Red Meat Lovers at Risk of Kidney Cancer.

Channels Television  
Updated January 5, 2012

Research has it that most people that consume a high percentage of red meat especially those that are grilled and barbequed have the risk of kidney cancer.

Red Meat

An epidemiologist says red meat is an important source of iron and it contains protein, he also advised that the amount of red meat consumed should be limited because there is an association between red meat and renal cancer.

Eating red meat in large amounts—even if it doesn’t necessarily lead to kidney cancer—increases the risk of a host of health problems, such as plaque buildup in the arteries, following researchers looking at the most common types of kidney cancers, they found out that the association between red meat and cancer was stronger for so-called papillary cancers, but there was no effect for clear-cell kidney cancers.

People who eat the most well-done grilled and barbecued meat— therefore have the highest exposure to carcinogenic chemicals that come out of the cooking process –they also have an extra risk of kidney cancer compared to those who didn’t cook much meat that way.