Mark Wahlberg’s action hero career has taken another surprising twist, with the actor accepting the role as the star of the fourth Transformers film.

The action franchise previously starred Shia LaBoeuf, but director Michael Bay took to his blog to announce his replacement on Thursday.

‘Mark is awesome. We had a blast working on ‘Pain and Gain’ and I’m so fired up to be back working with him,’ said Bay.

“An actor of his caliber is the perfect guy to re-invigorate the franchise and carry on the Transformers’ legacy.’

Bay had previously squashed rumors that Wahlberg was joining the franchise about warring robots.

Bay worked with Wahlberg on his upcoming film, Pain and Gain.

Transformers 4 is scheduled to be released by Paramount Pictures on June 27, 2014.

Bay has said the next film will take a new direction in the series.

The first three movies starred LaBeouf and featured Peter Cullen as the voice of Autobot general Optimus Prime.

Together the movies have earned more than $2.6million at the box office and the third Transformers film, Dark of the Moon, was the second highest-grossing film of 2011.

At 41 Wahlberg is 15 years older than LaBoeuf.

But the younger actor is not sad to leave the franchise.

LaBoeuf told The Hollywood Reporter in August that he is done with big blockbusters, saying the studios ‘stick a finger up your ass.’