NLC to go Ahead with Strike Action Despite Presidential Address

Channels Television  
Updated January 7, 2012

The Nigeria Labour Congress (NLC) and Trade Union Congress (TUC) reacting to President Jonathan’s broadcast to the nation tonight, said the address has failed to address the issues on ground.


Organised labour called the telecast “…the first gain of the planned protests”.

According to a joint press statement issued by the NLC and TUC, “…The president’s address follows the pattern of other documents (like the sure programme) by his administration; long in rhetoric and short on basic issues.”

Organised labour further stated that “…The major anchor of the broadcast is that salaries of political office holders are to be cut by 25 per cent. But he failed to tell us how much this will amount to. Is this a mere symbolic gesture or a fundamental contribution to economic recovery?”

They pointed out that the President should have reversed the price of PMS to N65 which would have automatically reduced rising tension in the country.

The labour movement concluded by saying that “….The broadcast has changed nothing and that the indefinite strikes, rallies and mass protests scheduled to commence nationwide on Monday 9th January, 2012 will go on.”