Kim Jong-Il’s Death:South Korea Military on Alert

Channels Television  
Updated December 19, 2011

An emergency meeting was called by the South korean President; Lee Myung-bak after the news of the North Korean Leader Kim Jong-Il’s death.

Kim Jong and Lee Myung

Myung-Bak convened the National Security Council meeting for a strategy to be put in place for full preparations in case of an attack.

South Korea has been at war with the North Korea technically for a while now which is why the military has put on alert.

South Korea will also be cooperating with the International community and other related countries to maintain peace and security in the Korean peninsula.

South Korea President has urged people to stay calm and focus on their economic activities in daily life.

Kim suffered a heart attack while travelling on a train, North Korean state media said, setting up the autocratic, well-armed and nuclear-ambitious state for only its second leadership change since the Korean war ended in an uneasy truce in 1953.

Later, North Korean state media announced that Kim’s youngest son, Kim Jung-un, was the “great successor”.

But little is known about how he would run a reclusive state with more than a million troops and missiles that Washington fears could one day reach U.S. shores.