UPDATED: Twin bomb explosion rocks military barracks in Kaduna Reviewed by Momizat on . Military authorities have confirmed that two suicide bombs hit a church inside a military barracks of the Armed Forces Command and Staff College, in Jaji, Kadun Military authorities have confirmed that two suicide bombs hit a church inside a military barracks of the Armed Forces Command and Staff College, in Jaji, Kadun Rating:
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UPDATED: Twin bomb explosion rocks military barracks in Kaduna

Military authorities have confirmed that two suicide bombs hit a church inside a military barracks of the Armed Forces Command and Staff College, in Jaji, Kaduna state, killing 11 people and injuring 30 others.

A military source confirmed that a bus entered the barracks and was driven into the wall of the Saint Andrews Protestant Church, where it exploded and ten minutes later another car blew up outside the church.

Though the first blast caused no casualties, the second blast however did as curious worshippers gathered around the scene of the first blast looking at the debris of the initial explosion.

The area has since been cordoned off.

No one or group has claimed responsibility for the attack.

Northern state Governors

The Northern States Governors Forum (NSGF) has commiserated with the Nigerian military over Sunday’s bomb blast  which killed some worshippers at the Saint Andrews Protestant Church, describing the attack as “cruel and wicked.”

Chairman of the forum and Governor of Niger state, Alhaji Mu’azu Babangida Aliyu,  in a statement made available to Channels TV stated that “the deceased were heroes who died in the course of  service to our father land, and prayed that God will grant repose to their souls and give their families and friends the fortitude to bear the loss.”

On behalf of other governors, the statement reiterated its commitment to “continue to work closely with the federal government in finding a lasting solution to the security challenges confronting some parts of the north.”

This is the second bombing this year, targeted at military barracks of the Nigerian Army in Kaduna state with the explosions at the 1st Mechanised Division of the Nigerian Army, Kaduna in February, while in October about 100 people were injured as eight lives were lost after a suspected suicide bomber rammed his car into the St. Rita’s Catholic Church, Malali area of the state.

Kaduna has also witnessed a number of other explosions this year with some targeted at worship centres.

The February bombings were a coordinated bomb explosions in three different parts of the city.

In August, a bomb explosion occurred in Kaduna metropolis, killing at least four people along Ali Akilu road between Abakpa Total/Shagalinku.

In September, a series of bomb explosions rocked the city of Zaria in Kaduna state, killing at least 3 people and injuring several others. The blast which took place at Tukur Tukur area near Barewa College, occurred when soldiers of the Joint Task Force (JTF) stormed some buildings, which were inhabited by suspected members of Boko Haram sec


A bomb explosion has claimed a number of lives at a church within the premises of the Armed Forces Command and Staff College, Jaji, in Igabi Local Government Area of Kaduna State.

The explosion was reportedly caused by a car bomb which was detonated in front of the church inside the military barracks.

A military officer who witnessed the bombing and does not want to be named, told Reuters news agency that “I saw five bodies and scores injured.”

An official of the National Emergency Agency (NEMA) in Abuja, Mr Yushau A. Shuaib, has confirmed the explosion to Channels TV saying, “NEMA rescuers have been alerted to an explosion at a military formation in Kaduna state today and likely at a worship centre.”

The casualty figure is yet to be ascertained.

More details soon.

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  • nawao

    What else are we waiting for. Let´s devide this country and every body goes to his place of origin. One can´t be saying one Nigeria and a section of Religion or Ethinicity is butchered every day like their MALUU and the Government tells the victims not to retaliate. These guys are born to be like this, “EVIL”. Pakistan will never be in peace, Afghanistan will never be in peace and Iraq will never be in peace.Any way they are, they cause havoc on innocent and defenseless people. They can not face real war. If UN did not beg Isreal to stop, their brothers up there could have smelt it HOT. DEVIDE THIS COUNTRY JONATHAN. These guys will always be bring us back to 19 th century.

  • https://me.yahoo.com/a/WcBaPaU.vIARd.berzVkGugwujS14q..pWL8#fdace cassius

    Is the LAW active or dead? If the LAW is alive, what’s it doing? How can lives continued to be claimed, arithmetically, with impunity in a civilized and democratic society. The issue of criminalization under the guise of religion, needs critical view and immediate constitutional tackling . We can not fold our hands and continue to watch animals, beasts in human forms,  wrecking disaster and havoc on our fellow humans and valuable properties  under any religious cover.These deaths have got to stop! Am confident, no true religion, that believes in the true God, supports violence and killings of fellow humans and if there is any one that does, that, indeed, is no religion at all. Freedom of religion must have it’s limitation, otherwise, people can become cannibals and call it a religion. They have to go and practice that with their counterparts, the lion, in in the jungle! I call on our democratic government to meet up to their oats of offices and save the land of further dearth!

    • nawao

       Cassius, what OATHS OF OFFICE ARE YOU TALKING ABOUT? The only oaths of office the Nigerian pöliticians take to is PETROLIUM MONEY OATHS. How to allocate oil business to them selves. I hope the next thing the police or Jonatha will tell us is that every thing is now under control and that normalcy has returned to the city of Kaduna. But before they could finish saying it, another bomb is blowing up in Jos or in Bauchi. But come to think of it, these are human beings that we are talking about being slaughtered every day and not just Roman numerical figures. Would any one blame their friends and relatives if they decided to avenge the deaths of their loved ones? What i have come to realize is that Jonathan is afraid of these so called Northern or Kaduna Mafias. But it is a shame for an Easterner to be afraid of fellow human beings “TUFIA KWA”


    I think the north feels they can do anything and get away with it without anyone questioning them…..what the boko haram and those aiding them are doing is a testament to that statement . Attacking a military installations and government properties and army security people is a clear act of provocation and war against the nigerian states………

    • nawao

       Do u think that they know what ur saying? These so called rulers dont care about what happens to the masses so long as what ever happens does not affect the oil money they share among themselves.U, Mr. Leonard, as an ordinary citizen, is reminding them that this is a war against the state but they will always tell us that every thing is under control. Untill when Aso Rock is bombed, then they will know that this is a war against the state of Nigeria.

  • http://www.facebook.com/ngwutaa Ngwuta Austin

    W hat is actually going in this country, military barrack where were the soldiers, so Nigeria soldiers cannot even protect their own house and their talking about protecting Nigerian, this is unbelievable.  But the truth about this incident is that the  maggot that is eating the fish is right inside the fish. The soldiers should investigate themselves properly, i think the bombers are among them. 

  • nigerianoversea

    Upsetting, upseting. God comfort the families

  • onuigbo

    When will presidents, governors, head-of-anything in Nigeria stop commenting on tragedies that fell on defenseless Nigerians, whatever, they said never altered the course of their sufferings. Rather they make them worst. From all indications it apparent that Kaduna bombing is an inside job, as has been mentioned,there are members of Boko Haram in all levels of government in Nigeria, if you are looking for evidence, do not go far, the Jaji bombing is one. It makes it more difficult to do or plan to do anything within the security agencies, as a matter of fact, they are liability to Nigeria. Of course, Nigerians in Nigeria do not go by formal rule book of  employment, where there is any. Job performance, accountability,focus on task etc are zero. Lament and go away, and blame Allah/God.

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