The All Progressives Congress (APC)  in Nigeria has responded to criticisms generated by a directive it gave to its members at the National Assembly to block the 2014 budget.

The Party said that those criticising its stance were ignorant of the workings of democracy as the party believed that its directive had already started yielding results.

In a statement released by the APC Interim National Publicity Secretary, Mr Lai Mohammed, the party claimed that the directive was a product of deep thinking and robust debate within the party’s National Executive Council to save Nigeria’s democracy.

The party stated that Nigerians had not benefitted from the budget since 1999 that the Peoples Democratic Party had been in power.

The statement read: ”They say the non-approval of the 2014 budget will pauperizs Nigerians, as if the yearly ritual of budget passing since 1999 has benefitted anyone but the fat cats.

“In any case, of what use is a budget when the lives of citizens are at stake? Are budgets not made for the people? Do they understand that even the budgets are based largely on earnings from oil, which we cannot even produce if the violence in Rivers State escalates and spreads to other oil-producing states?”