Egypt Crisis:Protesters dispersed by Security Forces

Channels Television  
Updated December 19, 2011

Thousands of protesters in Egypt Tahir Square were forcefully dispersed by the security forces backed by the army conscripts using teargas and batan at close range to ward the persistent protesters.

Egypt Protest

Protesters fled down sidestreets, away from sensitive areas where parliament, the cabinet offices and Interior Ministry are located.
Security forces had previously cleared the square briefly only to pull back when protesters returned in force.

The death toll of the protest has been put at 10 since the protest started three days ago.

Protesters are clamouring for the ouster of the enrals who took over power from the former President Mubarak.

The violence broke out just after the second stage of elections that Egyptians hope will bring stability and civilian rule.

Youths had earlier hurled rocks and petrol bombs at lines of security forces. Riot police appeared to have moved to the front line instead of soldiers.