Nigeria may collapse without a National Conference-Clark Reviewed by Momizat on . As the National Assembly gears to undertake the fourth amendment of the 1999 Constitution, elder statesman Chief Edwin Clark, has enjoined the legislators to ho As the National Assembly gears to undertake the fourth amendment of the 1999 Constitution, elder statesman Chief Edwin Clark, has enjoined the legislators to ho Rating:
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Nigeria may collapse without a National Conference-Clark

As the National Assembly gears to undertake the fourth amendment of the 1999 Constitution, elder statesman Chief Edwin Clark, has enjoined the legislators to hold on for suggestions from a National Conference before going ahead with the task.

The Ijaw leader made this known on Wednesday in Abuja, where he was the guest lecturer of the Nigerian Institute of Advanced Legal Studies’ (NIALS) annual lecture on the State of the Federation.

On what to do with the 1999 Constitution, whether to amend or re-write a brand new Constitution, Chief Clark stated that “a Constitution must be written by the people”, adding that “but it is only an amendment of the Constitution that will be keep this country together because if a new Constitution is written it will only benefit the devils-the politicians.”

Speaking on the call for a Sovereign National Conference, the 85 year old stated that “what we need is a National Conference and not a Sovereign National Conference because the result of the sovereign national conference can go anyway.”

He welcomed the conveying of a National Conference “to and discuss the basis of our existence as a nation.” “We have never done this since Lord Luggard put us together in 1914 and a fiat Floral Shaw gave us the name Nigeria” he said.

According to the veteran politician “only a national conference can provide the basis for Nigeria’s unity.”

He appealed to the federal government to “convene a National Conference where we (Nigerians) can discuss the basis of our country, where we can discuss corruption, marginalisation and every other thing.”

“The suggestions of this conference will then be submitted to the National Assembly before the Constitution Amendment is carried out. This is the only way we can have a People’s Constitution”

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  • Garden-City Boy

        Hawusa/Fulani is the only constituency throwing cold water to the idea of a conference and slacking on it. They are aided by a few vocal  National Assembly fellows who see in it a potential threat that could put their lofty heights in jeopardy. They do not constitute up to 0.000001% of the nations population. But they believe that they are capable of standing in the way of peaceful change.  To their gain, there is already more talks about talks about a National Conference than the conference itself.
         The failure to switch words for action speaks volumes and sends the wrong message. The sinister content of Babangida’s fraudulent “Doctrine of Settled Issues” called constitution cuts it too deep in their favor. You need to virtually kill them for them to let go. They know fully well that Nigeria is one big farce. The Hawusa man looks at Nigeria with his minds eye. All he sees is oil and oil blocs; not people. It is such that should prophet mohamed himself stand in his way to the oil blocs, Hausa man will not hesitate to slit his damned throat. These people can be as rapacious as that. However, they have crossed the line too often and need to be brought to their knees and their senses.
         With the sluggish push for the Conference Hawusa/Fulani is already savoring a sense of victory for holding up things as they want. It then appears that we need the expressed permission of a intolerant clan to live our lives the way we want. In other words, we have little choice but to live in a Nigerian gulag run by a barbaric, wide-eyed murderers, who must call the shots. We will be the fools and slaughter animals they take us to be should we allow ourselves to be held hostage by parasitic, bloodthirsty buccaneers and savages.
          The Sovereign National Conference must be be kicked off with or without Hawusa and without further delay. We do not owe Hawusa what name it should bear. If anybody has problems with the word “SOVEREIGN”, too bad!  Call the conference and let’s get cracking, They have had more than enough fun on our expense.

  • Jack Angila

    Thank you my brother.

  • Ugwuanyi Harry

    Truth is always clear. But suggesting for National Conference instead of Sovereign National Conference will not liberate us from the shackles of political,religious and ethnic rivalries. It is better for us to define our nationhood now than living in pretense of unity where life and property are being destroyed everyday.

  • True Federalism Campaign

    Events unfolding daily in Nigeria especially about corruption, syndicated cover-ups and oil thieves; and the fact that the EFCC and Judiciary are ill prepared or unwilling to tackle these national challenges leaves one wondering if we are not a cursed people… people who have no intention to get it right and come out of the woods of self-deceit. Nigeria is a comedian’s delight. — Campaign for True Federalism

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