Nigeria’s Oil Economy Has Been Mismanaged For Decades — Ezekwesili Reviewed by Momizat on . Former minister of education and co-founder of Transparency International, Obiageli Ezekwesili has said that the oil economy has been mismanaged by the governme Former minister of education and co-founder of Transparency International, Obiageli Ezekwesili has said that the oil economy has been mismanaged by the governme Rating:
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Nigeria’s Oil Economy Has Been Mismanaged For Decades — Ezekwesili

Former minister of education and co-founder of Transparency International, Obiageli Ezekwesili has said that the oil economy has been mismanaged by the government of Nigeria over a decade now.

Ezekwesili however accused the federal government of squandering over the $67 billion foreign reserve  which she claimed was left in the foreign reserve account while she was a serving minister.

She volunteered to prove the mismanagement of the funds but was turned down when she requested for a democratic accountability forum.

She further said that her believe in good governance, transparency and accountability still stands and her accountability credentials has not been questioned internationally.

According to Ezekwesili Nigeria never put to good use its oil resources during the five major oil booms that the country had as this can be seen by the level of development in the country compared to the progress that other oil producing countries have made over time, citing Singapore as an example. She said Nigeria’s income per capital is $1500, while that of Singapore stands at $50, 0000 presently.

Meanwhile, in a swift reaction, Senior Special Adviser to President Jonathan; Doyin Okupe has reacted to the comments made by Ezekwesili on Sunrise Daily saying the problem the FG has with Ezekwesili is that she misled Nigerians on the issue of foreign reserve, that the Obasanjo regime did not leave $67m in Oil Reserve.

Okupe said it is wrong for Ezekwesili to say oil reserve money was squandered by the present administration and with her recent statement in which cleared her points, the administration has been vindicated.

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  • Ifeanyi Nigeriantop

    Doyin Okupe..kindly allow a clear debate of the matter..lets have the clear picture..who is given us half-truth abeg.

  • nawao

    This woman is saying the truth.And the next thing these theifs will do is to accuse her of one crime or the other to intimidate her from letting the public know what is happening. Last time she raised the alarm that Jonathan/Yaradua government is squandering tens of Billions of Dollars of Nigerians foriegn reserve money. These thiefs led by the Mafioso Okupe denied her revealation and later did the most unintelligent thing by a governmeent. They accused Mrs. Ezekwesili of mismanaging some millions of NAIRA during her time in office. What is NAIRA ? This woman is crying for our DOLLARS that Jonathan and co are stealing and they are talking about NAIRA: Let the government come to a face off with this woman on a public debate. She has carefully given a tabulated account of how they are squandering our money. I have no reason not to believe this woman. Just look at the phony projects this our government has been embarking on. The 4 billion Naira First Lady Mansion, The Centinery City and other questionable projects makes one believe that she is telling the truth. We should protest.

  • Dan

    If government has nothing to hide, it should engage in a constructive debate on these issues

    • eki

      I completely agree with you my brother.

  • DavisOmon

    Nothing good comes from Okukpe.He knows the truth but has always been a problem to any administration he serve because he has never been a man to defend the wish of the people and each time a bad Govt wants a mouth piece it goes for people like Okukpe just as Jonathan did by recruiting him to drum up issues for him.I hope he has Children to educate him on the implication of the sentiment he is creating for them in the years to come because if he laid a bad foundation for the children to build or to inherit they will have to pay for the ills committed by their father in the process of serving a Govt because the name goes on for as long as you are known by the name.Jonathan will not call you to order even if he knows what you are doing is wrong but it has serve the administration to achieve the desired goal. Okukpe has no inheritance in the Jonathan administration but he has a bad reputation to inherit before the Nigerian public.A man whom sees the ills of the society but fails to say or correct it when he is in a position to do so has committed sin because you don’t need to kill or steal before you are a sinner but failing to say the right thing when you are in a position to say so is a sin.It will better for Okukpe top keep his mouth close because Nigerians are tired of his utterances when it comes to issues of corruption

  • eki

    The irony of this matter is that behind that image of a large and over weight person, doyin okupe is actually a small shameless man representing a shameless government peddling shameless lies with the hope of deceiving the masses. What they fail to appreciate is that most of us common Nigerians have gone beyond that “sophisticated ignorant” assumption doyin and his brother abati think we all are. Any responsible and transparent government would use the appropriate channel and forum to trash out this issue to vindicate their position rather than trying to bring the character of Mrs Ezekwesili to disrepute. information minister labaran maku is also just as bad on this matter of Mrs Ezekwesili. If you people have shamelessly stolen and squandered our money at least have the simple decency to own up to us. May be if una show enough remorse we fit decide to grant una pardon as par usual. After all na our money as the common Nigerians. Abi my people no be so. But then again this shameless lots don’t do decent full stop.

  • Afam

    I don’t believe OBJ and his foot soldiers left over 60billion USD and i will never agree with Doyin Okupe explanation neither,we all need to ask ourselves were we was when OBJ was president and oil minister at same time…Our oil money have been mismanaged for more than 4o years ago…IBB regime did the worst,Abacha cleaned up the account today many folks are defending them…we should ask GEJ for his own regime management than piling up the whole mess committed by others on him…I want OBY to use FOI BILL and get the informations on how GEJ regime on oil money managed the oil money for the last 3 years than this accusations to defend his boss.

  • Efe1

    Mr Okupe, present yourself for a debate. It is simple.

  • NNbeliever

    Whatever or whosoever rules swindling the peoples fund dies leaving all behind, Saddam Husein, ghedafi, Mobutu sese seko, Idi Amin, Ben Ali, Judas iscariot, Julius Cesar to name few, history has shown that whatever human store in reserves belongs to unknown public in less than 200 years, so whoever steals does that out of stupidity, Cesar’s palace in Rome is now a counsel’s museum. swindling public fund = stupidity, ignorance and vanity.

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