Manchester United favourite for EPL title – Mancini

Manchester City Manager Roberto Mancini did not mince words when giving his view of the EPL clash between his club and arch rivals Manchester united when he said the derby could be won by Manchester City and still not win the EPL title which will obviously go to United if his club misses it.

Man. City still stands to recoup their losses and claim the top spot on goal difference with two games left if they can frustrate United to give the much needed win in Etihad Stadium.

During a news conference, a more relaxed and joking Mancini was on ground to chat with reporters in a lighter mood which came as a surprise to many said his club has a more difficult task to achieve concerning the derby and winning the EPL this season and e thereafter tipped Manchester United his club’s arch-rival as favourites to carry the EPL title this season not minding the outcome of the derby slated for Monday.

Mancini his reasons are that United has more chance than his club as they would be playing two tough games and that is with Newcastle and QPR after meeting United on Monday while United will be seeing of Swansea and Sunderland to close the games for the season and that United will be having it easy to garner the much desired points to carry the EPL title.

He said further that all his players are off injury and with no problems at all except for his striker Balotelli who is in contention again after suspension ahead of the big match as he has not decided if he will be fielding the striker 48 hours to the game though.

On preparation for the big game, Manchester United is expected to move to Wales to flee from the pressure of the derby for a short training break for the weekend as United and City’s training complexes are next door to each other.

The game which was tagged as the derby game of all derby games by United’s Master planner Alex Ferguson as the pressure is the reigning champions and City Manager Mancini did agree to the saying of Ferguson also adding that they City has nothing to lose concerning the derby so they are not under any pressure at all.

Despite leading the Premier League for most of the season, City looked to have spoiled its title chances with patchy away form culminating in a loss at Arsenal earlier this month.

That defeat helped United take an eight-point lead in the standings, but the defending champion has stuttered with a 1-0 loss at Wigan and 4-4 draw against Everton to let City back into the race.

City supporters are not calm for now as they are unhappy for the closest of all chances was this season for the club to clinch their first league title since 1968 but Mancini has been and is still calm about it as City will be preparing for the big day come Monday.

Whatever happens, City’s status continues to rise thanks to the multi-million-pound investment from its Abu Dhabi-based owners, and the club’s points total at the end of the season will likely be enough to have won the title most years.

The Italian born coach admitted that he has so much respect for the club Manchester United because for him the club is the best club in England as they parade fantastic players.

He said that he is proud of Manchester City’s achievement this season and he expects that City supporters should be proud of that too even though Monday holds surprise for everyone.

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