Responding to Christmas Day Bombings, CAN Warns of Religious War

Channels Television  
Updated December 27, 2011
Jos Bombings

“We fear that the situation may degenerate to a religious war and Nigeria may not be able to survive one. Once again, ‘enough is enough!’,” said Saidu Dogo, CAN secretary in Nigeria’s 19 northern provinces.

The association accused the Nigerian government of knowing the culprits and their sponsors, but taking “no serious or decisive actions” toward stemming their nefarious activities.

The latest of those “nefarious activities” include the deadly Christmas Day bombings that ripped through the north, targeting churches in Madalla town in Niger state, Jos City and Gadaka in Yobe State.

Responding to the assault, the Christian association called on federal governments as well as governments of affected states to bring the attackers and their sponsors to justice. It also called on Christians to abide by the law, but also defend themselves should the need arise.

“We shall henceforth in the midst of these provocations and wanton destruction of innocent lives and property be compelled to make our own efforts and arrangements to protect the lives of innocent Christians and peace-loving citizens of this country,” Dogo said.

He also called on Muslim leaders to order all Islamic sects to have respect for human lives and stop the killing.

Dreaded Islamic sect Boko Haram released a statement claiming responsibility for the deadly Christmas Day attacks.

“We appreciate the efforts of the Federal Government and its security agents in trying to curtail these attacks,” the statement said. “However we are piqued that the efforts of Government are being undermined by the sponsors of the Islamic Fundamentalists in the North.”

The association called on the government to provide24-hour security protection to all churches, Christian religions institutions and organisations in the country, especially those in the north.

Meanwhile, the Muslim Congress, on its part, released a statement condemning the bomb attacks.

They said the endemic killings can best be described as inhuman, wicked, condemnable and totally unacceptable in civilized societies.

The statement also said whatever motivated the bombings of Nigerians is un-Islamic.