Zuma’s Head of Anti-Corruption Special Investigation Unit Resigns

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Updated December 16, 2011
South African President Jacob Zuma

A row over former President of South Africa; Thabo Mbeki between President Jacob Zuma and his corruption investigator;Willem Heath has prompted the latter to resign his appointment under the Zuma administration.

The Justice Minister Jeff radebe said he quit his position due to issues unresolved.

In 2009,Jacob Zuma was elected President of South Africa after winning a court battle against the government of Thabo Mbeki and the quashing of a case of gun-running against him

President Zuma appointed Willem Heath as the Head of the Anti-Corruption Special Investigation Unit last month,though perceived as libellous; Willem Heath accused Former President thabo Mbeki of initiating rape and corruption charges against Mr Zuma while he was president and he (Mbeki) initiated the investigations against President Zuma then.

Willem Health claims that Mr Mbeki compromised criminal justice system from looking into some corrupt practices in his then administration thereby abusing his position as president.

A letter was sent to Mr Zuma’s office to seek clarity after the comments of Mr Heath.

Willem Heath agreed to resign after having a discussion on the issue with the Justice Minister with authority from president Zuma.

There is growing concern that corruption and crime are becoming endemic in South Africa and recent measures by Mr Zuma as the dismissal of government ministers and the appointment of a commission of inquiry into the controversial 1999 $5bn (£3.2bn) arms deal – has not dispelled perceptions that he is soft on corruption.

Mr Heath’s forced resignation will further damage Mr Zuma’s credibility,analysts said.