Bauchi State Police Command Investigates Recent Bombings and Robbery Attacks

Channels Television  
Updated December 8, 2011
File Photo - Nigerian Police

The Bauchi State Police Command has intensified investigations into the invasion of the police area command headquarters and the bank robberies in Azare in recent days.

According to Bauchi State police commissioner, Ikechukwu Aduba, the attacks which occured in Katagum LGA cost the city property and banks millions of naira.

In a press statement, Aduba said facts available to investigators indicate that some corrupt bank officials might be connected to the robberies.

Upon investigations into a New Generation Bank, robbed of N7.3 million, police reported that the bank vault had been intact and undamaged by explosives.

Detectives who had arrived on the scene shortly after the attacks, also reported that there had been no signs of a forced entry.

Both the operational manager and accountant of the bank, caretakers of the vault, explained that on 3 December 2011, both officials received an anonymous call from a customer having problems with his ATM card.

The bank officials said they went to the aid of the distressed customer when they were held up at gunpoint. They were then forced to open the vaults and the money then stolen from it.

Investigations into the other bank robbery where over N25 million was reportedly stolen was dismissed by the Police Anti-bomb Squad.

The Explosive Ordinance Disposal experts on the scene said that the damage and after effect of the explosion revealed that bombs must have been planted within the bank halls. For that to be done, the experts say, the bombs were planted well in advance and programmed to detonate at a particular time.

The police commissioer says that all the suspects as well as the fumigation company employed to disinfect the bank will be charged to court.