We are winning the fight against Boko Haram – SSS

Channels Television  
Updated April 11, 2012

The State Security Service (SSS) on Wednesday said that the government is winning the fight against the Boko Haram sect despite the increasing waves of bomb attacks in some cities in the northern part of the country.

The State Security Service spokesperson, Marylyn Ogar addressing journalist in Abuja. Ms Ogar described recent bombing by Boko Haram as desperate measures by a sinking terrorist group whose end is near.

The spokesperson for the security service, Marylyn Ogar who said this at the opening ceremony of a three day security consciousness workshop for Department Security Officers (DSOs) of ministries, departments and agencies (MDAs) in Abuja said that the increasing attack of Boko Haram recently is a “desperate measures by a sinking terrorist group whose end is near.”

“Once you are getting to the end of any war, you tend to see issues that will frighten you a little bit and you begin to feel like there is no end in sight, but I want to say authoritatively that we are moving forward, and very soon, if everybody continues to come on board we will definitely see an end to this war that is affecting everybody,” Ms Ogar said.

She said “the President is strengthening security agencies through the acquisition of modern day technology to combat terrorism, but of course, despite all the equipment you have, you must have human input, without human input your technology comes to nothing.

“That is why there is need for us to continue to ensure that Nigerians are educated to be more conscious of their environment so that they can identify intruders within their locality; so technology alone cannot overcome this current battle that we are facing.”

The SSS spokesperson said that Nigeria is already collaborating with other countries of the world to bring both local and international terrorism to its knees.

“After the 9/11 in America, the whole world became a global village; there was a lot of interaction, collaborations security wise, there is no country, no institution that can fight the war on terror or any other war alone”.

The dreaded Islamic sect, Boko Haram that have been accused of sponsoring attacks in several cities in the Northern part of Nigeria, launched an attack that killed over 30 people in Kaduna on Easter day.

The group, that is seeking the implementation of Sharia law in Nigeria has been blamed for deadly attacks that has killed over 1, 000 people since it began its campaign.