NSA General Azazi Condemns Attacks and Commends Security Operatives

Channels Television  
Updated December 26, 2011
Police Security

His statement reads:

Once again, in a festive season, parts of the country have experienced unnecessary bloodletting by a group, whose objectives are not in consonance with any genuine religious tenets.

The latest mindless and cowardly attacks by Boko Haram members specifically directed at churches were pre-meditated. Only last week five Improvised Explosive Devices (IEDs) had been recovered in five churches in Mubi alone in Adamawa State.

And out of frustration arising from pro-active measures taken by security agencies against their chosen targets, they decided to throw IEDs from a moving vehicle in the glare of everyone at unsuspecting members of congregation of St. Theresa Catholic church, Madalla, in Niger State at the close of the service.

Two of the criminals had been apprehended, caught in the action.

The Christmas Day Blast in Jos, Plateau followed the same pattern. The explosion in Yobe was also checkmated at the gate of the department of State Security Head of Office in Yobe after the vehicle carrying the bomb was stopped.

The criminals died in the explosion, unfortunately causing the death of three security operatives.

It is significant to note that Boko Haram’s major armory in Yobe was destroyed only last week. Yet another armory in in Kaduna and two in Kano were destroyed also last week, in addition to heavy casualties the sect sustained.

It is measures put in place by the security forces during this festive period that have so far checkmated a major catastrophic plan envisaged by Boko Haram.

We urge everyone in our various communities to go about their activities, remain vigilant and urgently report anything suspicious to security agents.

We renew our appeal to all Nigerians that this is not a fight between security forces and some dissident elements. It is a conflict between some misguided extremists in our midst and the rest of our society, because the victims are not confined to any ethnic boundary.

We must cooperate to fish them out. And because our cause is just and our collective resolve is stronger, together we shall prevail.