NERC to hike electricity tariffs in June

Channels Television  
Updated April 20, 2012

The much anticipated hike in electricity tariffs will become effective from the 1st of June this year.

The chairman of the Nigerian Electricity Regulatory Commission (NERC) Dr Sam Amadi made this known to  journalists in Abuja on Friday.

Dr Amadi noted that the new tariffs have been worked out in a manner that Nigerians-especially those in rural areas-will not be over-burdened.

He also gave the assurance that the increase will come with improved service delivery.

According to Dr Amadi, “the new tariffs that we are expecting is predicated on service delivery and so we are already moving in that direction to ensure that by June, when the new tariff shall come into effect, there will be massive improvement in service delivery as we also hope the quantity of power will have also increased.”

“Just like we removed the meter maintenance fee, we are committed that the new tariff will come in a regime that there is more transparency and more accountability” he added.
He also hinted that there will be improvement in metering and billing saying, “we are going to ensure that the ‘crazy billing’ is not going to happen.”
He acknowledged that there has been many years of poor and no investment in the sector, adding that we cannot continue like this “and that is why the new tariff will come into effect in June with improved services.”

The planned price hike is part of measures taken by the federal government in its reform of the power sector to make it profitable for investors.

However the exact tariffs and conditions are yet to be made public.

Dr Amadi also announced that the dispute between the residents of the Victoria Garden City (VGC) in Lagos and the Eko distribution company has been resolved with the company refunding N8 million to the residents for wrong billing.