No Amnesty For Boko Haram, Jonathan Declares Reviewed by Momizat on . President Goodluck Jonathan has declared that there will be no amnesty for members of the fundamental sect, Boko Haram, as demanded by some northern leaders. [c President Goodluck Jonathan has declared that there will be no amnesty for members of the fundamental sect, Boko Haram, as demanded by some northern leaders. [c Rating:
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No Amnesty For Boko Haram, Jonathan Declares

President Goodluck Jonathan has declared that there will be no amnesty for members of the fundamental sect, Boko Haram, as demanded by some northern leaders.

President Jonathan arriving Yobe state with Governor Gaidam.

The President made the declaration while speaking in Damaturu, the Yobe State capital on Thursday during an interactive session with the people of the state as part of his one-day official visit to the North East State.

The President affirmed that the federal government “will not grant amnesty to the insurgents”, whom he described as “faceless.”

“You cannot grant amnesty to a ghost,” the President stated.

“Boko Haram is still operating as a ghost and federal government will not negotiate or grant amnesty to any faceless groups or individual,” he declared.

Dr. Jonathan in his speech, advised the members of the sect to come out with their demands and grievances that will pave way for negotiation and subsequent resolution for the overall development of the state.

The President’s declaration is coming days after Nigeria’s Islamic leader and Sultan of Sokoto, appealed to the President to declare amnesty for the sect members just as the government did for militants in the Niger Delta in 2008.

The fundamentalist sect has been staging gun and bomb attacks against the Nigerian government since 2008 when its leader was killed by Nigeria’s security operatives. The group which seeks an imposition of Sharia law all over Nigeria recently splintered into diverse groups still staging attacks in various places in the region.

While sympathising with the people of Yobe State over the wave of attacks by the sect members, the President debunked insinuations that he had no love for the people of the state and the North East geopolitical zone of the country.

Yobe State has been a flashpoint with the Boko Haram insurgency and series of ethnic clashes and this is the first time the President is officially visiting the state.

Acknowledging the contributions of the people of the state to the socio-economic development of the state despite the security challenge, Dr. Jonathan gave the assurance that the federal government will continue to assist the state in the area of educational development.

He also said that the federal government will intensify its effort in providing power and water supply across the country.

Eminent sons and daughters of the state pleaded with the President at the session to assist the state get rid of the insurgency that has claimed hundreds of lives and property as they also sought the President’s assistance in the development of education, roads among other infrastructural needs in the state.

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  • wode

    GEJ seems to be out of touch with reality.

    • Amblessed Kingsley

      what made him out of touch ?

    • teddy

      Wode, show your face if you are one.

    • Faith


  • teddy

    Period, show your face and get amnesty.

    • sholasalam

      Does it mean that I should start formenting trouble, kill , kidnap and burn down places then later show my face to get amnesty? No and the error committed with the grant of amnesty to the Niger Deltan militants which is absolutely wrong should not be repeated. It’s unfortunate that the incumbent President is from Niger Delta which may portray him as being partial but we should not allow sentiment to blind us from doing the right thing.

  • Nurudeen Kazim

    amnesty should be given inform of social securities, free education and in health sector by both federal and state level and not the abused type of amnesty given in the niger delta area where we have selected lawless criminals taken abroad to learn vocational studies spending billions of naira meant for infrastructural development.

    else we will continue to have different factions of militants cropping out from every aspect of the country, holding government on ransom while destructing properties and killing innocent people.

    how do we justify a law abiding jobless graduates that spends almost 20 years in school and cant even afford a three square meal more traveling oversea and a criminal/pipeline vandals with no formal education and government spending tax payers money to fund vocational studies abroad.

    • Faith

      Amnesty CANNOT be given to terrorists!


    I think GEJ affirmative statenent to the north that there will be no amnesty for the Boko haram Islamic fundamentalist sects is one way of telling the north and the sultan
    that Niger delta struggle is different from Boko haram Islamic insurgency pushing to create an Islamic nigeria . That these are two parallels that must not be compared to each other. GEJ have made himself clear , and the position of Nigeria before the north on Boko haram issue . Sultan have made a big error by not condemning Boko haram , but rather was soliciting for amnesty for Boko haram . The north must use sultan’s error by calling on all local authorities in the north especially in those troubled areas where these sect members are hiding to fish them out , expose them and give them away to the relevant authorities and have peace come back in their states or keep habouring them and continue to suffer violence and poor economy .

  • Akhabue

    Is there nobody close enough to the President to advise the Commander-in-Chief on the similarity of his current tour of the NE and the nationwide tour embarked upon by Major- Gen. A-Ironsi in 1966?
    The President’s security detail should be composed of Niger Delta veterans who are willing to protect him.
    An armoured brigade of trusted Presidential Guards with an Air Force Squadron should provide security for the President during the tour. 
    The local security men should be restricted to their barracks and kept under surveillance. Remember the case of Major- Gen. A-Ironsi and Lt. Col. Fajuyi in Ibadan!

  • Faith

    I can’t believe the number of Nigerians commenting that Terrorist groups should be given amnesty; they should be dealt with and totally eradicated from the surface of the earth. Unfortunately for us, we do not have a courageous leader

  • PaulG

    How many Niger Delta militants identified themselves PRIOR to Yar’ Adua’s amnesty offer?

    • Ken

      Everybody knew them, their names and their fathers’ houses. We even knew who the faceless Jomo Gbomo was.

  • onuigbo

    The Sultan’s philosophical/religious views and suggestions is key to understanding the major differensies in Nigeria between secular socieities and religious based societies. There is no meeting point. One can conclude that governing Nigeria democraticlly will remain a wish, because, the individuals that form the ruling group, be it legislators or what have you, do not share nor believe on common verifiable logical apporach. Will like to read from other readers.

  • nawao


  • Nurudeen Kazim

    Amnesty not to have been given to any group initially in all ramification and if still ongoing should be stopped.
    let government takes up there responsibilities, invest on people through education, research and development, subsidies health sector, power etc.
    once we see ourselves as one, shun tribalism, reduce corruption to the minimum and positions are occupied based on merits then we are on track in building this nation.

  • masha

    the guy is trying to be a hard president, wen he is weak like my grand mothers ass…he is called pussy

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