Witness confirms bickerings between alleged killer husband and his murdered wife

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Updated March 27, 2012


When things were merry between the couple, Titi Omozoje (L) and her husband, Akolade Arowolo (R)

The sixth prosecution witness, Mrs Adetoun Yeside Oyakhire in the trial of Akolade Arowolo, standing trial for allegedly murdering his wife, Titilayo Omozoje Arowolo, has re-emphasized that there had always been bickering’s between the couple before the wife’s gruesome murder.

She also informed the court that the late Titi Omozoje was known to return to her father’s home on several occasions when their disagreements got worse.

Mrs Oyakhire, who is Titi’s step-mother, also denied that she and the late Titi were not on friendly terms before she got married and said she never advised Akolade not to marry her step daughter.

Titi’s stepmother claimed she had a very cordial relationship with her late step daughter and Akolade and that she always counselled her to always to be a good wife to her husband, ahead of their marriage.

She denied hating Akolade and also went ahead to deny claims by the husband that she called her late stepdaughter “Thatcher’ after the tough British Prime Minister.

The witness insisted that the whole house called her (Titi) “Azoje girl” as she was fondly called by her father.

She agreed that she visited the Arowolo’s house on many occasions but denied ever giving Titi a knife at Christmas or even taking her for abortions before her marriage.

Mrs Oyakhire went on to narrate to the court the gory details she saw when she came face to face with the late Titi’s lifeless body.

“One of her eye balls was gouged and there was blood on the wall in the room but I couldn’t mention this in my statement to the police at the time because I was still traumatized and couldn’t put the full picture together” she said.

“When I made statement to the police I was still too disturbed to remember everything I saw in details, but I remember later that there was blood on the wall, the bed and the floor” she added.

“When I saw her lifeless body I started screaming and shouting. One of her eyeballs was dangling out of the eye socket.”

No Pastor

She also denied ever knowing Akolade as a pastor.

Mrs Oyakhire made this known while answering questions on cross examination from Akolade’s counsel, Mr O. Ajanaku on whether she referred to Akolade as Pastor K or even knew that he is a youth pastor in the Redeemed Christian Church of God.

She simply stated before Justice Lateefat Okunnu of the Lagos High Court sitting in Ikeja that she never called him anything but Kolade, his name, as she only got to know he was a pastor after her step daughter was murdered.

The prosecution also called a seventh witness-Inspector Solomon Ailoyen, who claimed that on the day of the alleged murder, a green Honda Accord was found parked by the road at Aswani junction with the car keys in the ignition and blood on the steering wheel and door.

“I was on vehicle patrol with three others in my team on June 24, 2011 when we were called to Aswani junction that some people were fighting but when we got there they said they had gone.”

He added that at Aswani junction, there was a car that, they were told was abandoned. “A green Honda Accord with registration number RK 129AJA was pointed out to me, that it had been abandoned by a man.” “When we looked into the vehicle, we saw blood stains on the steering wheel with the key still in the ignition. The vehicle was later driven to the Aswani Police Station where we left it for safe keeping” the police officer told the court.

30-year-old Akolade Arowolo was charged to court on the 24th of June 2011 for allegedly stabbing his wife to death, at their residence located, 8, Akindeinde St., Isolo, Lagos.

Further hearing on the matter continues on the 24th of April 2012.