Kenya fires 25,000 health workers

Channels Television  
Updated March 9, 2012

The Kenyan government has fired 25,000 striking health workers from its country’s public hospitals for defying an order to return to work.

Government spokesman Alfred Mutua disclosed that the health workers, comprising mainly of nurses, laboratory technicians and pharmacists will be replaced by the unemployed and retired health workers.

“The government has taken this firm action to alleviate further suffering of innocent Kenyans. It is wrong and unethical, regardless of any disagreement, for a health professional to abscound duty and lead to the loss of life and or suffering of any patient” Mr Mutua said.

In response, one of the Kenya Health Professionals Society, Alex Orina, says the health workers are striking because of a heavy workload due to staff shortages, inadequate equipment and supplies.

Meanwhile, the twenty-five-thousand Kenyan health workers say they will remain on strike for better pay despite already having been fired by the government.