PTI Probed over Missing Vessel

Channels Television  
Updated February 3, 2012

The National Assembly joint committee on gas and petroleum resources has resolved to find out the whereabouts of a multi – billion naira diving support vessel for the training of students of the Petroleum Training Institute [PTI] in Effurun, Delta state.

PTI Probed over Missing Vessel

During the budget presentation by the Minister of Petroleum, Chairman; Senate Committee on Petroleum Upstream Senator Emmanuel Paulker said members of the committee would try to secure the vessel no matter where it is located.

Senator Paulker said the vessel has remained a recurring decimal in the ministry’s budget but is yet to be supplied.

He said the committee does not have a comprehensive report on the vessel and the amount so far expended on it.
The committee directed the management of PTI to produce information on the whereabouts and condition of the vessel.

In 2010, N173 million was budgeted for the vessel but N142 was released.

The ministry of petroleum was said to have through the petroleum training institute released over N985 million to Netsach limited but the vessel is yet to arrive on Nigerian shores.

A visit to Singapore by members of the senate committee on petroleum in May 2010, failed to secure delivery of the vessel as committee members found it in bad shape.