Senator killed in fresh Plateau attack Reviewed by Momizat on . Senator Gyang Dalyop Datong (Plateau North, PDP) has been shot dead by gunmen while attending a mass burial ceremony for victims of an attack by Fulani herdsmen Senator Gyang Dalyop Datong (Plateau North, PDP) has been shot dead by gunmen while attending a mass burial ceremony for victims of an attack by Fulani herdsmen Rating:
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Senator killed in fresh Plateau attack

Senator Gyang Dalyop Datong (Plateau North, PDP) has been shot dead by gunmen while attending a mass burial ceremony for victims of an attack by Fulani herdsmen in Riyom and Barikin Ladi local government areas of Plateau state, North Central Nigeria.

A statement from the Plateau state commissioner of Information, Abraham Yiljap confirmed the shooting.

Senator Datong won his first election into the Senate in 2007 and was re-elected in 2011. He was previously a member of the Federal House of Representatives representing Barkin Ladi/Riyom federal constituency.

Also shot dead is Hon. Gyang James Fulani, the Chief Whip of the Plateau state House of Assembly. Hon. Fulani was representing Barkin Ladi constituency. Barkin Ladi is about 25 kilometres from the state’s capital, Jos.

Another lawmaker representing Barkin Ladi/Riyom federal constituency in the House of Representatives, Simon Mwatdkon is currently hospitalised after recovering from coma.

Over 37 people were killed in Barkin Ladi at the weekend in a new cycle of violence between Fulani herdsmen and Berom tribesmen who live in the two local government areas.

Over 9 villages were attacked by people believed to be Fulani in the raids on Saturday.

The attack reportedly took place at the venue of the burial of some of the victims of Saturday’s attacks.


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  • Madekunle2

    It is tragic. Oh God save us in this country.

  • Donaldnormann

    You see how lives are wasted for just no cause. Northern Leaders should take note and redress their region. After attacking churches, next will be them.

    • Adeenbello

      The problem of this voilence relent on d hands of our leaders,they lead us by example now is hunting them back.

  • Nwokikem

    What is this? Are these people stronger than Nigeria?

  • joseph

    when innocent pple die and leaders pay no attention, soon the same event that kill the poor{weak} will also kill the rich and mighty

  • Osasu Joseph

    when innocent pple die and leaders pay no attention, soon the same event that kill the poor{weak} will also kill the rich and mighty

  • Wannabe

    It is time for Mr. President to act.

    • Baba Tunde

      …Mr President is scared of Boko Haram and he does not want to step on toes.Thank GOD GEJ newly appointed NSA recently claimed he has Boko Haram’s phone number…and yet more innocent people are been killed. How come there no law in place by now that will make Boko Haram’s activities a CAPITAL PUNISHMENT?

  • Xanthos1

    The chicken is coming home to roost,reminds me of the poem by J P Clark..The Casualties

  • Dibujanja

    These people will get what is coming to them.Hottest part of hell fire.No value for human life?The so called northern leaders it will be your turn one day

  • Tochibe65

    Mr President do something. Your country is on fire. . You have all it takes to keep the country in a good place. thank U.   

    • Bamenga

      i am very happy to see this. well done atiku boys please kill them one by one. let them go to grave with 25% pcnt of our national bgt. very soon there kids will be next.

  • Babmatt07

    what a calamity! I think this should be a wake call to all northern leaders that refuse to curtail all these evil and barbaric act practising by this faceless wicked sect. WAKE UP NOW & REVEAL THEIR HIDEOUT or else…………..

  • Annieoper

    My question is, Are the UN and westen countries (US, UK, etc) blind on what is happening in Nigeria??? If Army takes over the government of the country to restore security, they will start shouting for him to step down. can they make a statement or help the nigeria govt solve this since the govt is concern only about looting the country???

    • Plasma

       You forgot that US offered to help and of course, we politely told them to go to hell.

  • comando

    Where are the Langtan/Plateau Mafia ?. where is Gen. Gowon?/Gen. Jerry Useni?/Gen. Joshuah Dogonyaroh? and the rest War Lords?. Take or Leave it,this country is already in WAR .

  • kunle olawale

    When lion prey on the poor, they say he wandered about but when same goes to the rich they say the lion is a threat to the society and must be killed, I think a better attention will be given to the issue of terrorism and incessant lawless killing of innocent lives in the whole country. Things are taken new dimension now!!!

  • FUNSHO,Germany.

    This is very sad,but i hope this should send a strong message to
    the politicians that they are the real cause of whatever is happening in the country and i guess is there turn to die in the mess too as so many citizens has being killed for the selfish act of the leaders.I woud also advice that those who claim to know those sponsoring the BH should start calling names now cause is your tun to die.let listen to what comes from the almighty GEJ.ANIMALS.

  • Success2012

    Does democracy mean diplomacy in times when the innocent die? Does the President need the house of assembly to give him power or go ahead to restore sanity in the north? Does democracy mean that the innocent who have never enjoyed anything dividend from their country die without any protection? Nigerians are not benefiting from anything but yet they die for nothing. We are not interested in benefiting from the wealth of the nation, let the politicians and the leaders have it to themselves, but just SECURE THE INNOCENT NIGERIANS. That’s all we ask. Secure the people to stay alive and eat our money as much as you want.

    • Plasma

       We have been so exploited that we care less who is embezzling what money. It is long entrenched in our blood that if you eat once or twice a day, it is because you have sweated for it. We are so used to suffering and stress that is now part of normal live. The least we could ask for is just to be free to keep on suffering while chasing ( ONLY ) our daily bread.

  • Jbyelwa

    Is really a very sad moments for both plateau residents and Nigeria as whole may good God see us the end of this difficult moments AMIN.

  • Axeman777

    These Hausa-Fulani murderers have started this RUBBISH again???? This country is dead and buried. War is upon us…

  • slidon

    i so mush welcome this good news, God bless Nigeria. from GEJ, Mark and everybody that has a hand in the creation of this evil society called Boko Haram they will be knocking at your doors one by one. and for you Boko member, your days are numbered. 

  • emmy

    This is one of the good news have ever heard about Nigerian and the so called Northerners, Pls let it to just be the beginning for all the stupid leaders that are ruining the economy of our great country, kill them one by one….. good guys


    The rich also cry.
    Atleast both the secured and the unsecured are feeling the pain

  • Plasma

    Somebody said we are going to make this Nation ungovernable.

  • Odanie

    Please can somebody tell me what is happening in this country? Boko haram boko haram, is their no more law makers? Is it only money they were told that they will be sharing in the house? Can they come out and make serious Law against this word BOKO HARAM. Innocent people are just dying with no reason. 
    My advice to Mr President is that; if do not do some thing now at this point in time, something terrible might happen, it has start with a serving Senator being shot at burial celemoney, the next will be your minister and the next may be ?????????
    The country is no more one, if you can not help it, there are batter way every part will be force to obey their people law.   EVERY BODY SHOULD GO IT WAY FOR GOD SECK.     

  • Atrf

    Good, d boys are now getting organized. They have started to attack d “right” fools who keep our children in perpetual joblessness, cart our money and take their own children abroad in comfort.

    More kudos boys. Do them many like they are doing you. Remember P Squared song.

  • A Mohammed

    Though nobody wishes for death,the menace now is threatening the elite,the powerful has started feeling the heat generated by all this tribalism and religious crisis, they had better curb it now before our nation is in tatters.May Almighty God rest their souls and give them peace.

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