Gunshots at Chinese Consulate in LA

Channels Television  
Updated December 16, 2011

The account of the police in Los Angeles over the sporadic gunshots at the Chinese Consulate showed that no one was injured.

Though details of the incident given by Cipriano Gutierrez were sketchy, but he said he was outside the building dressed in his uniform when he heard shots echoing and he mistook it for firecrackers until the reality dawned on after he was almost hit and had to duck the ground.

Reporters besieged the scene hours after the incident as everywhere plus the metal fencings of the consulate were ripped with bullet holes and the gunman was described as a protester whom Gutierrez had seen outside the consulate building hours before he left and returned again.

The police began their search according the description gotten of an Asian man whose age was put around 65 years old with white hair but an Asian man afterwards turned himself in to the authorities before the search was intensified.

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