Kano Bombing: Senate Warns Of Military Takeover Reviewed by Momizat on . As the death toll in Kano bombings continue to rise, one of the Senators representing Kano State, Kabiru Gaya has warned of a military takeover of government if As the death toll in Kano bombings continue to rise, one of the Senators representing Kano State, Kabiru Gaya has warned of a military takeover of government if Rating:
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Kano Bombing: Senate Warns Of Military Takeover

As the death toll in Kano bombings continue to rise, one of the Senators representing Kano State, Kabiru Gaya has warned of a military takeover of government if solutions are not quickly found to the bloody terrorism ongoing in Nigeria.

Senator Kabiru Ibrahim Gaya

He disclosed this while contributing at Wednesday’s Senate plenary on matters of urgent national importance.

Senator Gaya, a former Governor of Kano State said Nigeria has gradually become a failed state.

He notes how school teachers and kids in Kano no longer attend schools, like their Borno state counterparts, for fear of being bombed by Boko haram.

Warning of dire consequences if solutions are not found to the intimidating bombings and terror attacks on Nigerians, the Senator feared that the country may drift apart.

Uche Chukwumerije, who jointly moved the motion with Senator Gaya, claimed that about 100 to 120 persons had been confirmed dead in the Kano blast.

TheSsenate asked the executive arm of government to diversify its approach to tackling the problem of insecurity in the country.

Raising a point of order in the chamber, Senator Chukwumerije condemned Monday’s bomb attack on a motor park in Kano pointing out that 80 per cent of the victims were from a particular part of the country.

He also expressed concern over what he termed the perceived indifference of Kano state government to Monday’s bombing of the motor park.

He said it was sad that more than 24 hours after the destruction, the Kano state governor, Rabiu Kwankwaso, had not seen it fit to pay a visit to the motor park.

The Deputy Senate President, Ike Ekweremadu, who presided over plenary, condemned the attack and asked the executive to effectively tackle the insecurity challenges in the country.



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  • http://www.facebook.com/Chaborlewis Chabor Lewis Ofovwe

    God save Nigeria

  • http://www.facebook.com/OKIRIKA Thomas Okirika George

    The Nigerian military know better~


    It is crystal clear that the Nrthern political and elite class seems to know what most of us don’t know about Boko Harm. The earlier they come together and call it quit the better for them and the entire country.

    • WorkOfAllah

      I have always put up comments that norther leaders will never come out to pour words of condemnations on this evil killing of Boko haram rather they will say Federal gov’t should profer solutions to tackle insecurity in Nigeria, not to even make reference to North where it is much more severe.

      These pple are terrible pple o. I mean d northern leaders. They know what de ar doing, but very soon it will go out of hand and the region will become like Afghanistan, pakistan, Iraq, where u have different religious factions fighting 4 dominance and killing themselves. At the time Boko haram would have diffused into either shiete, sunni, shia, e.t.c. Just watch and and see.

      Check out d norther states: no development in anyway, poverty, disease, e.t.c, and they will never challenge themselves to good governance, despite federal allocations given to them every months. Instead Federal gov’t …..


    I think these are part of what the insurgencies are all about , to make the government unpopular so as to create an avenue for the army to take-over. I would remind the senator that Nigeria have really made a lot of progress in their democratic pursuit that a military intervention would spell doom for the unity of nigeria . Secondly , the approach of north to this crisis shows great deal of collaboration . The politics involved is very glearing to the rest of Nigerians and that is why there won’t be any reprisal attacks from the people in southern part of nigeria expecially where some northerners are living . Southerners know that any reprisal would be playing to the gallery of the politics that underlines this crisis and that would mean a war and an end to this government . So , l will urge any person making unguided comment such as the one the senator is making to stop . Northerns should come up with a solution to the crisis not soliciting for army to take over .

    • Efe1

      But the govt has the capacity to out do them by just doing their job! Security, job creation, infrastructure, good road, and all.

      • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=770907341 Paul Tuama

        There is nothing you will do that will stop the bombings than to simply relinquish power to the North. This bombings is all about power. The Northern Governor of Kano State wont go near the area because he is a part of the whole scheme. This Senator calling for military take over ought to be arrested for saying such because any attempt by the Military of Northern extraction to take over power by force will be met by a stiff opposition from the Nigerian south-south. Its consequences will be worse than what we are currently experiencing from Boko-Haram. Nigeria shall be rendered 100% economically grounded. President Goodluck MUST complete his eight year tenure after which we expect a Nigerian of Igbo’s extraction to rule. The North is filled with mediocres and cowards who will stop at nothing to cling on to power but this time it wont be business as usual.

        • Efe1

          Looking at your picture, you look like a mature man who have lived through a lot of upheaval in Nigeria. You look at all the previous ones we have had in the country, you will notice it is along religious line. Now GEJ is a man who if prepared should as a matter of utmost import and show clear leadership in dealing with the issue based on previous experience. But what we see the president doing is just giving up like you have done that it is all about power to the north and it is done. The people causing the problem are not more intelligent than all the president’s advisers, so why have they not come up with some measures to bring about control? How about state of emergency? Why has your president not considered that? What he did the last time show he was not in control of his govt. declaring state of emergency in few local govt.

  • Joseph Ubiagba

    Kabiru Gaya must be a boko haram agent. Is ti not the same military that is on ground in those states? These northern leaders are up to something. If the military (maybe the northern military) want to take over government, they can take over the northern states; not south. Before they start that devilish plan, GEJ should declare state on emergency in that zone and let them face the consequences.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_BTVM3NBNYGDFCAOUBPLVY4EF4A afis

    This is not security issues, It is clear northern dont want Goodluck as president. that is why they are killing innocent people, this kind of killing never happen before, when Good luck became president the killing started happening. which is crazy idea.

    • Efe1

      South don’t want him as well. I am sure the east and the west don’t want him either. What has he done for any of these regions?

      • WorkOfAllah

        MR. PERFECT LEADER, I put it to you that you have a personal issue with Jonathan. You were denied a contract in Abuja that’s why you always make nagative comment about the administration. If u don’t like him, we in the south we like him. You can see a total collapse of Nigeria since the time of IBB up till now u are busy talking this way, that mean all the past leaders were failure.The killing of Igbos in the North and burning of churches started in the late 80s and this has continue up to today, under the leadership of some pple, not Jonathan. Why couldn’t they stop it since then.
        What has the Northern Head of states n president done to their region for over 30years of their rulership. North is still worst off in terms of education, infrastructure, poverty, disease, killings, just name them. Up till now they colloect federal allocations and still pocket.
        Yes, hard measures still has to be taken by the President, which he can order it done. But he still needs the corporations of the Northerners where it is affecting, else it would be misinterpreted that he is killing the innocent 1ce or the muslims in the north because he is a christian, and that’s another disaster. Boko Haram issue is a relegious issue as it’s hinged on their proclaimation that they are doing the work of Allah, and islamisation of the country which is born out of religious ideology and fanatism. Now, the majority of the northerners have never rainsed a PERSISTANT opposing statement against the proclaimation of this BH that ‘No, this is not work of Allah. He never says so. No islamisation of Nigeria’–preaching it in their public mosques and their religious gathering and the media.
        When d elders in Igbo land talked to the youths not to retarliate, they calm down. The leaders were able to control the tension. Or do you tink that the Igbos are fearful to wipe out d northerners in d east or south. If they do it, it will spell doom 4 d country.
        Northern leaders co-operate!!! No good leadership without good followership. Call your religious faithfuls. The Boko Harams are Muslims, not christians.

        • Efe1

          My friend you sound elementary!

  • john london

    lt general azubike ihejirika is the most senior man in the nigerian army, he should take over immediately becos nigeria is now a failed state.

  • http://twitter.com/winniegirlie Esele Nze

    There is more to it than meet the eyes over this problem of terrorism in the North. The northern leaders are treating this time bomb with kids glove.The long term effect of what is happening today in this region can not be quantified.Their unborn children will judge them all.

  • UsaveOne

    Sad..so it has come to this!?

    Ok Guys what do you think about this statement…? Considering the
    current state of Nigeria…do you think a military take over will be the

    Drop comment!

    Check: www . usaveone . blogspot . com

  • onuigbo

    This is a stupid talk from the senator, No Nigerian that takes over can say I do not know what to do. It will not be like another military take over, it may be the only way to transformNigeria without spliting the country. But the task of trasforming must be through discipline based on aleardy laid out rules mostly within the civil servants and not military dsicipline. Because the politicians have no interest in following the rule of law excerpt verabally, military take over may not be a bad thing, since the democratic rules has failed, and no effort by any civilian to enforce and protect the civil society. The police and other security agencies have failed to protect themselves and have not been able to reorganize themselves against the criminal unsault, no choice is left, excerpt to invite Britain, Saudi, America or Russia for that matter.

  • masha

    senate are scared of d military wen u guys have skeleton in ur cupboard.if d police are nt working who else would do d job…d president is weak,its a shame on us,external affairs control d system our leaders nd rulers are hullums,if d revolution start dere would be no goin back cos am goin to join.lets keep our head straight

  • http://www.facebook.com/kenn.onyema Kenn N Nikki Onyema

    The Northerner ruled us since independence till 1999. What did we get from it…BACKWARDNESS.Now we they want to destroy the country where they are only contributing ILLITERACY. I wish this company called Nigeria will soon come to an end.

  • UsaveOne

    To be honest,i do not in any way support Military take over….but based on the clueless type of men parading themselves as leader make me want to welcome the military back with arms wide open. Yet military might not be the best. FG should as a matter of urgency sit up… i mean SIT UP!

    Check: www . usaveone . blogspot . com

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