Kogi: Gunmen kill 16 worshippers in Deeper Life Church Reviewed by Momizat on . No fewer than 16 worshippers lost their lives, Monday evening at a Deeper Life Bible Church situated at Otite in Okehi local government council of Kogi state. T No fewer than 16 worshippers lost their lives, Monday evening at a Deeper Life Bible Church situated at Otite in Okehi local government council of Kogi state. T Rating:
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Kogi: Gunmen kill 16 worshippers in Deeper Life Church

No fewer than 16 worshippers lost their lives, Monday evening at a Deeper Life Bible Church situated at Otite in Okehi local government council of Kogi state.

The Commander of Army headquarters Task Force, Lt Colonel Gabriel Olorunyomi, confirmed the incident to our correspondent in Lokoja.

According to Colonel Olorunyomi , “unknown gunmen invaded the Deeper Life Church this night (Monday) during a worship service and open fire shooting at the worshippers” he said.

He added that 15 people died instantly while the sixteenth person died in the hospital.

Meanwhile, the Military Joint Task Force has cordoned of the area whilst further search are on-going for the perpetrators of the act.



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  • unlimitedpower

    Wicked men, God will surely judge you, all of you.

  • http://www.facebook.com/casidychuks Casidy Chuks

    Ooooh! my God, what a sad news, again!!!……..

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/A6ERLKVKHGADGWU2FKBZXTZ4DA Quietlie

    Wicked men, a weak presidency.

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/JHAQ2IFZNHUHVUK2FSKTNNZAVI Oyeyemi Oyeniyi

    Gone are the days of  Prophet Elijah! The reason for these incessant attacks on churches is mainly because the church has lost its place and power spiritually and the fire of God has consequently department from the Church. May God have mercy on us!!

    • http://www.facebook.com/timi.williams.906 Timi Williams

       You can work on improving your sentences before putting yourself in God’s shoes

    • http://profile.yahoo.com/KCFCIIC2ZIKS5Y5LPUK7JMK7TE Plasma

       Oyeyemi Oyeniyi, who on earth are you to think or even make such a comment? You are so righteous that the power of God is all around you protecting you. All those worshipers who were gunned down at their place of worship are grave sinners without the grace of God? You are the Pharisee that walks boldly to the altar and strikes his chest and thank God that he is  keeping all the laws of God, giving alms to the poor, doing all the good things that God said we should do and more so that he is not like that sinner at the entrance of the church. You know the rest of the story. May God have mercy on you.

    • Murphy_Ogho

       Sorry Oyeyemi, you are too wrong and sadly clueless. Even the very disciples who walked and lived with Jesus were killed, Peter the apostle was crucified upside down and James the Lords brother was killed just to appease some people, was it because the disciples were powerless and out of touch with God? When last did you read your bible? Yet for your sake we are killed all day long, we are counted for sheep for the slaughter. Ps.44:22, some Christians will be killed not because they are sinful, prayerless or powerless, but for HIS sake.

  • calvary christian chapel CCC

    Asari Dokubo may not be a Prophet and does not claim to be one, but speaks like one. He may not be liked by the literate but politically uneducated Nigerians, but if you read what he says in-between the lines, you will definitely realize that he is not mad. The three major tribes in Nigeria since 1914’s amalgamation had formed a sick little friendship. Sadly, we have formed over the years, the most dangerous sickness that makes us think we are well.  It would be wrong to refuse to face the fact that everything is fundamentally sick and sad in Nigeria of today.  Nigeria has been wasted and has been made to grow so thin in value that she no longer was a little girl, but the shadow of a little girl. The flame of Nigeria life flicker so faintly that it appears sufficient to blow at it to extinguish it.  Sane Nigerians need to understand that the death of the Nation is imminent and may not necessarily have to wait for another civil war to take her down and bury her. Nigeria’s death is expected any day or any hour, very soon.

    • http://profile.yahoo.com/KCFCIIC2ZIKS5Y5LPUK7JMK7TE Plasma

      Really wish this could happen sooner than later.

  • http://www.facebook.com/revnwogu Echi Nwogu

    Over 10 armed religious terrorists invade a Deeper Life Church in the Kogi-Okene conundrum and hotspot haven to mow down 15 Christian worshippers holding a night vigil in their church Oh what manner of a nation????
     These murderous rampage again makes one wonder the religious and political factors involved in this  warfare that has an underlying class war presentation complete with group economic harvests from the expected spoils of war upon victory. This is from the original motivations from the ancient maxim “pursue politics as war and every other thing after victory is taken as spoils of war to be enjoyed without recourse to the principal. 
    This is the sub concious power house of the  hidden, unknown, unpublished and moderating spirit that generates the originating religious intolerance, anger, hatred, collusion, conspiracies and collaborations for the advancement of group economic self interest. The economic factor is well shrouded and hidden even from the operatives but clear to the master minds. The political factor is vaguely known and deployed as partial motivation factor for group mobilization. It is the religious factor that is fronted usually for public consumption and and mass mobilization and recruitment of adherents, evangelists, converts, foot soldiers, fanatics, sponsors, propagandists, war generals and strategists, commanding and field officers, political arrowheads, financiers as well as the strike forces, suicide bombers, shooters and murdering machinery.
    How I wish I was wrong in this but I am persuaded that this is the framework that has spawned this hate culture and this ambitious project to ramrod Nigeria into forced Islamization as condition for peace. It is this that has had the courage to demand the involuntary conversion of all Christians to Islam and now even the conversion and abdication of the President of the Republic of the Federal Government of Nigeria and the Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces of Nigeria. This is the naked ambition not of mad men but a well organised, trained and ideologically prepared militarised army of zealots who have declared and are waging an armed insurrection, ready to force a civil war with their local and foreign supporters, financiers, armourers and international network of 21st century terrorism.
    These men who will in cold blood invade a church in the day or night and gun down fellow Nigerians, their neighbours an suffering victims of a misruled and mismanaged Nigeria are on a mission to win the political war to rule Nigeria politically, spiritually, and economically by all means under the false pretext of marginalisation, poverty and cultural (+ ethnic) cleansing

  • adekunleaj

    Again, help us Lord

  • adekunleaj

    Again, help us Lord

  • adekunleaj

    I am beginning to understand why American spend 10 years in Afghanistan, this people call Muslim are nothing but a killer…….

    • http://profile.yahoo.com/5IGJXHLE3KBSLTXZCSNXGOHWUE dele

      Stop posting dis kind of tin on social network………….. is there not Muslim in America, UK, South Africa even South West Nigeria ………… is there anytin like killin or bombin? watch your tonge……….

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Kayode-Wasiu-Sanni/1589451719 Kayode Wasiu Sanni

    This is so so gross……. Enough of this meaningless killings. God help us.

    • talkam

      Fasting and Killing…WHAT A RELIGION!

  • http://twitter.com/BenjaminChizoba Benjamin Chizoba


  • http://twitter.com/BenjaminChizoba Benjamin Chizoba

    God is Omnipotent. So relax and be watching and praying, it shall never be well with the wicked.

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/KCFCIIC2ZIKS5Y5LPUK7JMK7TE Plasma

    May their soul rest in the peace of the Lord and may God give their loved ones the fortitude and courage to bear the loss. Amen.

  • Murphy_Ogho

    Who do you blame for all this, who do you hold responsible for all this senseless killings in the name of a religion? I am sorry but i will have to blame first the government and then the people. For years Imams in mosques all over the country have been preaching the killing of infidels (Christians and Jews) but we didn’t take not. Got to Obalende in Lagos during the supposed Holy month of Ramadan and you will be ashamed if you call yourself a Muslim who still think your religion preaches peace at some of the things this Imams dole out. Why can’t the government just stand on their feet and insist that you cannot instigate and fuel hatred and killing in any religious house and certainly you will not hear it being preached in a church. And if you do, you take responsibility for this kind of killings and face the music. To the people I say, even if we call ourselves Christians, there is nothing in the Holy bible that stops us from DEFENDING ourselves, enough of waiting on the government to defend and protect us because they don’t care. To defend, you have to be proactive, be intelligent in information gathering and possibly take up arms if you have to to defend your space. People don’t just come attack a place, the gather information and observe, they want to know if they will be resisted and what kind if they will face any resistance. A word they say, is enough for the wise. May the souls of the departed rest in peace in the bosom of the Lord.

  • ogaokpia

    Did you see the State Governor Tudu Wada on TV wearing a bullet proof vest, while his Police orderly and the man standing beside him had none. 

    Does it mean the State Governor is afraid to die? 
    Will he give all Christians and indeed citizens of Kogi State bullet proof vests to protect them from Boko Haram? 

    Does it not tell us the quality of leadership that we have in Nigeria that it self perpetuating, self serving, self survival, etc. 

    Many Governors are using the Boko Haram events to take large chunks of their states monies without checks and without providing security, only to offer crocodile tears in from of cameras to a gullible press from government house crew. When President Obama went to Iraq did he wear bullet proof vests?

    So why will Boko Haram end, if they are safe and they can use it to eat big security votes, God help Nigerians

  • http://www.facebook.com/julian.madu.7 Julian Madu

    The battle is for God. Vengeance is His. The church should not be intimidated nor be stopped in their faith.The God that fought the battle for Jehoshaphat is still alive.

  • http://www.facebook.com/julian.madu.7 Julian Madu

    The battle is for God. Vengeance is His. The church should not be
    intimidated nor be stopped in their faith.The God that fought the battle
    for Jehoshaphat is still alive.

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