Central Baghdad Bomb:Two Policemen killed,others injured

Channels Television  
Updated December 14, 2011

Two policemen were killed in a roadside bomb that exploded in the busy environ of Central Baghdad in the Iraqi capital.

Three policemen were wounded plus two civillians as the bomb was targeted at a passing police patrol near the Baghdad Hotel in the centre of the Iraqi capital.

Baghdad explosions

The attack came as the last 6,000 American troops continue the countdown to their withdrawal at the end of 2011, more than eight years after the invasion that ousted Saddam Hussein and allowed the country’s Shi’ite majority to ascend to power.

Iraqi Military are getting ready to strengthen the defence of the country against all such attacks once the American troops finally leave Iraq as promised, to curb all insurgencies and also admitted their leaving gaps here and there.

Violence in Iraq has eased since sectarian strife took the country to the brink of civil war a few years after the invasion.

But Sunni Islamists tied to al Qaeda and Shi’ite militias still carry out deadly attacks almost daily.