Organized Crime:Chinese Ambassador calls for UN Aid in West Africa

Channels Television  
Updated February 22, 2012

Chinese ambassador to the United Nations (UN) Tuesday urged the international community to take measures to help west African countries, and those in Africa’s Sahel region in addressing transnational organized crime.

Chaired by Togo’s President Faure Essozimna Gnassingbe, the UN Security Council meeting was held to discuss peace and security in Africa, and the negative impact of transnational organized crimes on peace, security, and stability of western Africa and the Sahel region.

Delegates from nearly 40 countries attended the meeting, and China’s deputy permanent representative to the UN, Wang Min, praised the efforts that countries in western Africa and the Sahel region have made and suggested the sharing of experience among those nations in order to better plan and coordinate their strategies, strengthen their combined abilities and promote cooperation on governance as well as in law enforcement.

Noting the historical roots to the current problems plaguing those nations, Wang Min called for international assistance.

“As countries in western Africa and the Sahel region are developing countries, combating transnational organized crime requires support and help from international communities,” said Wang Min.

UN Secretary-General Ban Ki- moon also addressed the meeting, saying transnational organized crimes, drug trafficking and piracy are strengthening, and the upheaval in Libya is having side effects on the two regions, such as providing an influx of arms.

He also pointed out that a growing food crisis brought on by drought, high food prices, and conflicts, are currently affecting millions and have raised fears that the situation could worsen further, and that there are reports of links between insurgent groups, criminal groups and terrorist organizations.