Costa Concordia Captain Under House Arrest

Channels Television  
Updated January 18, 2012

Francesco Schettino, the Captain of the capsized cruise ship Costa Concordia in Italy has been placed under house arrest.

His lawyer Bruno Leporatti confirmed that an Italian judge gave that order that the Captain be released from jail but would be under house arrest.

Costa Concordia Captain

Francesco Schettino who was arrested on Tuesday after the incident was accused of multiple manslaughter and abandonment of his ship before his crew members and passenger could get out.

Francesco Schettino branded a reckless show-off who refused to listen to orders operated the ship as if it was a speed boat.

He has denied the charges and told magistrates on Tuesday that he believed he should be credited with saving “hundreds, if not thousands” of lives because he brought the ship close to shore after it hit a rock.

So far,11 people are dead and 23 people still missing as he is being questioned by prosecutors.

Salvage experts are now looking at ways to pump the 2.300 tonnes of fuel from the Costa Concordia.