala

     Our problem in Nigeria is that we are used to the military way of doing things, sharp sharp, but in a democratic and rule of law setting due process must be followed, a man cannot be prosecuted based on a fact finding report (Reps subsidy report), a man can only be prosecuted based on an investigative and judicial inquiry report, which can only be done the in the case of Nigeria by the Police, SSS, EFCC, COCB and ICPC or Judicial panel put together by an enabling law or authorized by the Attorney Generals office. Please lets give this president the benefit of doubt after all the Farouk’s report is tainted as it stands right now, there is credibility problem on it. Besides this committee has 1 week to turn in it’s report, I believe it is at that time we would know the true direction all these brouhaha on fuel subsidy would take.

    • Okogu

      Mayorala than you for your comment but I want you to be sure that the government will make you hear what they want you to. Do not expect the result to yield any positive result. The result will be doctored as they already know the facts. They want you now to hear what they want you to hear.

    • Nuel

      actully this is not the reps report , this is the aig lead committee on over payment of money claimed/collected my marketers in 2011.

    • Ojo Kolade

      mayorala…. shut up there. who say farouq lawal report is tainted?/?? abeg do not be miss informed is faropuq that s tainted not his report or comitte report whatsoever. dig that now

  • Ojo Kolade

    those making up this comitteesare the same joor

  • Anonymous

    My issue with this committee is that it is made up of the people from institutions  that had one or two things to do with the subsidy issue. I dont expect any one from NNPC, PPPRA or CBN to be in the committee. Maybe Im the only one seeing it. I dont have anything against the people in the committee because I dont know much about. I just hope they will do it right

  • babatunde mustapha

    Lollllllllllllll!!!!!  Cant you all see that this guy is a waste of space!!!! Committee to review Committee report!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The truth is that we have insincere leaders and insincere followers in Nigeria. I don’t see how any reasonable person will see sense or logic in the above committee.. In case you don’t know…. ITS ALL A WASTE OF TIME!!!!!!!!!

  • Baba Ojo

    The issue is that President Jonathan is indecisive, he is afraid to take big decisions

  • Victoria

    OMG. What the……Since when was a committee used to verify the findings of a committee. What was he thinking?

  • Fagbemi Victoria Oluwatobi

    This is straight up nonsense. Presido, you no try at all.

  • Bejay

    Don’t be surprised that another committee will have to review the work of the review committee after their July deadline submission. Its a vicious circle that would go on and on until Nigerians become too hungry, angry, frustrated and tired to ask questions.

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