United States: One student killed and four injured in school shooting

Channels Television  
Updated February 27, 2012

A student was shot and killed at a high school in the Cleveland suburb of Chardon, Ohio in the United States, when an armed student opened fire, authorities said.

Four more students sustained gunshot wounds before the alleged gunman was chased off by a teacher before he turned himself in to two bystanders. He is currently in police custody.

Chardon Police Chief Timothy McKenna confirmed that attacks at a news conference. He did not identify the victim or the extent of the injuries of the other four students.

“At Chardon High School, we had an individual [who] went into the school with a weapon this morning,” said Lt. John Hixcos of the Geauga County Sheriff’s Department.

According to local news reports, the victims had been shot at three different locations of the school.

A student at the Chardon High School, Bernie Hupp, told the press that he had been in a classroom when he and other student heard three gun shots.

He said his teacher “ran back into the room”, looking on the verge of tears and then proceeded to secure the lock on the classroom doors and gathering the students to the back of the classroom out of the line of sight from the doorway.

An earlier AP report said the alleged shooter, now in police custody, has not been charged yet.