Vanessa Bryant Sees Divorce as Option

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Updated December 18, 2011
Photo by | Kobe and Vanessa Bryant

Wife of Lakers Super dunker and world famous basketballer kobe Bryant has decided to opt for divorce giving ‘Irreconciliable Differences’ between her and Kobe as reason.

But the real reason for the decision is that the Basketballer was said to be cheating on his wife again and its not been the first time but she has had to deal with it but this time she decided that divorce is the only solution now.

Vanessa Bryant,29, got married to Kobe without him signing any pre-nuptial agreement but has been said to be a faithful wife to Kobe, loving him as a husband but according to her ‘This one is the straw that broke the camel’s back’. On the part of the Basket Legend he has said he will not give up on having his wife back to himself as he is fighting with all he’s got to playdown the divorce mess.

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