We suspended Dana licence in error – FG Reviewed by Momizat on . The Federal Government has admitted that the suspension of the Operating Licence of Dana Airlines immediately an aircraft belonging to the airline crashed on Ju The Federal Government has admitted that the suspension of the Operating Licence of Dana Airlines immediately an aircraft belonging to the airline crashed on Ju Rating:
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We suspended Dana licence in error – FG

The Federal Government has admitted that the suspension of the Operating Licence of Dana Airlines immediately an aircraft belonging to the airline crashed on June 3 was against global aviation practices.

Minister of Aviation, Mrs. Stella Oduah, while reacting to the strong condemnations from the family members of the victims of the crash, after the FG restored the airline’s operating licence on Wednesday, said this on the Channels Tv sunrise daily show on Friday.

The FG had suspended Dana’s licence on June 5, 2012, two days after its Abuja-Lagos flight 0992 crashed into residential and commercial buildings in Iju-Ishaga, on the outskirts of Lagos, killing 153 passengers and crew on board.

But on Wednesday, the FG lifted the suspension, saying it was satisfied with the air-worthiness of the airline after a rigorous technical, operational and financial audit.

The decision, however, attracted criticisms from those affected. The victims of the crash, claim that their agony has been worsened by the fact that the government restored the licence even when investigations into the crash are yet to be completed and the remains of some of the deceased are yet to be buried.

To them, Dana Air, which they accused of negligence, should not be allowed to fly any of its aircraft in the Nigerian airspace.

But Oduah explained on Friday that it was against best practices to ground an airline because of a crash.

She explained that what was allowed in the aviation sector was to segregate an aircraft and conduct an audit.

She said the decision to restore Dana’s licence was taken with a sense of responsibility, adding, “a firm cannot be indicted until the results of investigation are released.”

She said, “Rather than indict it (Dana), the result clearly showed that the airline is one of the best in the country today.”

She, however, added that the lifting of the suspension did not translate to the fact that the airline would return to the air immediately.

She explained that the airline must still undergo the process of recertification.

She said, “There is no perfect firm or organisation and that is why we started with institutional reform starting from the Nigerian Civil Aviation Authority.

“Dana is not a perfect company by any means just like any other firm.

“Dana’s manuals, log book and administrative policies are all in compliance with the NCAA rules and regulations. We’re satisfied that thorough investigation was carried out and that was why we said they can go back to work.”

When probed further, the minister said the government would not hesitate to apply appropriate sanctions once the final result was released and the airline found culpable.

She said once completed, the report, being a public document, would be widely publicised for every concerned individual and group to access.

When asked to give an insight into the cause of the crash since she claimed the preliminary report was out, the minister said the remote cause was “very technical.”

“I don’t know the cause of the accident but I know what is not the cause. The accident was not due to NCAA’s lack of responsibility and it was not due to Dana not doing what they ought to do,” she explained.

Oduah added that despite the clean bill of health, the FG was still strengthening the NCAA to ensure it performed better.

The minister expressed surprise that relatives of some of the victims of the crash were yet to receive their compensation because she had held meetings with the airline and the insurance firm on the issue.


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  • nawao

    Who ever believes in you
    people is a fool. Una dey do any thing right b4 ? Na Magomago be the name of
    una govt. Chief madam Stella, u fit swear with OMALIKO SHRINE OR SHANGO
    SHRINE say MONEY never change hands? Fela dey call this una game “GOVERNMENT
    MAGIC “

  • KunleOjo

    From my own point of view no error was made, withdrawal of license only prevents dana from conveying people so that the accident does not repeat itself, but does not prevent it from investigating the cause of accident. The cause of the accident should have been known before given back the license because if dana cannot detect the cause, how will they prevent it from happening again. This is the reason why nigerians especially those whose families were lost are not in total agreement with your decision.

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/CINURMIQIUT5WA3K5CELNSEBNY Faith

    What a funny country

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/GLJLF4SRWC3LJXQQTNKMEHKIJY Huhhhhhhhhh

    Yeah, and how much money was transferred to Mrs. Oduah’s account before she realized this “error”?
    Let Stella Oduah know that corruption no longer only adversely affects the poor, it comes full circle. With all due respect to the dead, but the former VP of Nigeria, Rear Admiral Aikhomu, who was part of one of the most corrupt and oppressive administrations in the history of Nigeria never imagined his son would be killed in such a horrific crash (may his soul rest in peace).The days of only the less privileged suffering because of corruption are over, let the elite know.

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/EMPWMAX2HNFYDLFRTS6VG2Z6SE Plasma

    This is terrible. What if the technical problem exists in the other planes they have?

    Well the plane will crash and more people will die. Then the airline will be grounded.

  • Latinmagnet

    I must commend the FGN and the Minister in particular for coming out to own up to the fact that it acted in error and against what is international standard.Though it must be conceeded that this act may appear premature in view of the fact that the pains of those who lost their loved ones are yet to go and the necessary compensations are yet to be fully paid by concerned parties, the government must be louded for taking a step in line with international bestb practices.

    The above commendation notwithstanding, government must realise that a lot is still expected of it and the aviation sector which has taken a remarkable lip from what it used to be since the assumption of office of the Minister, must be atleast sustained.The management of Dana must also realise that the basis for their recall was anchored on international best practices, as such, the airline must maintain and advance international best practices in all its activities so as to avoid repeat occation. The families of those who lost loved ones must see what happened as a sacrifice also made by their loved ones for the safety of our airspace, they shall forever be remembered for the sacrifice they made for this country to be better.

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