Smoking and its Effects

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Updated February 22, 2012
Smoking and its Effects

Smoking is the inhalation and exhalation of burning fumes from cigarettes, cigars and pipes.
There are different ways to stop smoking , some experts say using pharmacological products to help wean off nicotine while others say getting advise from counselors and organized programs can also help.

Firstly you need to know what nicotine does to the body.

What is nicotine? “A poisonous volatile alkaloid derived from tobacco (Nicotiana ) and responsible for many of the effects of tobacco; it first stimulates (small doses), then depresses (large doses) at autonomic ganglia and myoneural junctions. Its principal urinary metabolite is cotinine.

Effects of smoking.
Smoking is caused by several diseases such as:-
• Kidney Cancer
• Bladder Cancer
• Mouth Cancer
• Ovarian Cancer
• Cancer of the Pancreas
• Stomach Cancer.

Advantages of quitting smoking.

Normal Blood level
• Reduction of nicotine from the body
• Normal oxygen level in the body.
• Reduced risk of heart attack
• Nicotine level from the blood will reduce.