Police arrest protesters marching in support of Biafra Reviewed by Momizat on . The police in Enugu state, South East Nigeria on Monday arrested over 100 persons for staging a march in support of the independence for the former breakaway st The police in Enugu state, South East Nigeria on Monday arrested over 100 persons for staging a march in support of the independence for the former breakaway st Rating:
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Police arrest protesters marching in support of Biafra

The police in Enugu state, South East Nigeria on Monday arrested over 100 persons for staging a march in support of the independence for the former breakaway state of Biafra.

The protesters, who were led by one Ben Onwuka, were believed to be members of the Biafran Zionist Movement raised the Biafran flag and then marched through the streets of the Enugu. They were arrested around Akwata axis of Agbani road in the capital city of Enugu state.

The group first gathered on Sunday to mark the birthday of former Biafran leader Chukwuemeka Ojukwu, who died in March.

The Police Public Relations Officer of the state, Ebere Amaraizu said the police acted on a tip off and that the suspected members were arrested with 61 Biafra flags and other flags that seemed to belong to other countries.

He said the suspects were arrested with 13 Berets, three Bands and eight Biafra Zionist Movement forms and that they have been charged to court for treason.

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  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Myrrh-Inno/1101184662 Myrrh Inno

    to  hell  with naija   police  ,  how  many   boko  haram  members ‘ve  u  charge   to  court

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/UNFHIMCY7RFLLCSIBIQFXL7GI4 Uche Paschal

    It is always easy for you to arrest and charge them to court simple because they are very peaceful. Nonsense>>…>>Where were you when Boko Haram are bombing churches killing innocent souls. You should allow them to demonstrate their fundamental human right before Boko will confront you personally.

  • http://www.facebook.com/dede.anyanwu Dede Anyanwu

    “Treason”  for a peaceful protest march. Why is there so much double standard in this country, Every idiot is calling for dialogue and compensation for the Boko Haram that are mass murderers, Yet a protest march gets Treason Charges. MEDIOCRITY. 

  • oyoyowesty

    Is it not ironic that a peaceful protest has been labelled a treasonable offence @&%£, yet the boko haram are practically calling the shorts and dictating to the president “the conditions of ceasefire”. Naija is regretably becoming a failed state.

  • ChinyelugoO

    Nigeria police is the most idiotic!! Not even ashamed to mention they acted on tip-off. so what have u been doing with all the tip-offs on the BH hide outs and culprits. Nigeria police a big shame on u all. That some one is excersing his right has become treason. when all the militants and the BH were messing around with assault riffle the idiots didnt know the legal term Treason. I really have come to terms with the slogan that the only language understood by these so called idiots and their leaders is violence. I think that is what they are actually telling the biafrans. Bunkums!!!

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/5PGEJ4UY7YB2DB3ACI6NNTCMVM Russell Salman

    Nothing will stop Biafran from its actualization, Police arrested them just because they didn’t armed them self with bomb and other weapon like BOKO HARAM right, how many BOKO HARAM TERRORIST have those idiot Nigeria police have arrested since they started  operating killing innocent people and Bombing church’s Govt houses, now they demanding for payment and settlement and Nigeria F.N.G is willing and ready to do anything for them to stop they killings,Police can now act on tip off to arrest a peaceful protesters,Big shame on you Nigeria police (lame ) that’s what you people are, if your not an idiot and fools in general you would have know better that Biafran protesters is never a treat or the problem Nigeria are  today, you leave the anus that passes gas and start knocking head that did nothing, EWU OFIA IMBECILES that’s what you are Enugu Police   

  • http://www.facebook.com/sky.thunder.58 Sky Thunder

    Y not FG direct them on what to do to get their freedom as a nation but you went ahead arresting them. They pranks and parasites that are called representative are there busy cumin wealth  and doing nothing.86% of they Baifrans wants their freedom and there is nothing you will do to stop them.  You have no choice than to release this people now and now before something start to happen enough is enough! Mr. president GEJ release this people now or u will see the other part of an Igbo man. 

  • Teddy83

    Am really so angry reading this news, why should they arrest this peaceful group and was trying to negotiate with bokoharam becos of their demand? i cant understand this Nig govt, i think what they needed is iron hand than peace

  • nid2jaz

    is only igbo man that can go against the action of the Nigerian Police for this job weldone, as long as am concern 9ja still remain 1 nation no jupiter can divide

    • http://profile.yahoo.com/UNFHIMCY7RFLLCSIBIQFXL7GI4 Uche Paschal

      Who are you in Nigeria?. A beggar like will stops Biafrans from it’s actualization. Watch yourself, you will soon die before the time.

    • nawao

      U animal nid2jas if your people were massacred the way the Ibo people were massacred in the late 60s, I am sure u would simply take up arms against the Federal Government. Marriage is a union and when one partner feels that there is no more love in the marriage,
      he or she has the right to ask for divorce. The atrocity that the Ibo man suffered and endured is alarming and yet the Ibo man keeps his cool in this confused nation called Nigeria. The police should go and start arresting those who have declared Sharia law in
      a nation that has its constitutions. Nigerians have been aware of the people behind this primitive idiot called Boko Haram and yet none of them have been arrested. In today’s Nigeria, there are many armed groups who defy the laws of the land and who claim that
      they do not pay allegiance to the unity of this country. Yet, the police could not stop them. Only when a democratic people like the Ibos try to peacefully exercise their fundamental human right, is when Nigeria remembers that it has police force or court. No body is really sympathising with the killing of innocent Ibos by the Boko Haram in the North. However, the police and even the federal Government of Nigeria should be very careful how they go and wag the tail of a sleeping LION because if it wakes up “mm mm mm mm”. If the Ibo man should decide to take up arms in today’s Nigeria as the others are doing to defend her constantly abused right, then just say ADIEUS and BYE – BYE to the name called Nigeria.

  • nawao

    Are BERETS, BANDS and BIAFRAN ZIONIST MOVEMENT FORMS the BOMBS and the MACHINE GUNS that they are using to kill IBOS in the North? Infact this police PRO Ebere Amaraizu is really an illiterate to not have been ashamed to present this evidence as treatening the Nigerian nation. In a civilized country, all the top officers who supported this arrest should be fired immediately from their jobs. U guys should be careful the way u wag the tail of a sleeping Lion. If the Ibos should pick up arms today as others are doing, that would be the end of Nigeria and u idiot police guys will have no place to hide.

  • http://www.facebook.com/nwankwo.samueletoo Nwankwo Samuel Etoo

    Its very difficult to understand the way we do things in this country! Sometimes I just feel that we lack all sense of direction and out of confusion people just act based on how informed or uninformed they are. The worst hit in this is the Nigerian police who are always showing of their foolishness all the time. Indeed: NEGOTIATE WITH THE MURDEROUS AND DREADED BH WHILE YOU SENTENCE PEACEFUL PROTESTERS FOR TREASON. We have a lot to learn in this country.

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