Release Our Brothers Boko Haram Tells Nigeria, Cameroun Reviewed by Momizat on . Northern Islamic militant group, Boko Haram has released a video of a French family of seven kidnapped last month in Cameroun. A man in this video who resembles Northern Islamic militant group, Boko Haram has released a video of a French family of seven kidnapped last month in Cameroun. A man in this video who resembles Rating:
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Release Our Brothers Boko Haram Tells Nigeria, Cameroun

Northern Islamic militant group, Boko Haram has released a video of a French family of seven kidnapped last month in Cameroun.

A man in this video who resembles past images of the person previously identified as Abubakar Shekau says in Arabic that the kidnapping of the French family was carried out because of the arrest of Boko Haram members of their family members in Nigeria and Cameroun.

“God sent us the French hostages …,” he says in what is called a message to the presidents of Nigeria, Cameroun and France.

In his words: “the proof that we are holding them is that our brothers and sisters were captured in Nigeria and Cameroun … We seek no money but the release of our brothers.”

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  • nawao

    Do this BH guys have families? If they do, then let the Nigerian and Camerounian Govt. take all of them and let the Boko Haram know that God is great because He ( God ) sent them their ( Boko Haram´s ) relatives.


    I think this video statement by Boko haram means they are becoming tired of the whole exercise , systematically seeking away out of the situation . Interestingly , the way out of this situation is for them to bend first , release the hostages , and stop the bombings , then government can follow suite and negotiations can then begins. Aside that l think government would get to where they are , it is just a matter of time . I would advice government to continue their hard line on them , step up your security and pursue them. Those posting videos are remnants seeking away out . They need funds and new recruits which at the moment is lacking seriously especially after the raid by JTF which resulted in the cache of arms . Government through their security must keep an eye on the banks in Nigeria for any huge monetary withdrawal by anyone . Boko haram is talking to their sponsors for the supply of funds and it seems their sponsor are weary of government and are very reluctant of going to the banks to make a big withdrawal of money . So this is a warning out SSS people must be at alert .

    • nawao

      Hey JONATHANISRIGHT,I support your statement here. My people´s saying has it that ” the man who wants to seperate a fight will first of all take the cutlasses and clubs away from the scene of the fight “. If these BH guys stop these senseless violence that they will never win in the first place, then the FED will start considering talking with them. The same goes to all their Northern sponsors. If they wish not to be caught in the drag net set up by the Govt now , they should recall all these illiterate young guys they have brain wahed into their destruction, other wise, this latest Govt action will get to them unfailing and they will be disgraced and jailed for a long time.

  • masha

    Two suspected Boko Haram members
    were arrested at a house in Ijora,
    Lagos yesterday by soldiers acting on
    a tip off. The soldiers found AK-47
    rifles, bomb, cartridges, daggers etc
    hidden in the apartment. Below is how Punch is reporting it: Fear gripped many residents of Lagos
    on Thursday when news filtered in
    that troops numbering about 100
    stormed terror suspects’ hideouts in
    Ijora, a densely populated part of the
    city. The soldiers, who were assisted by
    men of the State Security Service, were
    believed to have acted on a tip-off.
    They were said to have arrived in the
    area around 7am in search of the
    suspects said to be members of an Islamic fundamentalist sect, Boko
    Haram. It was learnt that their search yielded
    fruits when two persons were
    arrested at 24 Aromire Street and
    three others at a location in an
    adjacent street. The soldiers then ransacked the
    building at Aromire Street where one
    of the arrested persons, Ibrahim
    Musa, occupies five rooms. A bomb
    kept in a cooler and hidden inside the
    ceiling of one of the rooms in Musa’s apartment was recovered by the
    soldiers. Musa, who a security source described
    as an illegal alien from Chad, was said
    to be leader of the suspects. Other items found were AK-47 rifles,
    cartridges and daggers. The security source, who craved
    anonymity, added the raid was as a
    result of an investigation which began
    a month ago. He said, “Security agents got
    information a month ago that there
    was a terrorist hideout in the Seven-
    Up area of Ijora. Although we were
    not sure if they were Boko Haram
    members or not, we did not want to take any chances so we decided to go
    and raid the place. “It was discovered that the place was
    being run by a Chadian and arms were
    recovered during the raid, including
    AK-47 riffles. Investigations are
    ongoing and those who are found not
    culpable will be released.” Musa’s neighbour, who craved
    anonymity, told one of our
    correspondents that they did not
    suspect he was a member of Boko
    Haram. He said the suspect moved into the
    house less than three months ago. “Musa rented his apartment about
    three months ago. However, since he
    moved in with his wife, who recently
    had a baby and a brother, none of
    them had any known form of
    livelihood. Musa and his brother, particularly were always going about
    with their laptops and expensive
    phones. “Though he (Musa) was not working,
    he was usually the first to pay for
    anything in the house. It was when
    the soldiers came that we got to know
    what they truly are. It was in the
    course of beating him (Musa) that he told the soldiers where he hid the
    bomb and guns.” Another resident of the area, who
    identified himself simply as Olu, said
    that when the suspects were being
    taken away by the soldiers “we did
    not know they were living here.” “When soldiers were taking them
    away, we wondered if they were living
    in the neighbourhood. It was my
    neighbour, who told me he had seen
    Musa once or twice,” he said. Olu said when the soldiers were going,
    they told them to be vigilant in the
    area, saying Boko Haram members
    had infiltrated the area, particularly the
    Hausa settlement. When one of our correspondents met
    the Ojora of Ijora , Oba Fatai
    Adeyinka, he said he was shocked
    that Boko Haram members had
    infiltrated the area. The spokesman for the Army 81
    Division, Colonel Kingsley Umoh,
    confirmed the raid but said the army
    had been carrying out constant raids
    across the state in response to the
    rising level of insecurity in the country. Umoh said over 36 people had been
    arrested recently. He however said he
    had yet to receive the details of
    Thursday’s operation. He said, “The Nigerian Army is carrying
    out a proactive approach. We are
    raiding every nook and cranny of the
    state in order to rid it of criminal
    elements. We are not ignorant of the
    insecurity in the country so we are carrying out preventive measures and
    we want to make sure that Lagos is
    safe for all its inhabitants. “The raids have been in collaboration
    with sister agencies like the Nigerian
    Security and Civil Defence Corps, the
    SSS, the police and others. It is the OP
    MESA of the army that is at the
    forefront of the raids and we have recorded many successes of late as we
    have also arrested some soldiers who
    were found wanting. “I will not be able to brief you fully
    about Thursday’s raid.” Lagos State Director, SSS, Achu Olayi,
    also confirmed the raid but said that it
    was too soon for him to say if the
    suspects were Boko Haram members
    or not. The raid on Thursday on the
    predominantly Hausa settlement came
    a month after the SSS uncovered a
    terror network coordinated by
    Iranians in Lagos. The SSS had said while parading a
    leader of an Islamic sect, Abdullahi
    Berende, and two others that they
    believed that the operators of the
    Iranian terror cell were gathering
    information about Israelis and Americans living in Nigeria.

  • masha

    boko haram are cry for dere broda to be released y dey are killin thousands of people in dis country.dey are in lagos anyway nd sumtin bigger dan boko haram is coming.dey are wel trained lets wake up naija

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