Israeli Raid on Gaza Kills Two Palestinians

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Updated January 20, 2012

An aircraft and tanker strike belonging to the Isreali Airforce killed two Palestinian men close to the Hamas-controlled Gaza Strip border today.

Isreali Raid on Gaza Kills Two Palestinians

An Israeli military spokeswoman confirmed the attack in military statement there had been an attack near the northern Gaza town of Beit Hanoun where the residents of the Gaza town said Israeli planes and tanks had fired into the area.

Local men and ambulances parked near the border fence for a while, waving white cloth, before they were allowed to approach the site and evacuate the wounded and dead but she claimed it was a terrorist squad that was planting an explosive device near the security fence in the northern Gaza Strip.

One of the men fired at was not dead as of the time rescue came but was confirmed dead during rescue.

It was also quoted in the statement that it was the second such attempt in 2012 by Palestinian militants to plant an explosive device in an area of the border where the Israeli military regularly patrols.

Israel has declared the frontier area a no-go zone for Gaza residents.

It was the first deadly military strike in the Gaza Strip since December 30, when an Israeli aircraft killed the leader of an al Qaeda-inspired faction.

No militant group claimed the men as members

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