Japan, India to Boost Nuclear Power Cooperation

Channels Television  
Updated December 29, 2011
Fukushima Nuclear Plant

The two countries already finished two rounds of talks on the round table as they are on the third round of talks over the cooperation as it was stalled by the Fukushima nuclear accident.

India wants to buy civil nuclear technology from Japan, but talks have been slow, with Tokyo wanting New Delhi to commit to a moratorium on nuclear weapons tests.

Noda, presently in India on a diplomatic visit, hinted that Tokyo was ready to cooperate with New Delhi to expand the latter’s nuclear energy programme.

Japan is to share experiences and lessons to improve Nuclear safety around the world with modern technology as they would continue to research on ways to better the energy programme.

In a joint news conference;Yoshihiko Nodi assured Manmohan Singh of their unhindered partnership as India expands its civil and nuclear power generation.

Since Japan has been a firm advocate of non-proliferation, the commencement of talks on bilateral nuclear cooperation with India last year marked a paradigm shift in the country’s approach.

India has refused to sign the nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty, arguing it is discriminatory and flawed in allowing only countries that had tested nuclear weapons before 1967 to legally possess them.

However, in a major development, the Japanese Prime Minister asserted that Tokyo would resume its consultations with New Delhi on the ambitious civil nuclear deal between the two countries.