Jonathan attends RCCG 2012 Holy Ghost congress Reviewed by Momizat on . Years after his first visit, President Goodluck Jonathan on Friday night worshiped with thousands at the 15th edition of the Holy Ghost Congress organized by th Years after his first visit, President Goodluck Jonathan on Friday night worshiped with thousands at the 15th edition of the Holy Ghost Congress organized by th Rating:
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Jonathan attends RCCG 2012 Holy Ghost congress

Years after his first visit, President Goodluck Jonathan on Friday night worshiped with thousands at the 15th edition of the Holy Ghost Congress organized by the Redeemed Christian Church of God, at the Redemption Camp, along the Lagos Ibadan expressway.

Speaking at the programme, Dr Jonathan once again assured Nigerians of tackling the challenges facing the country, explaining that his administration is doing the right thing to improve on the challenges that the country currently is facing.

In his address to the congregation, the president admitted that the nation’s power sector and security are not impressive as they are, but he gave the assurance that his administration is putting the right structures in place to enhance an appropriate reform.

The President also made it known that he is committed to changing things as he ensured that the country is safe for everyone.

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  • ChinyelugoO

    I really feel sorry for JEG! the assurances have been on for the umpteenth time. Nigeria’s problems are far from assurances as solutions…all it takes is to have an overhaul of the self that is riddled with greed, idolatry and unholy association with those bloodshedders who make up the PDP hierachy. Faith without good works is dead.JEG may have excercised faith by his own calculation or permutation, but what Nigerians are after are good works. U must be bold enough to call evil bad,extirpate greed, fire all those idiotic , evil and silly ministers , SA, DG and the canker worm called the House of assembly why evil is manufactured and the whole gamut of them and entrench a sane environment to work. If JEG thinks by going to RCCG camp things will happen, thats a big lie, because his ilk have been there in the past and the country and the banking sector were battered and made worse for it. So JEG in ur best interest and that of our dear country, pls repent and do good works, the evil is staring at u every day, just like in the book of Genesis, it says evil is lurking by the door but you must master it… it didnt say go to camp. U know the right thing to do by the wisdom The Lord gave u, wisdom to know  good from evil, so do the right thing and dont mind whose Ox is gored.

  • Olasunkanmi Taiwo


  • LarryOladepo

    If you pray for an idiot to be motivated, he will only become a motivated idiot! 

    • Plasma


  • Okanu Mee

    The Holy Bible enjoins us to watch and pray. President Jonathan is only praying but not watching, not even his back. He has surroiunded himself with vampires and vultures who suck the blood out of us and later devour our carcasses as well. May I remind the President and indeed those in positions of trust that the church  is never a stairway to heaven nor is it a saviour from hell. Not all who call on Master Jesus we are told will enter the kingdom. Our Christian-name bearing office holders tend to practice pharisee-type churchianity instead of Christ-like Christianity. We have reached the end of the road and now at threshold of our Arab Spring. Our backs are at the walls hard-pressed by those who should be protecting us. Our common wealth is steadily appropriated by a few without conscience or morality. We are all sitting on a keg of gunpowder and someone is searching for a match stick because it is dark everywhere. I can see the spark. From the ashes of the ruins of the present decadent edifice will rise a new nation or nations which shall be the true AFRICAN POWER.

  • topless

    Part of Nigeria’s problem now has become these hypocritical churches that are pushing Nigerian masses more into poverty than anything else. Nigerians must open their eyes to see the hypocricy in these churches that preach wonders, eternity and hell fire while laughing their ways to the bank each week.Who is fooling who with their 10% tithe they impose on their ignorant  and impoverished adherents. Instead of kneeling down before these established hypocites, Jonathan should rather investigate their wealth and impose taxation on them. The vices in Nigeria are only multiplying.

    • Susan


  • idowu_1

     adeboye,oyedepo and other imam are part of our problem,our country is exporting pastors milking innocent long not long we shall over come rccg and other churches preaching get rich quick,just as we did with white garments (aladura)church in early 80s.

  • Kennymann UC

    I pray JEG pray for God to disconnect him from his evil members of his cabinet

  • jide adams

    When you elect an unenlightened and poorly educated  academician into  office this is exactly what you get.

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