Chief Akinjide Charges FG To Rise To The Occasion

Channels Television  
Updated December 15, 2011
NAN Photo | Justice Akinjide

The 2nd Republic justice minister gave the advice at a lecture to commemorate the 1st anniversary of National Mirror Newspaper in Abuja

Chief Akinjide said despite occupying 30 percent of the world’s population, Africa lacks many of the vital components needed for its development and growth such as education, skill development for its work force, adequate infrastructure and committed leaders.

Top government officials and lawmakers who spoke at the event dwelt on the current issue of fuel subsidy and the part every Nigerian must play if it is to take effect successfully and to the greater advantage.

Chief Richard Akinjide delivered the anniversary lecture and spelt out in concise words the challenges which Nigeria and Africa must tackle decisively over the next four decades or face global irrelevance.

The challenges which the country and indeed Africa face are numerous and multifaceted. But the guest speaker and others here today agree that if the likes of China could rise above poverty and underdevelopment, many countries in the African continent can but only do with dedicated and sincere leaders who are accountable to the citizens of their countries.